Top Mil-Spec Camo Pants

Whether you are looking to create a full camo attire or just want to rock a quality pair of camouflage pants this garment has been a go-to article of clothing in both the mil-spec and streetwear fashion. Ideal for a fashionable look, today we are going to go over the main features of these tactical pants and some of the best you can buy.

Features of Camo Pants

Best mil spec camo pants

With many different types of camouflage fabrics on the market, Camo typically refers to a stylized pattern. Here are just a few features you should look out for, that separate well-made camo pants on the market.

Non-Reflective: As reflective clothing typically works again you when wanting to stay camouflage, camo clothing usually is made out of quality fabrics that breaks up any reflection and stops glare. Avoiding any silky materials fabric such as polyester or cotton is the ideal non-reflective material used when creating quality camouflage pants.

Durability: Being able to withstand extreme weather, movement, and overall time, camouflage pants are typically made out of the best quality outdoor fabric. Since most mill-spec clothing should last you close to a lifetime, tactical camo print pants are no different.

All Season Round: Typically created out of a breathable yet heat-absorbing material, quality cargo military pants should be a garment for any weather. Keeping your cool during the summer and warm in the winter, you can always have camouflage attire on hand.

Top Milspec Camo Pants Brands


As far as quality goes, the 5.11 tactical brand is a go-to shop for many mil-spec fanatics. Producing “accessories, clothing, and shoes for both enthusiasts and professionals.”, the brand is known for making high-performance clothing that anyone can have access to. With customers such as FBI outfits, Firemen gear, and more, the 5.11 brand is known for creating long-lasting products with the best materials. Let us take a look at just some 5.11 pants examples.

5.11 Tactical Cargo Multicamo Ripstop
5.11 Tactical Lightweight Performance Cargo Pants
5.11 Stryke Operator Uniform Pants

Despite being their only cargo print style pants, the 5.11 Multi camo ripstop is a popular pick that many go for. Made out of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton, the garment is both stretchable and practical. Lined with a ripstop pattern, the pants also have a Teflon finish for stain and soil resistance. Available at a lighter tone, these are great pants for someone looking for a light camouflage pants style. Tough the next two pants do not exactly have a camouflage pattern, they are camo-colored gear witch have proven to being one of the most popular tactical pants on the online marketplace. Created with the same fabric as the previous 5.11 pants, one can expect nothing but quality. Packed with specialized deep side pockets, and a trusted brand, they also have practical qualities. Additionally, available in over 10 different colors you pick the ideal neutral tactical pants for your closet. Lastly, taking on another similar style, there are the 5.11 Stryke Operator Pants. As mechanical stretch uniform pants, these true to size pants and a best seller purchase on Amazon. Very similar to their other pants, these have a well-made fabric with a practical design.


Supplying Tactical Military gear for over 65 years, the Rothco brand is another popular name in the mil-spec community. Producing a widespread of military clothing, you can also find a library of camo pants. Below are just some of the many garments by Rothco, lets take a look.

Rothco Vintage Partrooper Fatigue Pants

Rothco Two-Tone Camo BDU Pants

Rothco Camo Tactical BDU

Getting the ball rolling, we first have a vintage style Rothco paratrooper pants. Created with a dark polyester cotton print, these are perfect for anyone looking for dark camo pants. For a great user experience, the pants come with 8 pockets, buttons, zippers and a ankle drawstring. Next, there is the half cut two tone Camo BDU pants. Though they might not be as practical in the outdoors, these pants are a perfect streetwear or just dressed-up camouflage pants. Available in three bold different colors you can get the ideal streetwear camo pants that are a feature on their own. Lastly, there is the Camo Tactical dress uniform pants. With over 10 different tones and camo colors, these are another pair of BDU pants build for a dress uniform. Looking sleek they come with 6 pockets, button closures, and adjustable waist tabs.


When top quality camouflage clothing is all you are after then Sitka is the brand for you. Making top of the line professional hunting camo gear, the brand is worth its high price. Known for quality, excellent and adaptive clothing, their camouflage patterns are the best you can get. Let’s take a look at some popular product Sitka has to offer.

Sitka Insulated Fanatic Bib

Sitka Timberline Performance Pants

Sitka Equinox Pant

Highly prices the Sitka Isulated Fanatic Bib is one of the best camo pants you can buy. Made with Gore-Tex infinium mattierials, they are windprood, waterproof and beatherable. Furthermore, lined with a PrimaLoft Silfer insulation, they make for great winter camo pants. Finally, made with a fanatic bib the pants allow of ultra silent movement. Next on the list of Sitka products, we have a more affordable camouflage pant. Other than the quality materials used, a notable feature are the removable knee pads. Ideal for any outdoor use, these pants protect again any water, or extreme weather. Last on our list, we have the most popular pants the beginner mil-spec shoppers typically go for, the Equinox pant. Made out of 100%polyester, these are a durable cargo pant that is great for both outdoors or dress pants. Made with a dark camo color they look good with anything.

Other Best-Seller Milspec Pants

With countless online stores and brands, we have picked out some thing camo pants that just might be worth checking out. Here are some of our favorite amazon camo pants you can take a look at.

ZLSLZ Military Camouflage Trousers
Rothco BDU Desert Digital
CQR Tactical Repellent Ripstop Cargo Pants