The Best Neon Sneakers for A Florescent Look

When it comes to streetwear sneakers, neon shoes have always been a bold feature that many do not know how to style. Typically seen in a blazing color the shoes are made to turn heads as you go. In this article, we are going to go over some of the key features of neon shoes and our favorite womens neon sneakers and neon mens streetwear shoes.

What You Need To Know About Neon Shoes

Best Neon Sneakers

What are neon sneakers?

Eventhough most neon sneakers do not have that glowing feature, we might think of when we imagine fluorescent shoes, their radiant and vivid color use gives off a neon feel. Typically in highlighter yellow, bright blue, or vibrant orange, neon sneakers are everyday sportswear shoes that are a feature in one’s look. Similar to a bold graphic shirt, a neon shoe is one that usually grabs someones attention in a look.

How to dress a neon sneaker?

Knowing when to wear your neon shoes is one of the biggest things one should keep in mind. Styling a bright yellow sneaker with a clashing outfit will not only create a mismatching attire but will also lose the glam of the shoe. Typically an all-black or similarly colored outfits to the shoe is recommended when wearing feature neon shoes. Keeping things as simple as possible is a great way to highlight the shoes and avoid any opposing colors.

The Best Neon Sneakers

Men's Neon Sneakers

Dues to its rise in popularity in soccer sports, a mens neon sneaker is a feature shoe that many high ranked footwear brands have taken on. As a great garment to have when recreating a streetwear look. There are many different takes on the neon trend. Let us take a look at some of our favorites.

Champion Men's Rally Pro

Nike Men's Reax 8 TR-616272-200

Reebok Sole Fury Cross Trainers


Taking a look above we can see three different approaches to the mens neon shoe. Firstly we have the Champion Rally Pro. These shoes are what neon sneakers are all about. Coming in a bright neon yellow these modern sock design shoes come with suede material and a leather upper. Despite having a large champion logo and “C” shape, the neon high top sneakers are all about that bold highlighter yellow color. Next on our list is a yellow Nike shoe that mixes black and yellow. Created with a thick fauth-leather and mesh upper, these neon yellow Nikes are long-lasting running shoes that are all about comfort. With a more subtle take on the neon color, you can match these with any black attire. Finally, the Reebok cross-trainers are a synthetic training shoe that has a touch of neon on the lace and tongue of the shoe. For anyone looking to add a hint of neon in their attire, we suggest these shoes.

Bronax Graffiti Personality Sneakers: Neon Green

Bronax Graffiti Personality Sneakers: Spider Blue

Bronax Graffiti Personality Sneakers: Orange


As a part of Bronax’s Neon collection, their Graffiti Personality Sneakers are among our favorite affordable stylized neon shoes. With a slip-on design that is created with a padded tongue and comfortable collar, these are the ideal everyday shoes. Being versatile sneakers that can be dressed up or down, the three examples above are among our favorite Bronax Graffiti shoes.

Women's Neon Sneakers

Womens neon sneakers are new trending styles that have been showing up on the 2020 sneaker market. When looking for bold ladies sneakers, grabbing a pair of neon shoes is the way to go. With a base yellow and green neon overlay, let’s take a look at some of our favorite street wear shoes.

Nike Phantom React Flyknit Shoes

UMYOGO Non-Slip Blade Shoes

ASICS Gel-Excite 7 Running Shoes



The Nike neon sneakers are the first on our list. Similar to the men’s all yellow Champion shoe, these bold garments are eye-catching footwear. Made out of a Flyknit shoe material the sock style streetwear is easy to wear and comfortable. Next, we have a bold design by Umyogo. As one of our favorite neon designs, these blue and green neon shoes have a thick rubber sole that is created for long wear time. Furthermore, their awesome look gives off a futuristic streetwear shoe look. Lastly, the Asics are gel bases running shoe that is all about comfort. Available in many different colors, these are the ideal everyday sneaker.

Saucony Guise 10 Running Shoes

ALEADER Running Shoes

XIDISO Fashion Running Sneakers

Above are some more examples that we think are great fits for someone looking for colorful neon sneakers. From high rise shoes too a cropped running footwear, the designs above are created for style and comfort. So if you are looking for a blue neon sneaker, an all-yellow shoe, or a mix of both, take a look at the shoes above.