The Best Goth Ninja Brands of All-Time

The dark avant-garde style of Goth Ninja is a fashion that can design many outfits for all occasions. Taking on a modern spin of the fashion world, the goth ninja look can be seen in both high-end couture brands and affordable alternatives. In this article, we are going to help you pick out your next attire, as we go over some of the best known Goth Ninja collections.

Crisiswear Top rated Goth ninja brands


This Chicago born brand is one you cannot miss when thinking about purchasing some dark streetwear attires. Creating handmade clothing for over 20 years, Crisiswear is known for their raw creativity mixed with high-quality craftsmanship. Typically created from natural cotton, the 100 % handmade clothing brand, designs anything from dark warm face gaiter’s too unisex hooded tops. Even though the brand does not have a large collection available, the one of a kind clothing is a custom made design that values every customer.

Rick Owens

Another popular name in the style is the fashion designer Rick Owens. Launching runway collections since 2004, the Rick Owens brand takes on a high-fashion approach to the Goth Ninja looks. Despite the highly-priced garments, one can find in their official store, the line promise nothing but luxury quality. Playing with color, texture, and fabric, the fashion designer creates less of a deconstructed style that are typical to the goth ninja look and more of a sophisticated approach.

If you are interested in learning more about the designer Rick Owens, we suggest you check out his featured books on Amazon. Going over his lifestyle inspiration and designs you can get a sneak peek into the fashion world of goth ninja.

Rick Owens: The book

Legaspi: Larry Legaspi, the 70's

Rick Owens: Furniture

Yohji Yamamoto

Rising his name in the streetwear style, Yohji Yamamoto is a Japanese fashion designer that can be recognized by this avant-garde tailoring aesthetics. Featuring a take on the Japanese culture mixed with Goth Ninja in this clothing, the designer has become a popular sensation in the fashion industry. His brand that takes his name, has a collection of dark graphic shirts, large zippered pants, stylized handbags, and more. Adding a pop of color to this dark style, Yoshi’s new collection of ss2020 features his influence of Japan through graphic stitched manga art.


Well known label between the Goth Ninja enthusiasts, Demobaza, is a Bulgarian established futuristic brand that creates designs influenced by the concept of deconstructive uniform. Crossing into high-end couture fashion, Demobaza adds a touch of monotone minimalism with a futuristic flair. Despite being on the expensive side of the Goth Ninja style their awesome looking clothing, accessories and even footwear are garments worth every penny.

Enfin Levé

Similar to Demobaza’s monotoned designs, this brand style takes on a high-end couture approach to the Goth Ninja fashion. With products that are both available in custom-tailored measurements for that perfect fit, the Enfin Leve brand cares about their customer’s look. As their clothing takes on a futuristic demeanor, Inside zippers, adjustable straps, and large pockets are just some of the added features that spin into that Goth Ninja/ Techwear look. Additionally, known for using extremely quality fabric such as 100 percent water repellent nylon or 100 percent cotton water/windproof swiss fabric, their products are seen to last a lifetime while always looking new.

Reindee Lusion

Lastly, there is Reindee Lusion. Founding in 2013, the brand creates Asian inspired clothing that is aimed at making functional “urbanite” techwear products. Know for its focus on functional and practical clothing, each garment has a detailed level of design and architectural inspiration. Being one of our favorite brands in terms of quality versus price, this brand creates somewhat affordable goth ninja looks at a very high-quality level. If you are just getting started with techwear fashion, we suggest you take a look at this brand.

Reindee lusion Goth Ninja Accessories
Reindee Lusion

Affordable Alternatives

Even though we believe that these brands are the best when it comes to a goth ninja techwear look, they might just be too expensive if you only stock up on such high fashion. Therefore, having a balanced goth ninja closet, with affordable everyday clothing that you can match with an on the brand garment, is the most efficient way to dress for this techwear style. Here are some examples of affordable goth ninja clothing that you can match with any of the best goth ninja brands.

Goth Ninja Shirts

Techwear U. Outfits: Hidden Code

Techwear U. Outfits: Future Society

Techwear U. Outfits: Dystopian Future

Goth Ninja Pants

Aelfric Eden Casual Harem Pants

Nutriangee Punk Rock Harem Pants

Mokewen HipHop Punk Joggers