The Difference Between Techwear and Goth Ninja

Fashion trends and styles often take on many names. Techwear is a style that has recently merged into the Goth Ninja subculture. Being oftentimes confused as Goth Ninja, both of the styles are a rising trend in high fashion as well as today’s casual streetwear. In this article, we are going to be taking a look as to why people often confuse these brands, and what makes up each of them.

What is Techwear?

Unlike Goth Ninja, techwear revolves around functionally. As a style that is all about dressing smart, a techwear closet typically consists of high-quality brands such as The North Face, Nike, Adidas, and more. Preferring comfort over style, techwear outfits take on a minimalistic look. Another element of techwear is layering, with the idea of keeping warm and taking off layers when needed is a general concept of practical and functional clothing. If you are interested in learning more about what makes up the techwear style take a look at our complete guide on Techwear.

What does a Techwear outfit look like?

With purpose in mind, everything a techwear fanatic wears is functional. From thermal socks in the winter too breathable multi-pocketed raincoats for the spring. A Techwear look is designed to bring maximum comfort to the wearer. Even though when purchasing techwear people often pick the highest quality option, the style more often than not resembles the minimalist, clean and futuristic style that Goth Ninja is all about. Since practical clothing takes on a more minimal approach you can often find articles of clothing that fit both the Techwear and Goth Ninja style. Taking a look below we can see an example of some of the garments that make up a techwear attire.


Unlike Goth Ninja fashion, techwears outerwear is the place where you can differentiate the two styles. While the Goth Ninja look has a somewhat more deconstructed style, a Techwear outer layer is all about warmth. Brands such as Columbia and The North Face create garments that are specialized in mountain and sports activities. Their products, such as the ones shown, are constructed to optimize breathability, lightweight, and heat. Another key feature when it comes to techwear outerwear is the use of weatherproof materials. Fabrics such as Gore-Tex are popular choices among the water repellent outerwear brand. Usually, a jacket that is weatherproof makes it more functional during all types of conditions.


Simple cotton and polyester shirts are the ideal techwear style. With high thread counts, these typical fabrics are one of the most breathable materials that are valued for their sweat proof features. Going for a simple black, white or even colores quality cotton shirt is all a techwear enthusiast needs to style their outfit.


A good pair of techwear pants are all about comfort. Joggers, climbing pants or a well-stitched jean pant, can be a great addition to any techwear lookbook. Unlike the Goth Ninja style where they have a very specific type of pant, the techwear pants take on many different ranges but are all about comfort, usability, and weather protection.


Durable, comfortable, and flexible are the shoes that can be seen in a techwear closet. Rather than focusing on appearance, people in the style often go for the highest quality option. Running, hiking or sport shoes are typically preferred over fancy or high fashion footwear. Furthermore, fabrics such as synthetic, cotton, polyester, or even leather are a techwears top pick when it comes to a quality shoe.

What is Goth Ninja

Goth ninja is a trend that has set its own fashion statement. Popular as a street style as well as high fashion apparel, this look usually takes on the form of dark and layered futuristic clothing. Commonly confused with Techwear, the Goth Ninja style has made a comeback in the fashion industry today. Read more about this style in our guide on What is Goth Ninja.


An awesome and sleek jacket is commonly a highlight of a Goth Ninja look. Available in many different forms, a Goth Ninja jacket is black, large and layered. With many pockets, zippers and straps, these jackets of the future are what can make or break the style. Having multiple options of outerwear for each season is a must when dressing in the Goth Ninja style. Despite most jackets being weather protectant and warm, the Goth ninja garments are more of a fashion statement than practical.


Just like Techwear, Goth Ninja is all about plain and dark well-constructed shirts. Whether it is a t-shirt, long sleeves or a more fashionable shirt with straps and pockets, they have them all. Another trend that is popular in the style is futuristic looking for graphic designs. Even though they are typically on the monotoned side, a graphic shire can add that extra pop of detail in a Goth Ninja lookbook.


With a deconstructive look in mind, Goth Ninja pants are voluminous garments that have become extremely popular in casual wear style. With a thin wrap around the calves and a contrasting layered upper half, there are many styles to this type of pants. From deep pockets, straps and even deconstructed cloth, there are many versions of these goth ninja pants that are created to give off a layered dark look.


Unlike the Techwear style where functionality is key, Goth Ninja shoes are more about matching the futuristic appearance. Sleek dark shoes can be a highlighted aspect in a Goth Ninja look. Anything from running shoes to dark sock-style sneakers, the Goth Ninja community enjoys a great pair of shoes. Taking a look at the examples above we can see the futuristic and minimalistic dark influence, as well as their fashionable take on sneakers.

differences between techwear and goth ninja

Why do people often confuse the two styles?

As of recently, many interested in the Goth Ninja look confuse it with the style Techwear fashion. Even though there are some underlying characteristics that are similar between the two styles, Goth Ninja is more about recreating a look that represents dark futuristic and minimalistic fashion, whereas Techwear is about utilitarian clothing and practicality. One of the main features when comparing the two styles is their drift towards a minimum style. Bold colors, designs, or graphics are usually avoided in both styles. But unlike Goth Ninja where dark clothing is a stylistic choice, Techwear garments are often sold in dark colors because of its ability to keep in warmth.