Top Techwear Travel Bags For Functionality

Traveling can be a stressful activity that many people go through multiple times on a yearly basis. No matter how often you travel, packing properly for your trip is a needed step that will ensure a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. Even though many passengers journey with an ordinary handbag, having the appropriate travel bag will give you the upper hand in keeping your belongings safe and organized, while keeping your back relaxed. In this article, we are going to go over when we make up a functional travel bag, and our top picks for the best travel bags of 2020.

What materials are quality travel bags made of

Techwear travel bag

Travel bags are products that are made to last a lifetime. Before diving into what materials make up such handbags, let’s take a look at the aspects of the materials of a well-made bag. Lightweight, weatherproof, windproof and breathable are the main things that one should look focus on when picking out a travel bag. These characteristics will ensure that your belongings are well kept, safe, and easy to carry around while traveling for long distances. Typically fabrics such as thick nylon, high-density polyester, and 1000D nylon are most commonly seen in high-quality hand luggage. These materials provide a light surface that can withstand any type of traveling conditions you might throw at them.

Features of a Functional Bag

Best techwear bag features


Unlike your typical everyday bag, a travel bag is a product that is built to withstand travel conditions and long term usability. Endurance is a key aspect that one should look for when picking out a bag for traveling. Taking a look at the materials, zipper quality and stitching of the bag might be some indicators on how durable your travel bag actually is. Keeping an eye out for a straight stitch, a metal zipper and breathable materials are often ideal.


When traveling many of us overpack, with that in mind most travel bag producers often focus on creating products that focus on storage and organizations. Filling bags with many compartments, straps, and hidden pockets is a common feature in most functional travel backpacks. Having all of your belongings at hand, in an organized manner might not only speed up your travel process but will almost always create a stress-free traveling experience.


Dragging around a heavy bag when traveling might sound like a nightmare for many, therefore picking out a bag created for traveling is a must. Built with a lightweight material, travel bags are often packed for comfort. Styled with padded straps, changeable holding methods, and foam to support your back, these bags are created to be worn for a long time.

Types of Men Travel Bags

Crossbody Bag

Convertable backpack

Messenger Bag

Lastly before diving into some of the best techwear bags lets go over the three different types of men travel bags available. Starting off a modern crossbody bag, these are ideal for someone not carrying a large amount of stuff. With a stylish design that crosses over one’s shoulder, this type of bag also goes under the name chest bag and sling bag. For anyone looking to stay in style with the latest fashion while having a comfortable hands free experience we suggest this type of bag. Next we have the convertible backpack. With straps for every use these are the best bags for a long trip. Whether you want a shoulder strap, backpack or just a carry on exercise these bags have it all. Furthermore this type of bag is great for anyone looking to transport and technology or laptops, as most come with a built in tech pockets.Lastly we have the classical messenger bags. Suited for the most compact traveling carry-on exercise these mini backpacks are a good addition for some small items. We suggest this bag, for anyone looking for a hands free experience that is small and useful.

Xincada Sling Crossbody Bag

With sling and cross-body bags now in style, this modern take on a backpack is oftentimes considered an upgraded version of your everyday travel bag. Giving the wearer a hands-free experience while looking sleeker than ever, the Xincada sling bag is also very functional. With customizable features, the wearer can tailor the bag’s strap size to its perfect fit. Furthermore, made out of high-density polyester that is extremely durable and water-resistant, makes this the perfect bag for a long trail trip. Weighing only 0.42 the bag can be worn on one’s chest, back or even around one’s waist. Compartmentablility is not a lacking aspect of this bag as it comes with a main compartment, an Ipad sleeve, an intermesh pocket and two zipper anti-theft pockets. If this style interests you keep your eyes open for our upcoming article on trending crossbody bags of 2020.

Kingslong Convertible shoulder bag

Taking a mix between a laptop handbag and a functional briefcase, this bag is ideal for anyone traveling with a lot of electronics. Packed with a padded interior that keeps your items safe from damage makes this bag great for any size laptop. With many separation slots and pockets to keep all of your things organized, the Kingslong bag has it all. Created out of polyester the handbag is breathable, easy to watch and water-resistant. For ultimate comfort, the bag even has adjustable handles for multiply carrying positions such as top carry handles, side carry handles, and detachable shoulder straps that convert into backpack straps. If you are the type of person who travels with a large laptop or valuable belongings, this padded bag is ideal for your traveling needs

CoolBell Convertible Backpack

Another laptop-style messenger bag is this CoolBell product. Ranked as Amazon’s bag of choice, this travel bag is built with compartments and organization in mind. Coming with four outside pockets, that are anti-theft zipped, as well as two main compartments filled straps and pockets, you will always have space for all of your belongings. If you are one who packs heavily for a trip, the bag is for you as it also keeps your items organized. Additionally, the travel rucksack comes with top grab handle, shoulder straps, and side messenger bag straps, for ultimate comfort and choice. If traveling with only a handbag is a must for you then this is the perfect pick as it is a guarantee that it can fit any essential you might need on your trip, even up to 3 different attires

DYJ Tactical Messenger Bag

Tactical products are typically known for their durable features that are stuffed with compartments. This DYJ messenger bag is no exception. With a rugged look that is made out of 1000D nylon fabric, this fashionable bag is indestructible. As one of the most lightweight and durable bags on our list, if you are a frequent traveler, you might need one of these messenger bags. Stuffed with many multifunctional compartments that are lined with a soft sleeve designed to protect your belongings. Large enough to fit your laptop, books and even clothing while keeping them separate, this is an ideal travel bag. On the outside of the bag, you can find a side water bottle compartment, four safe pockets and a padded strap for a shoulder carrying experience. If a long-lasting bag that is durable for any type of condition is what you are looking for then this military-style backpack is the perfect addition to your closet.

Slotra Convertible Backpack

The final messenger laptop bag on our list is the Slotra Backpack. Even Though at first glance, this large travel handbag might be too large, it is a briefcase-style handbag that will definitely fit all of your belongings needed for a week-long trip. Economically built to relieve back pressure, as the bag is padded with soft foam that is both breathable and comfortable for the wearer. Designed with sunglasses and a card/passport slot compartment the bag is created for the ultimate travel experience. If packing your laptop is a must when traveling then this bag is the one for you. Able to fit a 15.6-inch laptop with easy access, there is almost no modern laptop that will not fit in this travel bag. Furthermore, many customers are amazed by the technical features of the travel bag as it comes with external USB ports that are built in to charge your phone on the go. Finally, the 3 in 1 convertible style allows you to wear the bag on your back, around your shoulder or just by the handles.

Mark Ryden Sling Chest Bag

Taking on more of a futuristic look, this modern backpack is a trending choice that makes for the perfect travel companion. Designed as a small sling chest bag, you may be surprised by all the items that it can fit in it. With a multi-layered design, the bag comes with a main compartment, front pocket, backside pocket and a shoulder compartment for any small valuable belongings. With a technological forward approach, this bag might not be able to fit a full-size laptop, but its USB changing design that allows for a USB port to charge your phone anywhere and anytime might just make up for that. Made out of a durable waterproof material the bag is created to withstand long travel conditions. Furthermore, the bag comes with a breathable sponge pad located at the back, for ultimate comfort the keeps you cool during the summer days. If you want to travel in style with a tech-friendly backpack then this sling chest bag is the travel bag for you.