The Best Mil-Spec Brands You Can Find on Amazon

Sometimes when shopping online buying a pair or two of poor quality items is inevitable. Without being able to touch and try on an outfit, getting the wrong attire happens more often then we would like to admit. That is why we have made a handpicked list for the highest quality tactical clothing brands you can order online. We picked out brands that are an icon in mil-spec fashion due to their quality, fit, and sometimes even affordable tactical clothing. Get ready to pick out your next military attire as you read about some of the best brands out there.

5.11 Tactical

Taking the sport as one of the most well known tactical apparel stores, the 5.11 Tactical is a high-quality brand that produced accessories, clothing, and shoes for both enthusiasts and professionals. Developing extensively for law enforcement, outdoor and fitness, the 5.11 store truly fits anyone needs for a ready to go tactical attire.

With their most popular products available to the public, wearing high-performance clothing can now make up anyone’s closet. Looking above we can see some examples of their best-fitted options. The training pants on the right is the official FBI academy adopted uniform since 1992. Made out of 100% cotton that lasts almost a lifetime, these high-quality pants are built to withstand and support the body for rigors daily work, training and travel. Made with a self-adjusting waistband, many pockets, and utility straps, these tactical pants are industry icons that are made for functional use. On the other hand, taking a look at the image to the left, we can see another popular product of the 5.11 brand. This military molle backpack is a featured piece that many rate as the best in the industry. Made out of indestructible 1000D nylon, the rucksack bag has lightweight, weather-resistance and breathability features. Packed with countless pockets and hidden compartments this truly is a bag you do not want to miss out on.

Arc'teryx Leaf

Known as a high-quality brand in the market, the Arc’teryx Leaf is a company that revolves around the idea of providing the best possible gear so you do not need to worry about your attire when exploring or on duty. Despite being on the expensive side of tactical gear, the brand’s products are made out of the highest quality materials and construction techniques which allow for durable and valued quality. Starting off, Arc’teryx Leaf was a brand directed towards mountain climbing and extreme weather protection. Even though those aspects are still a baseline with which most of their clothes are produced, tactical attire has become one of their most sold collections in their brand.

Taking a look at their products above, we can see some of their gears that are more suitable for mountain climbing. Despite being a part of the LEAF collection that is marketed towards law enforcement and armed forces division, the brand’s clothing is often suitable for both. Constructed with a lightweight yet breathable nylon material, that aims to keep the wearer extremely warm and dry, this is a must-have product for anyone looking to explore in the wild. Furthermore, the hooded jacket is often praised for its wind breaking capabilities, keeping the wearer comfortable in extreme weather. If you are looking for a reliable brand that will maintain a high quality fit for tactical or outdoor clothing then this is the brand for you.


Providing top-quality camo gear for over 65 years, the Rothco brand should not be missed on our list. Established a few years after World War II, the Rothco company sold surplus clothing and supplies from the WWII army. Soon after, they found themselves, becoming one of the largest manufacturers of military apparel and gear in the commercial market. Creating anything from footwear to tactical uniforms, anyone interested in mil-spec clothing probably has a few items by this brand in the closet.

Taking a look at some of their products above we can see two popular but very differently styled gears. The Rothco military boots are some of the most popular outdoor shoes one can buy. Made out of denier nylon and suede leather, the boots are durable, lightweight and breathable. Furthermore, created with a thick rubber outsole the shoe can withstand any weather. If you are interested in reading more about quality tactical boots take a look at our top 5 best military tactical boots of 2020. Differently, the two-toned camo pants take on a more stylish approach towards mil-spec clothing. Even though the pants are packed with quality materials and pockets, they are often marketed towards commercial use rather than professional.


If you are all about a good camouflage print then this is the brand for you. Directed towards the hunting niche, Sitka Gear is focused on the idea of providing gear for the experience of hunting. With a collection of intriguing camo prints designed for an ideal camouflage experience, the Sitka brand is often considered the experts in camo gear. Dressing their customers from head to toe in camo, this brand is ideal for tactical and mil-spec enthusiasts as well.

Looking above we can see three different takes on their popular camo prints. Unlike many popular commercial brands, the Sitka creates their camo print with patterns such as a waterfowl, which is engineered around the vision of hunting animals such as ducks and geese. Giving the hunter the upper hand in the outdoors, anyone looking to go out in nature should have clothing from this featuring brand. Other than Sitka’s iconic take on camouflage, their products are also extremely high quality. Built to protect a hunter from harsh weather, wind, and water, the gear is one you do not want to miss out on. Furthermore, the clothing is often aerodynamic and lightweight, often created out of Gore-Tex Technology, created to put anyone at utmost comfort while in an outdoor environment.


A mil-spec closet is never complete without a top-quality tactical bag. Specializing in optimized military-grade MOLLE gear, the Maxpedition brand is a worldwide brand that delivers quality bags and accessories to any tactical wear enthusiast. Since 2003 the brand has launched three collections that specialize in creating different types of bags for different purposes. 

Taking a look above we can see two very different approaches to a military molle bag. The first bag, Maxpedition Monsoon Gelsinger, is a nylon base bag that is known for its lightweight economical teardrop design. Created for a perfect fit, this bag is all about comfort. With padded straps and many hidden compartments, the bag can carry all of your belongings while still feeling light. In contrast, the Maxpesition Falcon-II backpack takes on more of a boxed design. Built to hold an abundant amount of items, this tactical molle bag can often be seen in one’s mil-spec attire. Full of compartments, zippers, straps, and pockets, many might worry about your bag becoming too heavy. But due to their padded design, your back will be feeling as comfortable as ever.

Under Armour

At first glance Under Armour might seem like a fitness-oriented brand, but taking a second look you might find their military collection. Despite being more on the commercial side to tactical wear, the Uner Armour brand is a classical quality name that almost everyone shops from. Creating anything from, Gore-Tex boots, base leggings, and fleece everywhere, one can fill up a mil-spec closet only with their collection.

Everyone knows that Under Armour is a trending brand for a reason. Known for their supreme long-lasting quality, some of the products seen above are no exception. As all of the products are made out of almost 100% polyester, breathability and lightweight are outstanding features of most of their clothing. Furthermore, following trends such as their camo cargo pants or fleece gloves, you will always keep up with the mil-spec style with this brand.


As another commercial brand on our list, Nike’s military shoe collection is one that should not be missed. Even though many brands such as Rothco or 5.11 have quality military boots, Nike is a reachable brand that you can find almost anywhere. Creating a line of well made tactical boots, this reliable brand is on point with all of their products.

Looking at the products above we can see Nike’s boot signature of creating a secure shoe with crossed pull straps that make the boot easy to take off and put on. Typically, wrapped with a thick rubber outer sole, their shoes are also externally durable and comfortable when exposed to extreme weather. With each boot taking on a unique design, these shoes are affordable tactical wear for anyone’s closet.