Straw Beach Bags And Purses For This Season

Previously you may have seen these fantastic pieces of art featured in magazines such as Vogue and Elle, but they are now finally available to you from a ton of different fashion and lifestyle stores. Straw beach bags and purses are the perfect summer accessory for any woman. Straw Beach Bags And Purses For This Season is a brief article that covers straw beach bags, tote bags, round bags, and more, as well as how they’ve become popular.

What are Straw Bags

Best straw bags this year

Originally used as a basket to carry fruits and foot, the straw bag is a recent trend. The bags are often made of plastic straws that have been handcrafted by many different designers. Because of the flexibility and lightweight quality, the bags are easy to carry and can be used as a clutch or non-traditional purse, as well as any tote bag style you desire. The bags come in different sizes that range from smaller clutches to larger, roomier, tote bags. Sewn together with thread, the bags close with matching thread so there are no loose pieces.

The bags are also very fashionable, and women love the trendy designs and pretty colors. These bags are great for travel because they come with sturdy handles on the top that can be used to carry. They can also be used as clutches or purses, depending on what you would like. They are frequently made of cotton, straw or canvas material that is lightweight yet durable. Because these bags are made from materials similar to the ones used in contemporary fashion it’s no wonder they became so popular in recent years. Giving a Boho fashion vibe, the straw bags come in different shapes including rectangle, circle, and square.

The bags usually are made by hand-weavers in South Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. Because the bags are made out of material that is so similar to that used in fashion they can be sold at designer prices. However, people have found a way around this expensive pricing by purchasing the bags wholesale on websites such as Amazon. Today you can purchase one of these beautiful straw bags for an extremely reasonable price.

Straw Tote Bags

Joseko Travel Tote Bag

Epsion Tote Beach Bag

Ayliss Straw Tote Bag

The tote bag is a very classic and traditional style of bag. It is believed to be named after the tote, a fabric used as a storage bag. The tote bag is another fashionable and trendy bag that can be used as a beach tote or worn on the go effortlessly with its handle. The bags are made of many different materials, including bamboo, cotton, or even canvas which gives them different looks. Today we are going to focus on straw and bamboo tote bags.

Straw Bamboo Bag

Samuel Bamboo Basket

Miuco Lantern Bag

OneMango Bamboo Bag

Giving the classical wooden bag look, the bamboo bag is a high fashion piece that is booming in today’s market. Made with a bamboo material the bag has a ticker and a more classical look than the straw bag. The bags also come in various shapes and sizes. The most popular shape is a rectangle, but different sizes such as the square and circle are also available. Before, these bags were made in Asian culture where women learned this technique from their grandmothers or mothers. However today, as with many other bags, it is mass produced. They can be found at high-end department stores, boutiques, and online.

Round Straw Bags

Handwoven Chic Handbag

Kerykwan Round Bag

Shuibian Crochet Bag

For those looking for a more stylized look, the rounded straw bags are for you. Made with a more compact size the round bags are a more stylish yet affordable option. These bags are also durable and long-lasting since they are made of material that is resistant to moisture. This makes it easier for the bag to hold its shape through years of use. Whether you need to keep your fashion looking fresh or you need a bag that can go with almost any outfit, you should consider purchasing a mini round straw bag. They are a great alternative to designer bags and look just as great.

FIshnet Handbag

Hixixi Fishnet Bag

Ayliss FIsh Net Pouch Purse

Teeya Summer Bag

Lastly, another known material that many brands are now using for their bags is the fishnet design. Fishnet is now so popular because it is reminiscent of a cream-colored colored bag. It is a great way to stand out, especially in the modern age where fashion has become more sophisticated and original. Choosing this material isn’t hard considering how popular these bags are. They go with any outfit or outfit combination and are especially great for women who enjoy their accessories to have a little flare. This style of bag works best with accessories such as pumps, heels, hats, or sunglasses.