Popular Plaid Grunge Outfits You Can Style

When first hearing the term plaid, too many a rocker or gothic plaid skirt comes to mind. But as today’s fashion world approaches, the plaid pattern is making an abrupt comeback into the world of grunge streetwear. Seen on pants, shirts, and even outerwear, in this article we are going to go over the history of plaid, how to style it, and examples of some bestseller grunge plaid clothing.

Everything You Need To Know About Plaid

everthing you need to know about plaid

The History of Plaid: What is Plaid

Though some ask, is plaid a color or a material, you might be surprised to hear that it is acutely a stylized pattern. Bring us back to the Scottish clans, the term plaid originally was called “tartan”, which described the individual colors and patterns used to decorate their clothing. Whereas the term plaid referred to a heavy traveling cloak worn in the Scottish winters. But soon after it became a popular pattern in Britain and America, the term plaid came to use. 

Flannel vs Plaid

Another common misconception with the plaid fabric is the term flannel. Many use the word flannel when they refer to the plaid pattern. Where in fact, flannel is a woolen material and plaid is a pattern. Often seen together, many plaid garments are made out of flannel, thus some might mix the meaning of plaid.

Who Wears Plaid?

Other than its name plaid had a very rich history behind it. Being one of the leading fabrics chosen in the Scottish military uniform, plaid has always been popular material. As the modern days arrived plaid has gone through being a symbol of rock and roll in the 1960s, a staple in the hipster subculture, and now a popular choice among many grunge fashion styles. 

What is Grunge Fashion?

As the grunge aesthetic is known for its laid-back casual look that is quite similar to the modern streetwear style, today picking out a grunge attire is not so difficult if you have the right clothing in your closet. Often times, seen as loose and casual attire, plaid clothing can help give off that wanted look. Learn more about plaid and the grunge look in our article “What is Grunge Fashion: Everything You Need To Know.” 

How to Style Plaid in Grunge Fashion?

Wearing plaid can often be a statement piece on its own. Therefore one must correctly style it to avoid a clashing look. When wearing bold plaid colors such as yellow plaid, or red plaid, adding a simple and clean shirt is preferred. Whereas a more toned out plaid pattern such as black plaid pants, or a beige plaid, go well together with graphic shirts.

Best Grunge Plaid clothing

Since plaids popularization in Scotland, the pattern has become a widespread pattern worldwide. Nowadays you can buy anything plaid, from plaid clothing to plaid curtains. When searching for such products Amazon is a great place to start. With high fashion brands have seller spaces on the site, you can select quality clothing online. Here a just a few examples of plaid garments you can add to any grunge outfit ideas.

Grunge Plaid Pants

When first hearing of grunge plaid, many times plaid pants come to mind. As the most popular garment stylized with the plaid pattern, almost everyone in the grunge look has at least one pair of these. Being labeled under many names in online shopping sites such as Amazon. You can find plaid pants when searching for checkered pants, tartan pants, flannel pants, or simply plaid. Take a look at just some of the examples below that you can find on your search for the perfect plaid tartan pants.

Romwe Jogger Plaid Cargo Pants

Didk Tartan Plaid Yellow Pants

Wdirara Plaid Grid Pants

Getting things started, we first have a Romwe pair of Joggers. As a popular Techwear pants brand, they strive for comfort and practicality, while still maintaining a modern casual look. Being plaid cargo joggers, these red plaid pants are the ideal everyday wear due to the comfortable and stretchy material. Designed with a tapered leg, a thick buckle belt, and large pockets, the plaid pants outfit has a modern look to it. Next for a little more pop of color in one’s closet, we have plaid pants yellow color. Created with an 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester mix you can wear these high waisted plaid plants in the fall and spring. Though the yellow plaid color is a great grunge look, the shop has many more plaid colors you can pick from. Last, there are the black checkered pants. With a more elegant and feminine touch, these tight black plaid pants are more of an evening wear grunge alternative.

Grunge Plaid Jackets

Keeping you warm in any chilly or extreme weather while adding layers to one’s look, plaid jackets are the perfect grunge addition. Helping to quickly transform a simple jeans and shirt look into a grunge outfit inspiration, a plaid jacket is sometimes all you need. Take a look at a few different plaid options you can add to your outerwear closet.

Zaful Casual Plaid Fleece Jacket

Omoone Lounge Long Plaid Jacket

Zesica Plaid Fleece Sherpa Pullover

First, we have more of a wintery look. Keeping you warm in the cold months, these fleece-lined plaid jacket is a cozy and street style look that you must not miss out on. With a unisex approach towards grunge fashion, anyone can pull off this garment. Also available in a few colors for a stylized look. The next flannel jacket is a long women’s look. Giving off grunge vibes this Omoone brand coat is among our favorite products on our list. Adding it to any look will give you a modern dark grunge aesthetic many looks for. Lastly, we have a cozy grunge sherpa that will be something you will always find yourself wearing. Keeping you cozy and warm while looking good is all you need for a perfect plaid look.

Grunge Plaid Shirts

In many people’s closets, having more shirts than anything else is commonly seen. Thus adding a few more plaid tops to your attires is a great way to switch up your look with minimal effort. With countless types of shirts on the amazon marketplace, here are just a few of the bestseller plaid tops.

Sweaty Rocks Collar Button Down Plaid

Kirundo Turtleneck Grid Plaid Top

Aifer Buffalo Plaid Shirt

Going with the plaid and baggy grunge look we first have a large button-down top. Looking great when tucked-in, this trending fashion shirt is a unisex pick that you can add to some grunge jeans. Next, we have a flannel shirt for girls during the winter weather. Though the plaid pattern is rather minimal in this garment it is perfect when creating a more soft grunge outfit. Additionally keeping you warm in the winter is a plus that one should always consider. Lastly, a simple long sleeve plaid shirt is the best way to look grungy. With a clean base and plaid sleeves, you can wear it with just about anything.

Grunge Plaid Shoes

Wearing plaid shoes may sound absurd to some, but take a look at these before you shut down the idea. Though subtle, plaid shoes can be a great place to add some detail in rather soft grunge aesthetic. Here are some popular women’s plaid shoes you can add to any grunge texture look.

Muck Boots Store Plaid Rubber Boots

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox Plaid

New Balance Feulcore Nergize V1 Sneakers

First, we have tall rubber boots made by the Muck Boot brand. Made with a quality neoprene and a thick rubber sole, these are the ideal plaid boots for any rainy or muddy weather. Matching perfectly with any plaid pair of pants, it is no wonder these are a bestseller product. Next, we cannot make a list of grunge looks without going back to the classics. As the perfect casual streetwear shoe, the plaid converse is a shoe you cannot go wrong with. Know for its long-lasting qualities, converse tartan women’s plaid sneakers are a must for many. Lastly, with a more modern look, this is the New Balance sneaker. Though they might seem too casual when compared to womens plaid loafers, this shoe is made for comfort. Lightweight, flexible and stylish they can be worn every day.

Grunge Plaid Acessories

If you do not have any plaid clothing, adding the pattern into your look with a simple plaid accessory can always do the trick. Anything from high fashion brands such as Burberry, to more affordable cheap plaid alternatives, you can find anything online. Below are just some examples of plaid accessories you can check out.

Vera Bradley Signature Carson Crossbody Bag

WithMoons Wool Beret Tartan Ceck Leather Hat

Wander Agio Plaid Scarf Shawl

To get the accessories started we have a Vera Bradley plaid bag. Made by a popular name in fashion these luxury brands are known for their cotton quilted bags and quality bag accessories. As the compact version of the Vera Bradley traveler bag, this crossbody is a signature item that looks great with just about anything. Made out of 100% Cotton, the plaid purse will last you many years to come. Next, we have a simple yet cutesy fashion plaid hat. With more of a fem style, it is ideally worn in a summer or spring outfit. Made with a bather brand and lining, the hat is a durable product that is bought by many. Lastly, a tartan plaid scarf is a must-have from a fall or winter 90’s grunge fashion look. Both practical and good looking a plaid blanket scarf is a booming pick among streetwear fanatics.