Top 6 Affordable Techwear Hoodies That Will Transform Your Look

Hoodies are mid-layer garments that can help pull a look together. Known for their practicality of trapping heat during cold weather, they also provide a comfortable but stylish layer over your clothing. Additionally, throwing on a hoodie might be just what your techwear look was missing. Let’s take a look at some affordable hoodies that will bring your techwear attire to another level.

Popular Techwear Hoodie Brands

Aelfric Eden Hoodies

Aelfric Eden Ribbon Harajuku Hoodie

Aelfric Eden Pullover Jersey Hoodie

Aelfric Eden Casual Hoddie Jacket

Aelfric Eden is among of top three brands when it comes to techwear hoodies. Known for creating global streetwear mixed with futuristic fashion, the Asian brand has quickly become a popular pick for some looking for the techwear style. Following the trends of a goth ninja-style, you can see how their hoodies have straps, buckles, and oversized pockets. Typically marked with some type of white lettering, they are easy to match garment with any look.

Fabric of The Universe Hoodies

Fabric of The Universe Hoodie: Gold Yellow

Fabric of The Universe Hoodie: White

Fabric of The Universe Hoodie: Military Green

If you have shopped online for any techwear or cyberpunk clothing before, then you have probably seen a garment by Fabric of the Universe. Popular for its durable futuristic graphic style, the brand creates a line of sweaters, hoodies, and sweat pants. Adding a neutral pop of color to any all-black attire, these hoodies above can be a featuring piece in one’s goth ninja look.

Guruvani Hoodie​s

Guruvani Patchwork Hip Hop Hoodie

Guruvani Casual blue Fashion Sweatshirt

Guruvani Color Block Fleece Hoodie

The Gurunvani is an underground brand that focuses only on shirts and hoodies. Disparate having a rather colorful collection of streetwear merchandise, their black hoodies are a great choice for recreating a techwear style. Usually detailed with some other color such as blue, yellow, or green, as seen above, the hoodies can easily become a feature piece in one’s closet. If you are one that is more into a bold color techwear style we suggest you take a look at some of their other products.

Our Favorite Techwear Hoodie Picks

Niepce Streetwear Hoodie

One of our top picks is this streetwear long-sleeved pullover hoodie. Made out of 100 percent cotton, the hoodie comes with a high-stitch density that is both durable, warm, and soft. Styles in a loosely fitted manner with layered sleeves make this a great addition to many techwear closets. Furthermore, the hoodie comes with an adjustable drawstring hood and a kangaroo pocket for extra modern functionality. 

Guruvani Contrast Pullover Hoodie

Second on our list is a more minimalist overwear that can be styled with almost any outfit. This popular pullover is a dual-colored lightweight alternative to a jacking during those chilly spring days. Coming in either black and green or white and black options, it is a hoodie that will go with any techwear outfit. Similar to our previous pick, functionality is a key aspect, as the sweater comes with a kangaroo pocket and a pull-on closure hood.

Guruvani Men's Patchwork Hoodie

Another great pick by the Guruvani brand is this patchwork hoodie. Sewn with red outlined detail this hoodie may seem a bit too colorful for a techwear attire. But do not let that put you off as this big pocketed sweater can bring an eye-popping splash of color to an all-black outfit. With highly detailed patch worked sleeves, anyone into the techwear style will appreciate this garment.

Lacalmode Double Zipper Hoodie

Taking on a more fitted look, this double zipper hoodie is a great pick for someone going with sporty techwear look. Known for its high-quality material that is extremely durable and double-layered, this is a sweater than can be worn all year round.

Niepce Streetwear Sweater with Detachable Scarf

A Final piece by the Niepce brand is this awesome looking hoodie that is an accessory piece you cannot miss. Coming with a heavy-duty detachable scarf makes this by far one of the coolest looking hoodies on our list. Made out of 100 percent cotton that is known for its durability and soft lining, the sweater is not lacking in the comfort department. Additionally, packed with multiple strapped pockets in both the front and the back adds that extra touch of techwear culture and usability many search for. 

Fabric of the Universe Graphic Hoodie

This pullover sweatshirt is one of the most well known products in their line, as it has a minimalistic design paired with a high quality 100 percent cotton blend. Available in over 5 colors, you can get the hoodie colors such as a bold yellow, glowing green, or even just a classic black and white.

This pullover sweatshirt is one of the most well-known products in their line, as it has a minimalistic design paired with a high quality 100 percent cotton blend. Available in over 5 colors, you can get the hoodie colors such as a bold yellow, glowing green, or even just a classic black and white.

Accessories To A Techwear Hoodie

Having a great goth ninja hoodie can create a simple yet great techwear look. But sometimes adding a touch of techwear to the rest of your outfit can help create a more finished appearance, ideally stylized in a goth ninja fashion. Here are some other alternative garments that you can mix match with your techwear hoodie.

Techwear Shirts

Techwear U. Outfits: Hidden Code

Techwear U. Outfits: Future Society

Techwear U. Outfits: Dystopian Future

With a clean health goth style, these black and white shirts are a great pick for a simple all-black aesthetic look. Designed with a futuristic dystopian fashion in mind, the Japanese fashion shirts are a simple yet great pick under a techwear hoodie.

Techwear Accessories

Peyan Tactical Chest Front Bag

Crisiswear Raider Cowl

Adding a touch of detail to a goth ninja look can be an addition that will bring your attire to the next level. Whether you chose to complete your look with a chest bag, Cyberpunk glasses, or even a tactical vest, adding layers of detail is what makes a get techwear look. If you are interested in learning more about techwear accessories take a look at our article on, “Best Goth Ninja Accessories For a Dark Look.”