Top 5 Tactical Shooting Military Gloves

When putting together a tactical mil-spec attire, more often than not accessories are overlooked. As many downplay the importance of a great pair of gloves their mil-spec attires are incomplete, and sooner than later, the absence of tactical gloves is noticed. Other than the appeal of a complete outfit, tactical gloves can be one of the most useful accessories for any outdoor or action-packed trip. A great pair of gloves brings protection, grip, support, and style. In this article, we are going to go over some aspects of tactical shooting gloves and out top 5 picks for the best military gloves.

Qualities of Shooting Tactical Gloves

The Perfect Tactical mil-spec Gloves


One of the most valued aspects of shooting gloves is protection. Providing a safety cover for your hands is an essential aspect that differentiates a quality glove from the rest. Typically when constructing a pair of outdoor gloves, many manufactures focus on highlighting security in the knuckles, fingers, and palms. As being one of the more vulnerable places on one’s hands we can often times see double padding, hard surfaces or rubber layering to protect those areas. Furthermore, some may want to use their shooting gloves for extreme outdoor activities such as airsoft gloves, biking gloves or even climbing gloves. Therefore protection is even more valued.


Another key aspect that is essential to a great pair of shooing tactical gloves is the grip. Providing the wearer with a stable restraint when shooting allows for full control of your weapon, as well as a safe grasp when handling anything. With certain anti-slip fabrics, a well-made shooting glove can also provide a stable outdoor experience such as climbing, biking or any handheld activities.


Gloves made out of breathable materials is a fundamental feature to look into when buying a pair of tactical gloves. Typically, humans perspire from their hands when nervous, exercising or just carrying out normal activities. Therefore, wearing gloves aimed at properly ventilating your hands is extremely important. A drenched and soaked glove is a breeding ground for infections and mold, forcing you to throw out your new pair of tactical gloves.

Durable Materials

In order to have the perfect pair of mil-spec gloves, the quality of the materials used is usually what determines the nature of the glove. Most commonly manufacturers use leather, rubber, nylon, polyester, spandex, and neoprene. Generally creating a mix of these materials, other than the highlighted aspects above, gloves are made with durability in mind. Materials such as leather and spandex are seen as highly stretchable fabrics, giving the wearer freedom of movement. On the other hand, nylon, polyester, and rubber are durable materials that are water-resistant and provide protection. Finally, neoprene is a heat absorbent essential that keeps your hands warm. Placed together, all of the material create the perfect pair of gloves.

5.11 Competition Shooting Tactical Gloves

This high dexterity fit glove is a popular pick among many industry professionals and even just mil-spec enthuses. Representing the popular tactical brand 5.11, these gloves are one that stand up to their name. Marketed as all purpose-built competitive shooting gloves, they have everything needed for the idea grip and protection. Made out of a mix of synthetic suede, conductive microfiber, nylon and more, these gloves are built to last. Sewn with accordion finger flex points, vented palms, and padded neoprene knuckles, they are both extremely protective yet comfortable. Know as one of the top-rated competitive gloves in action these are often the product many go for when looking for mil-spec gloves.

5.11 Tactical Station Grip Gloves

As another 5 11 brand pick, these tactical station grip gloves are more of a heavy-duty version of the previous pair. Packed with vigorous nylon and ruggedized leather, the gloves are superior for any rugged or hard mission tasks. Praised for their fast drying and shape-retaining qualities that are also matched with an elastic wrist strap to keep out moisture and debris out, the glove are ideal for any type of environment. If you are looking for long-lasting gloves that can endure any surrounding then these are the military gloves for you.

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves

As an unknown brand to many, you may be pleasantly surprised by the quality of these full dexterity technical gloves. Even though they are coming in as our more affordable pick, these utility gloves are not one to skip over. Designed by the brand, PIG (Patrol Incident Gear), the gloves are directed towards professional on range use. Created out of specialized anti-slip fabric, the gloves are lightweight, convenient and extremely reliable. Even though these gloves do not have extra coats of protection for heavy-duty work, these are the ideal candidate for any secure handling tasks such as shooting, hunting, and more.

Freetoo Airsoft Tactical Outdoor Gloves

Directed towards airsoft, motorcycle riding camping, and outdoor sports, these gloves are all about protection. With a thick reinforced palm and finger stitching, the Freetoo gloves are built to protect the hands from abrasion. Made out of leather, velcro, rubber, and other materials, the gloves are both comfortable and easy to adjust. Ventilation is another highlighted feature of this product as they use odor-free breathable materials that are created any weather. Another feature that can be seen is microfiber fingertips for way phone access. All in all, these gloves are an affordable addition to a mil-spec attire.

Viperidae Tactical Military Gloves

Lastly on our list are the Viperidae tactical gloves. As another affordable option on our list, these gloves are one of the most popular picks when it comes to cheap tactical gloves. Eventhough they are priced low, the gloves are still a quality pick that will leave any customer satisfied. Created out of artificial leather, knitted fabric, and non-toxic rubber, the gloves pride themselves on an anti-slip, weather-resistant material. With a protective cover on the knuckles and reinforced palms, they are built to protect from any abrasion or scratching. If you are looking for an affordable glove that can go through heavy-duty environments then this is the glove for you.