New Trend Japanese Kimono Streetwear Cardigans

Kimon’s have been a creative garment that one can add to their attire for comfort, style, and edge. With a rich cultural history, the Japanese kimono has evolved into an item of modern-day clothing that is styled for different occasions. In this article, we are going to go over what this Japanese jacket entails and some of our favorite picks.

What is a Kimono?

Japanese Kimono Outerwear

A traditional kimono is a Japanese garment that has become its national clothing. Nowadays this usually flat and T-shaped cut jacket is not your typical daily attire. But as since the modern world of Fashion is constantly mimicking trends from the past, the everyday take on the kimono has become a new trend for this upcoming summer and fall. Stylized into more practical clothing, the modern kimono resembles a thin overtop cardigan that is worn for style. 

Similar to the traditional kimono’s there are countless styles, fabrics, and types of modern versions. Made for different events the traditional garment typically had a formal, daily, casual, and many more styles for each event. Today we are going to look at a casual summer take on a kimono streetwear cardigan that goes by the name of Yukata.

Our Favorite Affordable Kimono Jackets

PRIJOUHE Kimono Jacket Cardigan

The Prijouhe kimono robes are a great brand to kick things off. With over 32 different designs, these warrior kimono attires, have a rich display of colors, graphics, and patterns. Made out of 100 % Polyester the kimono jacket is a breathable material that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Ideal as a top on a hot day, the jacket has a Japanese style sleeve with open front design. Whether you are looking for a simple black warrior kimono style such as the black on above or some more colorful and eye-catching like the blue cat’s robe, then we suggest you take a look at this brand.

NIUQI Kimono Cloak

Next on our list is a Niuqi Kimono robe. As another brand that has a large library of streetwear kimono outfits, this is the article of clothing to go for when you are looking for something a bit more colorful and stylized. Marked with wide sleeves typical for kimono japan style, you will get what you paid for with this cloak. Made for an Asian body fit, keep in mind that you might need to order a size up for a looser fit.

LifeHe Kimono Print Jacket

The LifeHe streetwear kimono garments are ones that are usually sold in collections and styles. Two of our favorite releases of the brand is their graphic floral style jacket and the flying fish print below. The floral kimono robe mens, is a casual yet street wear style take on your typical Japanese art. Plastered with either a colorful dragon or minimalistic tattoo inspired style, these robes are ideal for someone who enjoys the Japaned culture and art. Made with a dark black base, these jackets look great with any colored jeans.

On the other hand, the brand “flying fish” print, is among one of our favorites. Following the Japanese inspired theme, the open front coat is a summer casual that is designed with a crane flying fish and waves. Available in fish black, fish white, and crane white, you can get the color and style that suits your closet best.

Long Kimono Jacket

LZJN Open Front Trench Coat

Haorun Loose Long Yukata

Long-sleeved yet thin kimonos are still a great Yukata coat. Here are some of our favorite kimono cardigan attires. Made by the LZJN brand, the black patterned trench boat is a quality top made out of cotton and linen. With a lightweight and breathable material, the cardigan will keep you warm and cool when needed. If quality is what you are after then we suggest you check out his garment. On the other hand, the Haorun bathrobe kimono style is a thin cotton blend clothing that is created with a Japanese inspired print. If you are looking for a thinner Yukata then this is a great pick.

CooFandy Ruffle Long Cardigan

Lost In BBK Yukata Coat

Even though the next two are not mens denim kimono jackets they are great alternatives that will keep you cooler. Both made out of breathable materials such as cotton, linen, and polyester, the long sleeves Kanye West kimono garments are light and comfortable to wear. So if you are looking for a light kimono or a thin black long-sleeved one then check these two out.