Most Popular Summer Hats This Season

So, what are the most popular beach hats for this summer? Well, there are so many patterns and looks to choose from that it can be a bit difficult to figure out which hat has taken off. It’s important to keep up with what the latest and greatest trends are and which type of hat is best for you. We have put together a list of popular summer beach hats, from classics like the bucket and sandal to some of our favorite style trends such as oversized hats and fedoras. So take your pick, these trendy summer hats are guaranteed to make your summertime look effortlessly cool. In this article we will be looking at the most popular summer hats for this summer and a brief dive into the history of hats.

The History Of Hats

Best Summer Hats This Season

Though it is difficult to pointpoint the exact creation of the first hat, many belive that it was first seen in Ancient Greece. Being called the Petasos , it was worn as a fashion accessory by men and women alike. When the hat became popular in the Roman Empire, it was worn by Greek soldiers, who would use it to protect themselves from sunstroke during their travels. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that hats made of straw and yarn began to be produced for general use. However, the 19th century and after England had lost a great war, hats began being made of cloth instead of straw, stating the trend of hat acceosries hat we know today. The hat became increasingly popular in Europe during the 16th century, when it was an essential part of daily wear for both men and women.

Today, the tide has turned back to more practical types of hats that can be used for many different activities. These all-purpose hats are easy to match with anything from your swimsuits to casual wears.

If you are looking for something to jazz up your look, hats are a great way to do that. They can be worn in many different styles and colors to fit any occasion and also can be paired with many different outfits. If you have been looking for hats to wear to help you add detail to your look, then these hats are perfect for this summer. They have such a wide variety of colors, style and design, that you will definitely find some that keeps you looking your absolute best.

The Bucket Hat

UgupGrade Unisex Bucket Hat

XYIYI Fisherman Bucket Hat

Mashiaoyi Print Bucket Hat

A classic piece that any one should have in his casual attire collection. Whether you choose to go bold and fun with a pattern like leopard or plain and simple with a basic solid color, this hat should be a definite staple in your summertime wardrobe. Frist seen in the 80’s, this hat now is making a comeback in vogue. A fabulous hat to mix with almost any outfit, this hat comes in so many different designs and colors to choose from that there is one for everyone.

The Baseball Hat

Tommy Hilfiger Dad Cap

Life Is Good Vintage Cap

Under Armour Blitzing 3.0

When thinking of a classical hat, usually that baseball cap comes to mind. So easily worn as an accessory, this hat is perfect to wear to any casual event or even to the office. Made from soft cotton or velour, this hat offers a comfortable fit and won’t make your head sweat while wearing it at a party. With such a wide variety of colors and styles of baseball hats out there today, you will find one that fits your style and looks great with any ensemble. These hats are great for those beach days when the sun is just too bright. A baseball cap with a pair of shades on is the perfect way to keep your face from burning too badly. Originally invented in the 1860s, this hat has been around for a long time and is still a popular choice.

The Fedora Hat

Ladybro 100% Wook Fedora

Ladybro Sun Panama Hat

Lisianthus Buckle Fedora Hat

The fedora is a great hat to wear when you are in the city or out on the beach. The fedora has taken on different forms throughout the years and can be sometimes worn as an accessory or a piece of activewear. You can find all kinds of fedoras ranging from short-brimmed versions to large floppy brimmed hats and everything in between. Frist seen during the 1900’s, the hat was then worn by celebrities such as the movie star Humphrey Bogart and by the late era Bob Marley. Today, this vintage hat style has been brought back to life by a more recent development: the hipster fashion. The fedora is a great option for those looking for a hat that will bring some much needed vintage style to their wardrobe.

The Traditional Beach Hat

Furtalk BEack Straw Hat

Furtalk Wide Floppy Hat


If you are looking for something a little less trendy and a little more classic, then this hat is right up your alley. A traditional beach hat is a timeless piece that never goes out of style. This hat is great for wearing with shorts or even paired with a polo shirt. Typically made out of straw, the hat is often worn with a bandanna for even more coverage. Typically seen on women, this hat is also growing in popularity for men over the last few years.

The Visor Hat

East Water Straw Visor Hat

Adidas Superlite Performance Visor

Surkat Sun Visor Hologram

This hat is one that has been around for a long time. Designed with a high crown, this hat is great for keeping the sun out of your eyes and also keeps the sweat away from your face. The visor is a go-to summer accessory. Originated in the 1920s, this hat has come a long way to become the popular hat that we know today. Visors are great for pairing with a pair of shorts or a bathing suit for an ultimate summer look. It is important to keep in mind that the Visor does not protect ones head from heat and humidity, therefore, it should not be worn for long periods of time in the sun.