The Best White Sneakers For a Clean Summer Look

White sneakers are a trending style that has becomes a needed addition to a summer 2020 look. Steering back to the classics the white sneakers is an all-year-round shoe that can be paired with just about anything. Working to instantly elevate an outfit a white sneaker gives off a sharp and clean look that compliments attires, here are some of our favorite white kicks and why you should own them.

Best White Sneakers 2020

Traced back to 1936, the White Conevere Shuck Tylor was one of the first athletic sneakers to make its debut in the Olympics. Iconized as revolutionary footwear, the white sneaker has since been an on and off trend that everyone seems to love. From the retro styles of new slim footwear, you can now find the iconic white sneaker in almost any quality shoe brand. Eventhough some might find them difficult to clean, keeping then constantly maintained is a must when it comes to this type of shoe. Ideal for any casual garment here are some of our favorite white shoes.

Puma Sneakers

Founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, Puma is a German footwear brand that has grown into one of the largest manufactures in the world. Firstly names Ruda, now Puma, the brand offers sports attire, footwear, and accessories. When it comes to their white sneakers, the Puma shoes, take on a basketball shoe style with a thick supporting sole and core. Here are some of their best:

Puma Carina Sneaker

Puma Cali Sneakers

Made out of 100 percent leather mixed with a synthetic base, the Carina Sneaker is a bold white shoe that is iconic for its style. Inspired form California’s beach towns in the 80’s the shoe has adapted a unique retro look that can look great in a streetwear look. If you are into large bold basketball shoes then we suggest you try this one out.

Similar to the Carina sneaker, these shoes take on a thick frame that gives of a retro basketball shoe look. Once more inspired by the California setting, the sneakers are an updated generation to the previous shoes. With more of a modern look, you can see an intriguing sole, a rounded appearance, and the puma brand tag labels around the shoe.

Adidas Sneakers

As another historic sportswear and footwear brand, the Adidas name is a popular label that you can see almost anywhere you go. Founder by Adolf “Adi” Dassler, the German brand stands behind its quality, style, and well-made shoes. Take a look at some of their white picks.

Grand Court Sneaker

Unisex Swift Run Sneaker

The black striped Grand Court Sneaker is one that any sneaker-head should know about. If you are searching for a classical white basketball shoe then you should look no further. With a reborn 70’s style, the shoe is inspired by the iconic sports looks of the past. Furthermore, marked with 3- stripes along the side, anyone can recognize the Adidas sneakers. If the style as not enough to convince you, comfort and support is another key feature that this shoe is known for. Lines with a cloud foam sockliner and a tick leather upper, you can wear these sneakers all day.

Taking on more of a modern approach to the white sneaker, there is the Adidas Swift Run. As a unisex shoe, this sneaker is available for both kids and adults. Made with a mesh upper, the shoe takes on a sock-like appearance that is popular in the 2020s. But other than its modern look, the mesh is also a lightweight fit that is breathable and extremely comfortable. If a modern light white shoe is what you are after then we suggest this pick.

Nike Sneakers

No best white sneakers list can go without a Nike mention. As one of many’s favorite footwear brand, Nike, is a 1964 organization that can be recognized by its swift tick logo mark. With quality and modern products, Nike is a direct competitor to many old school brands such as Adidas, Puma, and more. Here are some of our favorite white Nike shoes.

Nike Roshe Run

Ebernon Low Basketball Shoe

Extremely similar to the Adidas Swift sneaker, Nikes all-white Roshe Run is a mesh made upper that is known for its modern take on a every-day shoe. Despite having some bad reviews due to its durability, the shoe is a lightweight accessory that is well made. Designed with the Nike check logo on the side, the shoes are a stylish alternative to the Adidas mesh sneakers.

Taking more of a bulkier style the Ebernon Basketball shoes is similar to Adidas’s Grand Court sneaker. With only a simple Nike logo mark along the side, the shoes are clean and simple ideal all-white look. Made out of durable leather, you can expect these shoes la last a lifetime if kept clean. 

Converse Sneakers

The Classical Chuck Talor Converse shoes are one you should not miss out on when creating a   streetwear look. Originally developed as basketball shoes in the early 20th century, the design has not changed much since then. But the shoes have becomes a retro-style footwear trend that you can match you with any casual wear outfit. Take a look at their two classics.

Chuck Taylor All Start Core OX

Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers

The Unisex low top sneaker is an extremely popular white shoe that can add style to any attire. Originally starting off as a cut off design from the high top shoe, these sneakers are a summer take on a Chuck Taylor High Top. Escaping the basketball courts, the shoe has become a popular pick for everyday wear that is both comfortable and fashionable. Made out of thin material the sneaker is considered lightweight and breathable. With many different colors available we recommended a while sneaker as it gives a clean look that looks great with anything.

For more of a classical look, the original High top Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers are the way to go. Versatile for many seasons you will find yourself matching them with any attire. Made with a canvas upper and a rubber sole, these truly are the ideal classical kicks. If you are more into a lightweight, high top shoes then we recommend a pair of these white shoes

New Balance Sneakers

Being another long-lasting brand on our list, New Balance has made a popular name for itself in the sportswear selection. Founded way back in 1906 by William J. Riley, the brand now has over 5,000 stores worldwide. Throughout its history, New Balance has purchased and merged many footwear brands such as PF Flyers and Warrior sports, making it a corporation that many call one of the major footwear manufactures.

FeulCore Nergizer V1 Sneaker

608 V5 Casual Cross Trainers

With both women and men collections, the FuelCore Nergize is one of the best selling products that New Balance has. With an easy slip-on style, these lightweight shoes are hassle-free footwear that are ideal for everyday use. Made with a snug textile upper, REVlite cushioned midsole, and a rubber sole, these are one of the easiest to wear sneakers out there. If you are looking for a slip-on shoe that will provide all-day comfort then these are the sneakers for you.

Unlike the previous sneakers, if support is what you are looking for then look no further. Another bestseller, when it comes to cross-training shoes, these New Balance sneakers are all about comfort and supporting your stride. With a rather bulky and padded style, the classic trainer has heel pads, abundant outsole flex, and a thick sole. Even though some complain that the shoe feels rather flat, that is what makes it a great fit for any cross-training or weight lifting exercise.

Reebok Sneakers

As a sport wear brand, the Reebok company is known for playing a role in popularizing sportswear as casual clothing. Starting off in the shoe industry Reebok is now has a trending line of white sneakers that many have in their closet. Let’s take a look at some Reebok classics.

Reebok Classic Leather Sneaker

Men's Club MEMT Sneaker

Part of Reebok first leather running shoe collection, the Reebok Classic sneaker is iconic footwear in the streetwear culture. First only marketed to women, the shoe encourages gender-neutral sports and helped mark the beginning of accepting active footwear into our casual attires. Made with a rubber sole and a leather upper, the shoes are great multi-purpose sneakers, that will last a lifetime. The shoes “classic” name is there for a reason, as this is the sneaker that you will find yourself reaching for daily.

Contrasting the slim style of the classic is the Reebok MEMT Sneaker. These thick baseball styled shoes follow a specific streetwear trend that many love. Due to their large nature, the sneakers are engineered for lasting comfort and style. With a toe-box design, the fit of the shoe is also something you do not need to worry about, as you will always have enough space. Finally, featuring a memory tech sock liner the sneaker has extra cushioning for day-long comfort.