Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit Review

Taking over the market of sportswear shoes of SS2020 is Nike’s new release, “React Infinity Run Flyknit Running Shoes”. Made available for the public on January 16th of 2020, this latest Niky product is one to keep an eye out for. Created to give the wearer the best possible running experience, the shoe is also an ideal sneaker for casual everyday wear. Matching under streetwear, techwear and even goth ninja outfits, the shoe goes with anything causal.

In this article, we are going to dissect the Nike React Infinity shoe, as we try to understand what makes this such a great product. Going over factors such as traction, support, materials and more, hopefully, we will give you an in-depth look into this new Nike product.


Launched in three different colors, the brand has taken on a bold colorful style as well as a simplistic black and white sneaker to fit everyone’s taste. The trendy orangish-pink mixed with highlights of yellow and black is a fashionable design that is suitable for both men and women. With a white base overlayed with a pop of color, this shoe is styled to be a centerpiece in any outfit. On the other hand, taking on more of a classical approach, the black and white, as well as the gray and white sneakers, are a perfect pair can be worn with anything. Suitable for everyday use, these stylish sneakers look fashionable with a touch of futuristic appeal. Finally taking a look at the side of the shoe, we can see a stylized rubber lining with a rounded pattern. This extra touch gives the shoe a polished look no one can resist.


As part of Nike’s “React” collection, the product is designed to be incredibly responsive and soft. Created to help reduce running-related injuries, these sneakers are with 24 % more react foam, that provides the needed cushioning support when running. Furthermore, with a wider base that is “rocker” shaped the wearer has more stability in his step than ever. With an ample rubber outsole, the infinity run is a durable sneaker that can last many miles.


Flexibility and lightweight are highlighting features that make this shoe stand out of Nikes collection. As stability is one of the most important features of a well-made sneaker, when creating the Nike Infinity Run Flyknit, the designers added layers of breathable foam that acts as a cradle to your foot while still feeling light and airy.


With a style that has a noticeably wider base, many might be worried about the overall fit of the shoe. Sitting true to its size, buying the right size sneaker is now easier than ever. SItting around the foot with enough support the Nike shoe maintains both a supporting grip the has space for the foot to feel comfortable. For those who prefer a looser fit, buying half a size larger might be just to your liking.


Tech Specs

Nike React Infinity Run




10.27 oz (Men’s size 10)


9 mm

Stack Height

Heal 33mm, Forefoot 24mm




The new Nike release is a quality pick that will last a lifetime. Durable, lightweight and comfortable running shoes are ideal for sports and everyday outfits. So whether you are looking for that pop of color or just want simple dark footwear these are the sneakers to go with. We hope that you are one step closer to lacing up the Nike React Infinity Run and feeling the potential of the sneakers.