Top Dark Aesthetic Combat Boots Of All Time

With an original yet punk rock look, a combat boot is an ideal shoe for a fall/winter look. Despite being in the fashion industry for a while now, there are countless ankle length boots that appear on the fashion market every year. In this article, we are going to go over the history of combat boots, why they are so practical, and some of the best combat boots you can find today.

What You Need to Know About Combat Boots

Best Leather Combat Boots

What is the history of the combat boot?

Dating back to the classical era, Combat boots were “originally designed for men in the military.” First seen on the Roman soldiers, during that time combat boots were called “calceus”. As the war’s evolved, different civilizations began mimicking the Roman Empires’ military dress. With many different countries producing their take on the ankle-high boots, this garment soon crept into the modern world of fashion. 

Bridging us into the ’80s, fashion began taking an alternative twist, with styles such as goth, punk, and industrial, transforming combat boots into mainstream footwear. When trying to pinpoint the boom of the boots many date it back to the brand called Dr. Martens or Doc Martens. Becoming a staple of the Britsh punk style, the combat boots were then transformed from a military boot into an edgy shoe that everyone must-have. 

What are the main feature of the combat boot?

Even though many of these features depend on the quality of the shoe you purchase, most well-made ankle boots have the same aspects that make them the perfect shoe for everyday wear. Here are some highlighted things that make combat boots so trendy. 

Stylized High-Top

The design of the shoe is one of the main features that makes it so popular in an ageless market. Created as an alternative to breathable high top sneakers, the army boot’s high base makes them a shoe that gives support for all-day wear. Additionally, the design features a punk rock style that mixes well with any casual styles such as streetwear, techwear, and even mil-spec. 

Quality Material

As many combat boots are made out of leather, they assure a quality that will last almost a lifetime. Known as the perfect martial for street wear shoes, leather promises durability, breathability, extra protection, and comfort.

Being the perfect shoes for fall, spring, and even winter, the combat boot are known for keeping your feet warm in any extreme weather. Some brands even go the extra mile as line the inside of the boots with a warming cotton base.

The Best Combat Boot Brands

When it comes to shoes splurging for the more expensive is usually the best choice. Though there are many knock off or replica brands that are just as good, buying an original branded shoe assure quality, design, and a product that will last a lifetime. Let us take a look at some of the best combat boot brands that have made a name for themselves in the high-top ankle sneakers market.

Dr. Martens Boots

We cannot make a list of combat sneakers and not begin with Dr. Martens. Commonly known as Doc Martens or even Docs, this is a British brand that has iconized the combat boots into what they are today. Starting off as a symbol for the working class, the footwear was soon adopted by alternative subcultures such as skinheads, grunge, or punk. In our current times, the shoes are seen are now a fashion statement that takes us back to the retro times. Made as a sturdy pair of boots, anyone should have at least one pair of this classic combat shoe.

Dr. Martens 1460 Original 8-Eye Boot

Dr.Martens Flora Leather Boot


Dr. Martens Arbor Steel Toe Ligth Boots

Starting off with a doc martens combat boots class, we have the Original 8-Eye Shoe. Made out of all leather with a thick Synthetic sole, these air-cushioned kicks are all about comfort, vintage, and rock and roll. Now available in many different colors you can pick the ideal style of you. Next, there are the Chelsea boot. As another all leather product, quality can support is the main feature of these shoes. Ideal from both men and women, these are a classic Chelsea style shoe that will go with any attire. Finally, the steel toe cap shoes are a modern take on a leather shoe. Known for their all way comfort and wear, this footwear has a specific style that you can add to your look. So whether you want a more classic take or a modern version Dr. Martens has it all.

Prada Boots

Founded in Milan in 1913 Prada has always been associated with a luxury lifestyle. Starting off by creating high-end leather goods, the firm has built a name in the Italian fashion industry as a quality boutique brand that created long-lasting leather products. Despite coming at a high cost, the Parada is an investment that will promise you a well-made product.

Prada Men's 4T3361 OLV Leaver Half-Boot

Prada Men's 4T2957 Full Brogue HalfBoot

Prada Men's 2TG078 B4L F0002

With both a prominent men and women’s section, Prada is a brand that appeals to many. Starting off with the men’s collection, we can see a line of leather half-boots that are made with the finest quality and craftsmanship. With their different buckle styles, we have the Prada zipper and buckle, slip-on, and finally the lace-up version. Made as a premium shoe, these kicks will be your go too for a long time.

Prada Women's 1T044H Brushed Spazzolato

Prada Women's 1U052G

Prada Women's 1U135G Leather Boot

Similar to the men’s section the Prada women’s collection has a large choice of style, designs, and types of combat shoes that one can pick from. Made out of 100 percent authentic Calfskin, these leather boots come as the best on the market. Additionally lines with a warming fabric, you cannot go wrong with picking up anyone of these boots.

Fila Boots

Known by the world as a sportswear brand that originally made clothing for people in the Italian Alps, Fila is a name that always keeps its quality standard. Rising its success in the fashion industry trough the retro wave, Fila is now seen as an old school garment that is making a comeback. When it comes to Fila’s footwear, we can see a bulgy and thick approach, similar to the retro style they are known for. Take a look at some of their not so old school shoe style, for a modern vintage look.

Fila Disruptor Shearling Boots

Fila Stormer Military Tactical Boots

Fila Landing Steel Toe Shoes

Since the Fila brand is known for its extreme outdoor creations, their modern-day combat boots follow a similar trend. Stuffed with warming interlayers, made with 100% leather, and a thick quality rubber sole, all of these Fila shoes will keep you warm and kicking during any snowstorm. Furthermore, giving off a rather vintage look, makes the Filla combat boots an ideal shoe for a retro streetwear look.

Timberland Boots

Timberland combat boots are known for creating their original yellow boot. Becoming an iconic American shoe, the product began taking off in the US hip-hop scene in the ’90s. Being breathable high top sneakers that were made for comfort, everyone soon wanted a pair of timberland shoes. Though the Yellow boots are a fan classic, today we are going to take a look at the black combat boot version and its offspring creations.

Timberland Chocorua Trail Mid Boots

Timberland White Ledge Mid Ankle Boot

Timberland 6 inch Premium Boot

As another outdoorsy brand on our list, Timberland boots are the perfect military boot for extreme weather. Having a large unisex appearance, these black timberland shoes are made out of waterproof leather, therefore ideal for any conditions. If you are looking for a combat boot that you can wear camping, hiking, or just in the city these are the perfect boots for it all.

Saint Laurent Boots

As another boutique luxury fashion brand, they are among the most iconic and well-known designer names in fashion. Competing in the Paris fashion market, Yves Saint Laurent, founded his brand in 1961. Introduction a revolutionary take on women’s clothing from the start. Focusing on clothing that are gender fluid, combat boots, falls right under the tone of his brand. Even though these types of shoes were not seen until later on in the brand’s history, they have remained one of the highest quality labels ankle boots one can buy. Taking on more of a high fashion approach, let us take a look at some of Saint Laurents boots.

Saint Laurent Ranger Boots

Saint Laurent Ranger Boots

Lined with studs, the Saint Laurent boots take on the most fashion-forward approach so far on our list. With two different styles of shoes that take on a similar, studs, all leather, and buckle style, you can pick the ideal boot for you. Preferably worn in the city on dry days, these boots have more of a show factor rather than being durable in extreme weather. If style is what you are after then we suggest these combat boots for you.

Ugg Boots

If cozy and warm boots are what comes to mind when searching for combat shoes then we suggest you take a look at the UGG’s Brand. Wanting to spread the concept of sheepskin boots, the UGG founder created the brand to sell to people with an active lifestyle. As the brand established popularity among skiers, surfers, hikers, and more, the UGG name began exploring other markets of fashion. Today, everyone looking for a comfortable shoe can go to UGG’s and get a pair of modern combat boots. Here are some examples.

UGG Noe Combat Boots

UGG Kesey Boot

UGG Biltmore Workboot

Despite looking rather similar at first sight these UGG boots each have their own style and design. Starting off with the Noe Combat boots, we can see an edgy all leather exterior with a thick rubber sole. Worn with a side, zipper, laces, and a buckle, these shoes are what make up the trends to today’s combat boot. Simple yet modern anyone can pull these off. Next, the Kesey boot is a Cow leather boot that is matched with a textile pattern. Giving off more of a country look, with its pointed tip and large sole, these country combat boots have a certain style to them. Lastly, the men’s Biltmore Work Boots, are a waterproof leather shoe that makes up the perfect all everyday work footwear. Comfortable, supportive, and isolating you can last all way with these on your feet.

Marc Jacobs Boots

Created by a designer with the same name, he is a powerhouse in the fashion world that worked as the creative director of Louis Vuitton. As a Fashion Prodigy Mark Jacobs opened his own brand that has seen great success. Turning to a more streetwear style the brand now appeals to the young generation and street wear fanatics. But their platform combat boots, are a popular pick that can go with any style. Being one of our favorite and more affordable high-value footwear, let’s take a look at what the brand has to offer.

Marc Jacobs Bristol Lace-Up Boot

Marc Jacobs Shay Wedge Hiking Boot

Marc Jacobs Ryder Lace-up Heel Boot

Similar to Saint Laurent’s approach to the combat boot, Mark Jabos products are all about style, fashion, and design. Even though they are not appropriate for extreme weather and conditions, these shoes will have you feeling great in anything you wear. With a thick rubber sole on almost all of the brand’s designs, the shoes take on a futuristic look that is great for any techwear or goth ninja look.

Affordable Best Seller Boots

Whether you are looking for a quality luxury brand such as Prada or Saint Laurent, or just some cheap black combat boots women’s and men’s section, Amazon has it all. If spurring for a well-made shoe is just not what you are looking for, diving into the depths of Amazon can find you a lot of great options. So let us take a look at some combat boots amazon can offer.

Dream Paris Ankle Bootie Boots

STQ Comba Lace-up Boots

Stansport Jungle Boots

Starting from the Dream Paris shoes, we can see a grungy take on the Bootie boots style. Giving off a gothic boot feel, these shoes are an affordable alternative to a top branded combat boot. Made with a synthetic fur lining they are soft to the tough and keep your feet cozy. If you are looking for a basic boot that will go with anything we suggest this cheap combat boot alternative. Next, we have the STQ ankle boots. Taking one feature such as cozy, soft, flexible, and comfortable these boots are one of the highest-rated amazon affordable combat shoes. With a feminine style, these are one of the best budget combat boots you can pick out. Lastly, there are the Jungle Boots. Thick, large, and black these boots take on the definition of punk rock military shoes. If you are looking for a typical combat boot these unisex shoes are perfect.