Top Streetwear and Grunge Oversized Shirt Styles

In almost every modern fashion, graphic shirts have become a booming article of clothing that we have more than a few of. With a more baggy looking coming back into style, wearing loosely fitted tops is a comfortable and stylistic choice many pick up. In this article, we are going to dive into how to wear a loose T-shirt for gunge and streetwear fashion and some popular picks to get you started.

How to Style Oversized Shirts

Best Oversized Shirts

Wearing oversized clothing is a fashion statement that one must need to know about before going out in a baggy top. Though it might sound simple, putting on baggy grunge oversized clothing might end up giving off a rather unflattering fit. Therefore there are a few key steps to style oversized wear. 


The Tuck:

Whether you prefer a French tuck, front tuck, or any other style, tucking in an oversized shirt is the perfect way to keep that grunge fashion look, yet have a flatting waistline for a slimmer outfit. Furthermore, a tuck-in gives off a more layered look, which is a key feature in most streetwear and grunge looks.

Eye Catching:

Wearing shirts that are the feature of your outfit is another way to ensure an interesting grunge look. By leading the eyes to one’s shirt first, does not only add in detail to your look, but it helps pull together any simple attire.


Just as mentioned above layering an ancient technique that has existed in many different types of fashion. Other than adding depth and detail to an outfit layers help create a more slimming style that is flattering to any body type. Adding a coat, or a long sleeves undershirt to a T-shirt is a perfect palace to start.

Long Sleeves Undershirt

Now that we have gone over the concept of layering, before diving into some cool grunge shirts, late take a look at some modern undershirt that you can layer for a more modern style. Anything for a fancier dress shirt, a colorful one, or a simple cotton long sleeves, the undershirt must be longer than the graphics shirt you will wear on top. Other than its practical use in the winter, here are a few top picks for a grunge top style.

Adar Underscrubs Tee

Hanes DRI T-shirt

Amazon Essentials Oxford Shirt

Starting off a had a simple white tee. Made out of a mix between polyester and cotton, this fit-to-wear style shirt is a simple yet perfect undershirt for any weather. Available in over 35 different colors, you can get a few different tones for different looks. Next, with another clean shirt look is the Hanes long sleeves shirt. Though Market for men, this top can be baggy unisex wear. Made out 100% Polyester the shirt is stretchable, quick-drying, and a great spring addition to one’s closet. Lastly, with a little more grunge style there is the simple oxford dress shirt. Though it might seem like the last thing a gunge enthusiast would wear, pairing a dress collar shirt with a black graphics shirt is an ideal match that looks great for any occasion. Made out of 100% Cotton the dress shirt is a quality pick one should try out.

Graphic Tshirts


For those looking to add futuristic grunge and streetwear shirts to their look, these are the picks for you. When selecting a graphic shirt for an everyday closet, you can almost never go wrong. Color, graphics, and different styles, picking out what you like are usually what many go after. From names of your favorite band, a graffiti shirt look, or a futuristic techhwear style, here are some of the best seller shirts many people like.

Riot Society Graphic Shirt: Sugee Tiger

Techwear U. Outfits: Future Society

Nagri Angle Rock Vintage Shirt

Made by the popular Amazon brand Riot Society, this Sugee Tiger grunge graphic shirt is a Japanese-inspired top. Stylized with a more cartoony touch while still looking modern makes this a pick many go for. And if the graphics are not your style, Riot society has any different designs you can select from. Next, going more into techwear and goth ninja fashion, the Techwear U. Outfit is a quality shirt that has a dystopian Japanese look. Playing on the black and white theme, the shirt looks great with a simple white undershirt and some jeans. Lastly, one of the most popular picks is a Nirvana vintage shirt. The angle rock top is a colorful, stylized, and awesome-looking top that almost anyone can appreciate.

Khimyra Life on Mars V2 Shirt

Tommy Hilfiger British Navy Blazer

Techwear U. Outfits: Dystopian Prophet

Since graphic shirts are an item of clothing that you can never have enough of, here are a few more top picks you can add to your closet. With a sling orange undertone, the Mars shirt is a comical and cartoon top that looks great with any dark-inspired outfit. As a top that is usually a feature piece, this shirt can be worn with just about anything. Next for those into the vintage and retro shirt styles, the Tommy Hilfiger blazer is a classic. Made out of 100% cotton and available in a few different colors and designs, this is a great piece to add to a summer grunge clothes closet. Lastly, playing on the black and white theme again is a dystopian-inspired shirt. Great for recreating a goth ninja shirt look, this top can be the detail in one’s outfit.

Plain Shirts

Always in style, a simple colored top is a must-have in everyone’s closet. Adding a clean appeal to one’s look, a simple top is one that goes with anything and everything. Furthermore, with many different colors available you can add a more interesting twist to a plain shirt top. Here are some popular choices.

Hanes Nano T-shirt

Mabove UV Protection FIshing Shirt

Adidas Ultimate Solid Tee

As another shirt made by the popular Hanes brand, the top is a quality 100% cotton tee that will last many years. Available in a few different colors, the shirt had a loosely fitted style. Typically marketed for women, this grunge shirt might not be as baggy as some might prefer. On the other hand, the next shirt by Mabove is a unisex top that has more of a gunge baggy look. Made with UV protective material. This is an ideal summer top. Last, getting a branded top is a popular streetwear choice that many go for. With a little logo on the left, the Adidas solid tee is a polyester top made for a spring-summer style.

Long Sleeves Graphic Shirts

Lastly is a layers graphics shirt and an undershirt is just not your style, wearing a simple long sleeves graphics grunge top is an alternative for any colder weather. As one of the easiest things to the style, take a look at the best-seller amazon long sleeves shirts with style.

Riot Society Flamingo Blosson Long Sleeves T-Shirt

Screenshot Urban Hip Hop Pullover Sweatshirt

Ripple JUnction Playstation Japane 1994 Shirt

As another product by Riot society, the first shirt is a Japanese-inspired top. Coming at a reasonable price, with a 100% cotton make, this is a great purchase for the winter or fall. With a larger design on the back and details on the front and sleeve, this is a great feature piece in a simple streetwear look. Next, one of our favorites is the colorful screenshot graphite shirt. Colorful and playful yet stylized this top is what graphics shirts are all about. With more of an urban fashion look, there are countless different designs available by the shop. Lastly, for those looking for a vintage retro shirt look, there is the Japanese Playstation logo shirt. Simple yet interesting this all-cotton top is a great grunge look.