Top Goth Ninja Baggy Pants For Women

Baggy pants have become a trendy garment that takes both style and comfort in mind. Made to be the perfect everyday pant, loose jogger pants can be seen in almost everyone’s casual attire. Similar to the streetwear baggy pant, techwear pants are casual bottoms made for daily wear. With a darker aesthetic black techwear pants for women are a popular pick among many techwear, goth ninja, and even streetwear fanatics. Similar to our take on the best women’s baggy pants for a comfortable look, we are going to go over a picked out list of our favorite techwear pants you can buy off amazon.

Feature of Women's Baggy Techwear Pants

Womens techwear pants

A Loose Upper
Usually baggy pants are all about having a looser upper. Sitting comfortably on one’s body, a women’s baggy pants can have a lowered crotch, folds, or even excess material at the top of the garment. This created the baggy look as well as gives the comfort many search for when buying pants.

Tapered Bottom
In order for a large garment to fit well on one’s body shape it is important to keep with the baggy theme but still have a tapered bottom that flatters the shape. Typically using a sewn in elastic, a common design choice among baggy pants is a thin fit bottom. Other than going off a stylized look this design choice allows for a more comfortable fit, and a slimmer look.

Techwear Influence
Lastly, goth ninja specific baggy pants are all about having that touch of detail and a black look. Whether it is more zippers, pockets, layers, or straps, baggy pants follow the goth ninja aesthetic. This makes a techwear loose pant the ideal everyday garment, as it will match with anything and you do not need to accessories.

Affordable Techwear Pants On Amazon

Romwe Workout Jogger Pants

Made by the Romwe brand, we first have these womens workout jogger pants. With a full back appearance, these sweatpants are a great neutral addition to a goth ninja closet. Despite their simple look, the pants have two side flap pockets that are with a buckle closure and added strap. Without being too much, these added details give the flowy pants a techwear look. Made out of 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester, the material is comfortable, stretchable, and perfect for daily wear. Even though these pants might not take the traditional sense of the word “baggy”, they are a loosely fitted garment that will look great with anything.

Milumia Casual High Waist Pants

If a high waited cargo jogger is more your style then we suggest you take a look at this Milumia brand product. With a minimalist approach towards a baggy black pants women wear, the brand has focused on creating an all-black jogger highlighted with a simple white strip on each side of the leg. Giving off Adidas jogger vibes, these pants also come with two extra-large zipper side pockets. All in all, with a simple yet street casual design these women’s pants, are an easy to match garment.

Goulezeev Mesh Stiching Joggers

With a little red highlight, the next techwear pants we have are the Goulezeev Mesh Joggers. If you are looking for a highlight piece to be featured in your outfit then we suggest you take a look at these goth ninja pants. Designed with red outlines mesh patchwork on the knees, metal zipper, and an elastic cuff, these pants a fashion-forward jogger that will look great with a simple blacktop. Available in different styles and colors, these are the perfect women pants for a dark aesthetic look.

Milumia Sporty Buckle Jogger Pants

As one of the last tighter baggy jogger pants on our list is the Milumia pants. With simplicity in mind, these sports pants are minimalistic wear that you can match with anything. Created with a strap bucket top, and two large side pockets secured with other long strap buckets, these loose pants take on a techwear look. Begging the ideal first techwear pants, we suggest any interested in the style get one of these.

Ellazhu Black Design Harem Pants

Bringing a whole new level to the term baggy pants, these are Harem pants with a ninja inspired Japanese techwear look. Made with a mix of Cotton and Spandex, the hip hop pants are a casual garment that anyone will feel comfortable in. Known for their stylized drop-crotch that comes with a hook loop, pockets, and patchwork, these pants are the perfect stylized goth ninja pants. If you are looking for an all-out techwear look, we these harem joggers.

Ellazhu Leisure Wide Pants

Lastly, we have another Ellazhu brand product that takes on a womans techwear pants style. Unlike the other baggy pants on this list, this garment has a wide leg all the way trough. Cropped at the ankles, and lined with a white line on the side and barge pockets, these pants are among our favorite casual goth ninja women pants. Made out of a nylon blend, makes them great for a spring or fall look.

Alternative Goth Ninja Shirts

Now that we have gone over some of the best goth ninja baggy pants you can add to your techwear closet here are a few of our favorite goth ninja style shirts you can accessories your pants with.

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