Top Fashionable Face Masks of 2021

Unlike your typical medical mask, Goth Ninja face masks are often worn as accessories or statement pieces to an outfit. A mask is an addition to one’s attire that is an atypical day-to-day wear which can take on many different types. With our list of different styles of masks, you can now add this unusual piece of accessory to your look with an edgy yet futuristic touch. In this article, we are going to go over all the different types of masks and their functionality.

Hygiene mask

Resembling hospital masks, these ready to go masks are the cheapest alternative for a stylish face accessory. Often seen in the streets for Asian cultures, these popular style masks are the most affordable as they are easily replaceable. Sold with a cotton base, the mask comes with two elastic strings on both sides so that it can quickly be put on or taken off. Available in many different colors, among the Goth Ninja style black is often a preferred color.

Neoprene Mask

Known as the first every synthetic rubber, neoprene is a high demanding material that creates quality products. Due to this material neoprene masks are commonly one of the most flexible products available. With weather-resistant features that make this a highly durable fabric, neoprene is often used for making things such as wetsuits and mousepads. Furthermore, providing a scratch-free surface, such facemasks often keep up a new look for much longer than your typical mask.

Pull-Over Mask

Featuring a neck and face warmer, this mask does not only complete a futuristic look but also could come in handy during cold weather. Available in many different materials such as polyester, neoprene, or even cotton, these masks are ideal for the winter and fall. Taking a look at the face mask market, you can find many different styles of pullover mask, from ones that cover your ears too neck warmer snood. Ideal for a goth ninja look, everyone should have at least one of these masks at hand.


Typically worn for extreme sports, these full face masks are not a very common accessory when it comes to fashion. Covering the entire face except for the eyes, the balaclava mask style provides full protection from extreme weather. Also known as a ski mask, they are rarely seen as a featured statement for a typical non-sport attire, but if you do wear them under a dark attire they give off a very sleek dystopian style look.

Masks can be a functional addition that packs style and protection. Picking out a mask can sometimes be a frustrating matter, so now that you know what types of masks can be used in the goth ninja look, check out of new article for the Best Cowl Neck Techwear Accessories.