Top Techwear Rain Jackets to Fill Your Closet

A fashionable raincoat that is stitched to perfection is a lot easier to find than some people think. With an overflowing market of raincoats, picking out the best of the best requires a bit of research and understanding. A quality rain jacket is one the will last years while still looking new. So if you are wondering “where to buy a raincoat”, here is a list of some first-rated rain jackets that will keep you dry all year round. 

Features of a Quality RainCoat

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Understanding what makes up a great raincoat will give you the needed knowledge to buy the best jacket for your needs. Let us go over some of the features that makes a great raincoat.

Weather Resistant
Even though a water repellent jacket might just sound enticing enough, there are many more reasons why a high-quality raincoat should be a key article in your closet despite the season. Made out of specially coated waterproof materials a raincoat is typically water repellent, stain-resistant and wrinkle-proof.

Quality Materials
Back in the day, such jackets were made out of natural and artificial blends such as rubber and plastic. But currently, plastic-coated fibers such as Gore-Tex is a popular pick among raincoat producers.

As raincoats have made a popular name for themselves customers can now find anything that suits their needs such as men’s trench raincoat with a hood, yellow raincoat, and more. Buying a garment just for a specific outfit look is now a possibility.

Light Weight
Made with special materials, trench coats typically are very lightweight. Features of a lightweight rain jacket give the wearer the ability to put on many layers during the winter and not feel overdressed in hot seasons.

Wind Repellant
Another great element of a well-made raincoat is its wind repellant aspects. Blocking harsh wind as well as rain makes this a priority article of clothing that is worth investing in.

Best Rain Jackets Brands


Originally known as a brand named Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS), Nike was founded in 1964 by a track athlete and his coach. Starting off as a distributor of Japanese sneaker shoes, Nike soon found their swoosh design and started making their own products in 1971. For many Nike focused their brand on the athletic shoe market by creating running shoes, But as their shares began to expand, Nike began creating clothing apparent, and even jackets. Nike’s raincoats are known as a lightweight “running jacket” that is typically made out of quality synthetic materials. Here are some of the most popular recent Nike raincoats that will recreate the ideal techwear look.

Nike Lightweight Rain Jacket

NIke Half-Zip Running Jacket

Nike Sheild Flash Running Jacket

Starting off with the Deep Blue Nike Rain Jacket, you might be surprised by its blue color. Despite going over the best dark aesthetic raincoats, we believe that this blue coat can be the ideal match for an all-black attire. Giving off a subtle pop of color, as well as an interesting detail to black clothing, many might consider adding this to a goth ninja techwear look. Furthermore, its long cut design, 100 percent nylon, and tightening features make this a practical jacket for any heavy rain. Next, we have the Nike Half-Zip Running Jacket. As a product that is only available on Amazon, we suggest you this coat while you can. Packing an extremely lightweight, comfortable look, this coat is everything you can from an active raincoat. Designed for a runner, the jacket fits the body well, with room for motion. Finally, the Nike shield flash coat is a rain jacket for the winter. Made with reflective graphics, Zipper pockets, a Brimmed hood, and weather-resistant fabric, this coat is made for the outdoors.

The North Face

Taking the spot as one of the most popular outdoor brands today, The North Face, began in 1966 as a climbing equipment retail store. Ironically, starting off their journey on the beach, the brand is a San Francisco based company that wanted to help out anyone who was new to exploring the mountains. Soon branching out into the world of ski, the brand became one of the biggest providers for high-performance outerwear, skiwear, and more. When thinking back to rain jackets, we can easily say that The North Face Jackets are a life-lasting garment that will always keep you dry. Maintaining the quality that comes with the brand’s name, you can expect nothing more than the best, when purchasing a North Face Rain jacket.

The North Face Venture 2

The North Face Resolve

The North Face Resolve 2, Asphalt

With a “Ready for Rain” Moto, let’s take a look at some of the best seller rain jackets The North Face brand currently has to offer. Venture 2, is a relaxed fit jacket that is designed for versatile wear, can be worn with anything from thick sweaters to a thin polo underneath. Made out of a quality DryVent and Durable Water Repellant fabric, the jacket will always keep you dry. Next, we have the Resolve. As a well-made men’s version of the Venture 2, the Resolve jacket looks like your typical Noth Face Product. Made out of 100 percent nylon that is coated with durable outer layers, you can wear this coat anytime and anyplace. Secured with a hem cinch-cord around the wait for a more custom fit, this coat has it all. Lastly, the Asphalt Gray Resolve 2, is more of a stylized take of the previous mens jacket. Made with an all-black ashy look this jacket is the idea techwear raincoat for an all-black look. If you are looking for quality and goth ninja style we suggest you get this product.


Columbia sportswear is a Portland-based brand that has not always been focused on outerwear clothing. Starting off as a hat manufacturing brand named Columbia Hat Company, the family-owned name soon became a well-known name in the sportswear industry. But you may be asking yourself how did that change happen. Well, Gert Boyle, an original founder of the brand brought up the name of the Columbia collection with her legendary perfectionism of “It’s perfect. Now make it better.” Soon after then hats started taking off, the brand started expanding into everything outdoors. From Parka’s, too fishing gear, too ski equipment, the Columbia brand now creates quality garments worldwide. Looking at their raincoats, similar to The North Face, the Columbia rain jackets, are one of the best you can purchase.

Columbia Glennaker Lake Jacket

Columbia Roan Mountain Jacket

Columbia Sweet Maple Hooded Jacket

Firstly, we have an all-black Columbia Glennaker Lake jacket. Featuring the brands Hydroplus waterproof nylon fabric, the jacket has the ultimate lightweight features and water protection. Furthermore packer with hidden zippers, cuffed sleeves, and adjustable waist you can get this jacket to fit you perfectly. With a similar quality to the previous jacket, if you are looking for more of a black and white look, then this Roan Mountain Jacket is the coat for you. Highlighted with a while Columbia logo and zipper outline, the jacket takes on a classic look for the brand. Made with nylon outer and a polyester mesh lining, the coat is not only protective but also warms. Lastly, we have more of a stylized jacket that is perfect for anyone looking to recreate a fashionable techwear look. Made out of a 100% nylon lining and a 100% polyester shell, this coat is made to keep you dry and warm. Designed with a long and sleek look that is tapered in the wait, this raincoat is one of the most flattering products you can find on the market today.

Best Dark Rain Jackets Available on Amazon

When shopping online, buying a rain jacket is the perfect garment to purchase. With usually a looser fit you will not need to worry about getting the wrong size. Now that we have gone over some of the most popular brands that create techwear rain jackets, let us take a look at some other best seller picks that have become popular on Amazon.

Nike Academy 18 Men's Rain Jacket

Even though Nike is typically known for its activewear, this clean-cut Nike rain jacket is a high-quality garment that is crafted to shield from rain and wind. With a simple yet modern Nike check on the right top, the raincoat is a suitable choice that will go with any outfit. Able to fit into a pocket, the jacket is a durable pick that you can take anywhere.

Columbia Men's Watertight Li Rain Jacket

Known for the best rain jacket of 2020, this Columbia coat is a pick you will not regret purchasing. This next raincoat on our list is a 100% nylon rain jacket that can withstand both heavy rain and harsh wind. Styles as a classical raincoat this breathable jacket can be worn with sport and everyday attire.

Jinidu Men's Long Rain Jacket

This hooded men’s trench coat takes the sport as one of the most fashionable products on our list. Stylized at thigh length the raincoat comes in more than 20 different colors. Known for its breathable comfortable features that are made out of water and windproof fabric. Sewn with an adjustable drawstring hood, elastic cuffs and button closing pockets, this is a raincoat you will not want to miss out on.

Columbia Women's Arcadia Li Rain Jacket

If you are looking for a quality womens rain jacket, then this Columbia product takes the spot as one of the best available picks. Ranked as one of the best seller articles for women in the brand, the jacket is known for its impeccable waterproof and breathable features built to shield from heavy rain weather. With a shell that is made out of 100 % nylon and a lining sewn with 100% polyester, the jacket is lightweight. Additionally foldable into hand pocket size, makes this a convenient product that you can have with you at all times.