The Best Sling Bags For Men Right Now

Going by the name of sling bags, crossbody bags or even shoulder bags, this modern accessory is a trending garment that brings both style and functionality to any streetwear look. Before pockets were a thing, the western fashion society relied on the utilitarian use of fanny bags, sling bags or your typical handheld bag. Even though it is difficult to dispute that a bag can be extremely useful, nowadays, wearing a bag has transformed into more of a fashionable accessory that can be the centerpiece of one’s outfit. With the modern trends always changing, sling bags have been a long-lasting style that is suitable for both men and women. In this article, we are going to go over different styles of men’s crossbody bags and some of the best options you can buy online.

Classical Crossbody Bags

With a classical appeal these box-shaped shoulder bags, are known as one of the original approaches to the sling bag style. Due to its square shape, the bags are small and compact yet fit quite a large amount of belongings in them. With many different styles for this bag, often times people buy multiple bags to change up in their daily use. Being one of the only sling-style bags that has a formal version, these types of bags have been a trending style for a while now.

How to wear your sling bag

Taking a look at the image above we can see an example on how to casually style your attire with a box crossbody bag. Matching a converse logo bag with just a simple white tee and some shorts, elevates the outfit to a whole new level. This truly is the perfect accessory for creating summer outfits men would love as the bag is both functional and stylish.

Taking on three different styles, the examples above show how many different varieties of boxed crossbody bags come in. The first bag takes on a more modern and sleek look. With a smooth mat finish, this type of mens shoulder bag is often worn with more formal attire. As it can also add a touch of class to any casual look. On the other hand, the second sling bag can be comfortably worn with everyday clothing. With a mellow yet not too sporty look, the bag is a perfect addition for daily use. Finally, the last product is a converse sling bag that takes on more of a streetwear vibe. Typically accessorized with sportswear or normal daily clothing, this bag is made with style and functionality.

Fashionable Waist / Shoulder Bags

Known as articles of style, these fashionable accessories are a must-have when recreating a streetwear look. Sold in a small compact size, many people typically use these bags to carry their phones, wallets and other small essentials. Playing the role of a fashion statement, fashion logos such as Nike sling bag, Fila sling bag, and even Supreme sling bag, are booming on the ss20 market. Clean yet sleek bags are another popular look when it comes to these compact slings. Whether it is a bold red to highlight your outfit or a subtle black bag people usually have many different options for their closet.

Top best sling bags for men

Typically sold as waist packs or fanny bags these accessories come with adjustable straps making them convertible into shoulder sling bags. With extremely lightweight and hands-free experience, this is a bag that you will find yourself always wearing. Furthermore, known as a popular fashion statement in the streetwear style, these sling bags are so functioning they will always be trending.

Fila and Nikes Jordan bags are some of many trending brands that have created sling bag styles with their fashion logo across the front. Just as the examples above, the bags are usually seen as centerpieces to one’s outfit. Made out of lightweight and weather-resistant materials, these bags are also comfortable to wear. Having such bags is a must in any streetwear enthusiasts closet.

Mono Shoulder Sling Backpack

Taking on a mix between two-strap shoulder backpacks and fashionable sling bags, these mono shoulder bags are the ideal accessory for someone who wants to stay in style while having space for all of his belongings. Large enough to pack any essentials you carry around on a daily basis, while still taking on a sling bag appearance, the mono shoulder bags come in many different shapes and sizes. The ergonomic design of these bags is a big reason why these backpacks are so popular right now. Typically seen in a “teardrop” shape, they are practically built to wrap around the body without looking out of place.

styling a sling bag with streetwear

Unlike fashionable sling bags, this type of backpack is made for functionally. Packed with pockets, zippers and adjustable straps, organization is more often than not a key aspect that can be seen. Furthermore, designed for everyday use, such backpacks come in lightweight weatherproof materials, that are long-lasting and durable.

Taking a look at some of the examples above, we can see some trending approaches towards a sling and backpack hybrid. More on the larger side of sling bags, these examples are high-quality additions to one’s outfit, as they are known for their light, resistant and comfortable features. Constructed with extra padded and adjustable straps, you can customize your bag to fit for your own comfort. On the other hand, if you are looking for a smaller backpack, many other options and varieties are available.

Sport /Travel Crossbody Bags

Last on our list are the cross bags intended for outdoor sports or travel. Created for ultimate functionality and comfort this type of bag is typically large in size. Worn for storage rather than fashion, compartments, and organization is a highlighter aspect of many travel/sports sling bags. If you are looking for a trending bag to take on your next adventure then these are the bags for you. Built to withstand movement, wear, and usability, they are best are known for being extremely durable.

Sport sling bag for men

Even though these types of sling bags are more of a techwear travel style rather than streetwear, they can also be worn on a daily basis when you have a lot to carry. With many options on the market, from larger to more compact sizes, you can easily find the perfect fit for you.

The examples above are one of the best selling options available when it comes to functional crossbody bags. Each bag shows a different approach to travel/sport sling bags. The first bag is a teardrop-shaped bag that is known for its lightweight features. Made out of nylon the bag is water-resistant, foldable, lightweight and washable. The second bag takes on a bulkier appearance. Designed by a popular outdoor clothing and gear brand, Patagonia, the bag’s functional features live up to its name. Finally, there is the Under Armour sling bag. Made out of 100 percent cotton this weather-resistant bag is a modern take on functionally and storage.