The Best Men Baggy Pants You Can Buy

Nowadays men’s fashion is all about finding that perfect match between comfort and style, that is where baggy pants come in. Marked as one of the most common garments in one’s everyday closet, today we are going to go over why this clothing has become such an iconic piece of fashion, and some of the best picks you can find online.

History of Baggy Pants

Best men baggy pants

Back in the 1990s, the Hip-Hop and skate culture popularized the fashion trend of “sagging”. Known as a way of purposely wearing your pants low this style was perfectly paired with the then-popular baggy pants. Another widely spread rumor about the history of the saggy pants is that it began in the prison system. Since belts were an accessory that was not allowed in prisons, “ill-fitting” pants quickly became a popular style among inmates. While sagging pants have long gone out of style, a comfortably designed “baggy joggers” have become the perfect pant to wear for an everyday fit. 

Even though the modern-day, baggy pant is a hybrid between saggy jeans and skinny jeans, fashion has come to perfect the ideal daily pants, the baggy jeans. Being one of the first types of pants that have a baggy design, the trendy jeans combine great fashion with comfort. Without needing to buy two sizes too large for the desired effect, the baggy jeans are now designed with an ideal wait fit but a looser crotch. Now that we have gon over what are baggy pants, let’s go over some of the unique features of these loosely fitted bottoms and what makes them the ideal pant.


Being the first tough that comes to mind when describing flowy pants or baggy joggers, is comfort. Perfected for a great fit, buying the right pair of baggy pants is now easier than ever. If you are looking for an everyday look then the baggy pants are the perfect fit.


As you might guess, wearing baggy pants assures for loose and breathable bottoms. Typically designed with excess fabric around the crotch of upper legs, the pants are ideal form anyone looking for “breathable pants.”


This is a feature that might surprise many. Even though support does not sound like a word used to decibel baggy pants, it is definitely an outstanding aspect. Typical men’s baggy trousers and womens baggy pants, come with a finished cuff on the legs. Drawstrings or even an elastic touch, seen wrapped around the ankles give you that supportive look many search for. Despite not being a feature of every loose pant, it is commonly seen.

Top Men Baggy Pants Brands

Prijouhe Baggy Pants

Lurking in the depths of the online Amazon shopping site, there is the Prijouhe brand. Being an underground brand that focuses on creating Japanese inspired streetwear, they are definitely worth taking a second look. With their specialty on Kimono style coats and baggy pants, you can create a complete Asian influenced look from their online shop. Focusing on their baggy trousers, we can see a large display of quality pants that each have their own unique style. Let us take a look at some of our favorites below.

Prijouhe Casual Hip Hop Sweatpants

Prijouhe Cotton Cargo Trousers

Prijouhe Harem Capri Pants

With more of a sportswear style, we first have the Fit-Hip Hop Trousers. Made by 90 % polyester and 10% nylon, these sweatpants are stretchable and extremely comfortable. Attached with a drawstring top and an elastic bottom, they are an easy fit for everyone. Giving off more a Western-style we next have the Khaki jeans. Packed with deigned large pockets and a velcro elastic leg cuff, the Camo styled baggy pants are great for recreating a sleek streetwear look. Lastly, we have Japanese pants that are designed in a harem Capri style. Being ranked as one of the most comfortable designs of baggy pants, these are the ideal joggers for someone looking for a casual baggy look. Available in over 20 patterned pants colors, you can pick the perfect fit for you.

Aelfric Eden Baggy Pants

If you have read some of our other articles before, then you have probably heard of the Aelfric Eden Brand. Established in 2015 in California, the brand symbolizes the “global street culture in the future”, being one of the only brands that mix between techwear and streetwear, the brand created unique garments that have become a popular culture of their own. Working to combine Asian streetwear with a Western-style the niche of the Alefic Eden brand has become world-known. Take a look at some of their one of a king clothing below.

Aelfric Eden Casual Hip Hop Pants

Aelfric Eden Long Multi-Pockets Pants

Aelfric Eden Pink Patchwork Joggers

Starting from the last garment, we can see a light pink mens pants that have a hip-hop jogger design. Made out of a cotton and polyester blend the streetwear pants are great for any season. Tough pink might be a daring color for some, these men’s baggy pants are one of our favorite. Looking great with almost anything, the pink makes them a feature in any streetwear look. Next on our list is the Multi-Pocket Pants. Taking more of a goth ninja techwear look, these all-black pants are packed with pockets, drawstrings, zippers, and more. If you are looking to recreate a black aesthetic look, we suggest you try out these baggy pants. Lastly, for more of a casual look, there are the Khaki joggers. Ideal for someone looking for baggy cargo pants they have a multi-pocket design with a cuffed elastic bottom.

More of The Best Men's Baggy Pants

Finding clothing online might seem like a daunting task at first, but when it comes to baggy pants, just knowing your size is enough for you to get the best deals available. Here is a list of some of the top loose pants you can find online.

Carhartt Washed Duck Dungaree Pants

Match Store Wild Cargo Pants

Astellarie Punk Cargo Techwear Pants

With more of a baggy jeans look, these are the type of pants you want to wear on a semi-casual and in public look. Great for recreating full streetwear or even techwear style you can mix match them with different outwear and shirts. Starting with the Carhartt Garment, the brand offerings mothing but quality and style. Known as one of the best outdoor utility pants, the Duck Dungaree is a 100 percent cotton gear that will keep you warm all fall and winter. Even though these pants might not fall under your typical baggy look, they have a loose fit that is great for someone recreating a modern jogger style. 

Similar to the Carhartt pants, we next have the match wild cargo pants, with more of a baggy style, these so-called cheap work pants are an affordable pick that is available in over 20 colors. Furthermore, as another 100 percent cotton pant, makes these a weatherproof garment for cold weather. Lastly on our list there the Astellarie Hip-Hop Pants. With a very different style then the other two, these stylish joggers are inspired by the techwear goth ninja culture. Wrapped with straps, deep pockets and more you will look great in these no matter what you pair it with.

Aotorr Workout Sport Pants

G-Style USA Fleece Cargo Pants

Coofandy Linen Men Yoga Pants

With a typically seen modern design, this Aotorr product is the ideal today’s version of the baggy pant. Sleek, slim yet comfortable anyone should own a pair of these sweatpant trousers. On the other hand, G-style is likely a pant you have not seen before. Made with a unique loose and baggy style, these cargo pants bring bagginess to a whole new level. Made out of a blend of cotton and polyester, comfort is another feature of the garment. With a heavyweight fleece feel, you will find yourself always wanting to wear these joggers. Lastly, we have a more lightweight baggy version of the jogger. Marketed as men yoga pants, the Coofany product is a best seller when it comes to comfort. If you are looking for man baggy pants to lounge around with this is the pick for you.

The Prefect Shirt Additions

Techwear U. Outfits: Dystopian Future

Techwear U. Outfits: Dark Future

Techwear U. Outfits: The Unknown

Now that we have gone over some of the best men baggy pants the internet has to offer, having a modern graphic black shirt that goes with just about anything is the perfect fit. Here are some of our best techwear style shirts you can pick from.