Our Favorite Goth Ninja Japanese Samurai Umbrella

If you are one that is interested in the Japanese culture then a Samurai Umbrella may be a great addition to your closet. Typically sold as a tourism souvenir in Japan, samurai sword umbrellas, are a fun fashion accessory that looks great in a goth ninja attire. Today we are going to take a look at why the Katana sword became such an iconic blade in Japan and its modern spin in fashion with the samurai umbrella.

The History of Samurai Umbrellas

Best Japanese Umbrella

The Samurai sword or Katana is a long sword that is from the Kamakura period in 1185-1333. Popularized as the “Japanese sword” the katana can be distinguished by its curved and slender edge and long grip. Nowadays, the katana sword is used as a symbolic form in Japanese tourism, to promote their culture and history. With an array of katana like souvenirs such as magnets, cutlery, pocket knives, and even umbrellas, the sword has risen in popularity.

How to style the Samurai Sword Umbrella?

Typically worn under colder weather the Katana umbrella has become a popular accessory for a fall and winter goth ninja attire. Helping recreate that black techwear look many searches for the samurai umbrella is an easy way to as an accessory to your look. Best worn with an all-black outfit, the product brings a touch of detail and practicality. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite samurai handle umbrella souvenirs you can add to your look.

The Best Japanese Samurai Umbrellas

Kikkerland UM01 Samurai Umbrella

The Kikkerland Samurai Umbrella is a well-made design that fully embraces the Katana look. With an all-black finish, the umbrella is a Nylon waterproof gadget that is practical and looks awesome. Coming with a shoulder strap bag the sword umbrella is an ideal carry on accessory. With a minor complaint, of being rather difficult to get back in its carry-on-case, the umbrella is a stable purchase for those looking for a simple all-black Katana umbrella.

Beita Samurai Katana Umbrella

With more of a fashionable finish, we have the Beita Katana next. Similar to the previous product this samurai handle umbrella is an all-black waterproof gadget. Made out of a quick-drying Pongee fabric and a metal shaft base the umbrella is a quality pick that will last a white. And for a lighter carry, the handle is made out of plastic. As an umbrella with personality, the product some with a white label on the top, representing the brand. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to a samurai umbrella then this is the one we suggest you go for.

Black Samurai Ninja Katana Umbrella

Even though this product might look rather similar to the rest, this katana umbrella with a hidden blade is one of our favorite designs. With a longer and sleeker look, the product is about 95 cm at length and 100 in diameter. Made out of 100% Polyester and a thick aluminum base, the umbrella is a sturdy product that will keep you dry. Giving off more of a sleek and elegant look, the plastic handle replicated a two-handed samurai sword.

Umbrella Japanese Samurai Sword

For more of a stylized look on the Japanese umbrella sword, we have a quality crafted product that is a standout accessory in one’s looks. Similar to the previous design this umbrella is long and well made. Coming at about 97 cm at length, this is the perfect ninja gear addition to a techwear look. With a light metallic handle and an aluminum base rod, this umbrella is one of the higher quality pieces on our list. On the fabric of the umbrella, we can see a patterned design that adds some detail to the attire. If you are looking to go all out with a katana sword umbrella then we think that is the perfect pick for you.

Ichigo Umbrella Anime Sword Handle

Lastly, on our list we have an anime-inspired umbrella. Being a large part of the Japanese culture, an anime umbrella is a popular product among tourists and all of the locals. Inspired by Ichigo Kurosaki from the Bleach manga series, this sword umbrella comes with a detailed finish, quality materials, and a stylized look. Wrapped with a black and red handle that is matched with a chain and a top cap, this is one of the best umbrellas you can go for. So if you want a anime umbrella or just more of a detailed look take a look at this one.