Top Rectangular Sunglasses For Women

Sunglasses have taken many shapes over the years. First, they were not round, to begin with. Then came round sunglasses that were called aviator style. But as time passed, the shape of sunglasses changed into a more “modern and trendy” rectangle shape. And this particular shape has been trending ever since because of its versatility in both profile and use. In this article, we’ll discuss some of theĀ trendiest sunglassesĀ in recent years.

How to Wear Square Sunglasses

Best Square Sunglasses

First, let’s start with the basics: What is a rectangle? A rectangle is a straight line whose only sides are parallel to each other. The corners of both the top and the bottom are equally spaced out, and they all meet at a point right in the middle. This shape is idea for sunglasses as it helps frame the face and make it appear slimmer. Furthermore, rectangular sunglasses are also very comfortable to wear. Rectangular-shaped sunglasses have become widely popular because of the many different designs that can be created with them, and also because they are a very versatile form of eyewear.

When it comes to who can wear rectangular and square sunglasses, just about anyone can, regardless of their eye size. These shapes are particularly good for people who have larger features. Even if you have smaller eyes, you will still be able to wear rectangular-shaped sunglasses because the style will help elongate the face and its structure. The rectangle shape also helps give your eyes a more defined frontal space to rest in. The current trends in sunglasses include wearing them on the face and sporting a modern, hip shape. And, since rectangle and square shaped glasses are the most popular shapes of the moment, that’s exactly what we’ll discuss.

Rectangle and square glasses for men

The current trend for men is wearing sunglasses that have a more masculine style with a little bit of femininity mixed in. So, if you are looking for rectangular-shaped glasses that can have an edgy appeal to them, you might want to consider buying some with square-based frames. The key here is to make sure they are not too thick or bulky. If you want a style that is so trendy, it has no place for extra bulkiness, then consider going with a square-based frame. These frames have only four sides, but they can still be as thick or thin as you want them to be. Square-based frames are great because they allow for more freedom of face structure. Some men who prefer this shape also like to wear glasses with a little bit of character in their frames.

Rectangle and square glasses for women

As we said before, the rectangular shape has been a trend amongst women for quite some time. The reason for this is because it does a great job of elongating the face. And, if you want a style that will make it appear as though you have longer hair than you actually do, then this is the shape for you. Women who like wearing rectangle and square glasses prefer to purchase glasses from reputable companies that offer great styles and many innovative frame shapes in them.

Black Square Sunglasses

Starting things off with all-black square sunglasses: they are classy and stylish, to say the least. They have a way of making just about any outfit look more trendy and edgy. If you love a style that goes with just about every outfit, then you will love black square-based sunglasses. Having a rectangular black frame for your sunglasses is a great way to make them appear very stylish. The nice thing about these types of glasses is that you have a lot of different style options that you can choose from. Black rectangle and square sunglasses are the trends right now, and many women and men love wearing them because it gives their face a more defined look without clashing the anything. Take a look below at some best-seller examples

Sojos Cat Eye Glasses

Oakley Holbrook
VanLinker Vintage Glasses

The first glasses are a cat-eye-style square frame. Designed to bring out a stylish appeal, the glasses also have edgy look that stands out in any style. The second pair is a more fashionable version of cat-eye glasses with a cool plastic frame and dark lenses to match. Made by the popular Oakley sunglasses brand, they are a classical pick for this summer. Lastly, we have a more vintage sunglasses style. Made with a smaller rectangular frame the glasses have a rather retro look.

Colorful Square Sunglasses

On the other hand, if you prefer a style of sunglasses that is more playful in nature yet sophisticated at the same time, then your best bet is to consider purchasing colorful square sunglasses. Adding a pop of color to your look is a great way to accent an interesting outfit. And, if you are not sure what colors to choose from, consider the ones below. They are all very fashionable and trendy right now.

Dollger Sunglasses
Ray-Ban Acetate Icon Glasses
Mincl Candy Glasses

Going with a neon look, the first sunglasses is a fluorescent pink accessory. Designed with a thick frame, these pink shades are a great way to get attention in a room. Although the shades are still colorful, the lens is colored a darker bubblegum pink. The material of these glasses is also made from plastic, and they are foldable to be easy to carry around with you wherever you go. Next, we have a green rectangle frame that is stylized with light blue color. They are aqua-colored, rounder, and more sporty version of rectangle glasses. Lastly, with another pink, there is the metal frame and pink glass shades. Made with a thin and semi-transparent frame, these pink glasses are a great and fashionable addition to your wardrobe.

Pattern Square Sunglasses

Another trend in rectangular-shaped sunglasses (for both men and women) is purchasing them with a pattern. For a more natural look, the patterned sunglasses are all about how they make the eyes look. If you are looking for something that has a more subtle pattern, then you will want to go with one that is not too bold or busy. But if you want something that is more obvious, then find a pattern that is interesting but not too complicated. Matching a pattern with a square shape, rectangular-shaped glasses is a great way to add interest to your look. Stripes are a popular option, as well as spots and designs that have similar shapes. You can also go with a natural pattern like wood or stone. Take a look below at some of the popular options.

Feisedy Thick Glasses
Vanlinker Retro Chunky Glasses
Feisedy Luxury Glasses

The first pattern of sunglasses is a thick frame tortoise pattern. With a classical look, these are Amazon’s Choice Selection. Made with non-polarized lenses, these glasses can be worn in all lighting conditions. The glasses also have a padded hinge to keep the frame tips from snagging on things. Next, with a more rectangular design, these small sunglasses are a chunky polarized frame. Made with a leopard dark print they match almost anything. Lastly, we have bold light patterned glasses by the online brand Feisedy. Made with a larger frame and semi-transparent glass, these glasses are a great way to accent an outfit.