Top Streetwear Winter Accessories

Every year with the cold weather approaching many of us strive to keep ourselves warm while keeping up with trends and staying in style. Streetwear is one of the easiest fashion trends to accessories for. With many alternative garments that one can add to their winter look, in this article we are going to go over some of the best seller additions you can pick.

Best Streetwear Winter Accessories

Top winter accessories

Furry Bucket Hats

Adding a touch of funk to one’s look, the bucket hat was originally for farming and fishing purposes. But by th ’60s the bucket hat “transitioned into a fashionable piece”, which has been a go-to in the streetwear community. A fur or faux fur bucket hat is another popular pick that is great as a winter accessory. Below are just some examples that can get you started in picking out the ideal winter fur bucket hat.

Tngan Unisex Faux Fur Bucket Hat
Surkat Faux Pink Fisherman Cap
Chez Abby Faux Fur Bucket Hat WInter

Starting the list with our first faux fur bucket hat, we have an all-black accessory that looks great with just about anything. Made by an underground online brand Tngan, the hat is a find that not many own. Made at an affordable price, the vintage fisherman cap is a great pick for any streetwear look. Created out of soft polyester the cap will keep you warm in any cool weather. If you are looking for a showpiece winter accessory this winter bucket hat is the one for you. Available in many different patterns and tie-dye colors, the Surkat hat can be worn with matching clothes. Lastly, for a toned-down clean look, there is the Chez Abby fur bucket hat. As another streetwear faux fur hat, this product comes in at a smaller size for a more tight fit. Available in many different colors you can pick up your pastel bucket hat for this winter.

Waterproof Bucket Hats

Similar to the fur bucket hat, a waterproof hat is a fall and winter addition that has a practical use. Made to shield you from any rain or wet weather, the waterproof bucket hat is a stylish choice that many have. Made out of different water-repellent materials, take a look at some waterproof bucket hats below.

Pilipala Winter Bucket Hat
Top Band Reversible Bucket Hat
Lanliebao Rain Bucket Hat

When winter is just around the corner, having a waterproof bucket hat might be handier than you think. As a perfect accessory that will protect you from any rain, the first hat is by the Pilipala brand. Made out of polyethylene material and cotton inter lining, the hat comes with a polished look, that is padded and thick. Next, for a modern streetwear look, there is the Reversible leather bucket hat. Made with 100 % real leather we do not suggest keeping this hat out in a rainstorm, but a light drizzle will be fine. Looking great with a fall or spring streetwear attire this is one of our favorite accessories this winter. Lastly, if you are one that likes to rock a more sleek look, this 100% waterproof rain bucket hat is for you. Designed with a simple cropped fishermen hat shape, this foldable hat will keep you dry any season. Tough it will not warm your head, the Brim bucket hat is ideal for a stylish dry look.

OVersized Scarfs

When the cold weather blows all we really want is a nice want scarf wrapped around us, this is where oversized scarves come in. Typically, much larger in size than your typical outerwear scarf, these accessories are a warming garment that looks great with a baggy streetwear style. Here are just some of our favorite oversized examples.

Cacuss Unisex Beige Winter Scarf
Einskey Block Striped Wool Scarf
Cacuss Solid Knitted Winter Scarf

Getting stings started we first have the Cacuss Unisex winter scarf. Taking the length of 82” (210cm) and 14”(35cm) in width, this beige scarf is a woven and hand-tailored accessory that many looking for the oversized style of love. Usually described as churchy cozy and warming, you will never want to take this streetwear winter accessory off. Next, for a more classical look, we have the men’s winter scarf by the Einskey store. Made by 71” (180 cm) in length and 12”(30 cm) in width, this scarf is a bit smaller than the previous one. But its quality materials make up for its size. Made out of 30% cashmere wool and 70% acrylic polyester, this men’s cashmere scarf will keep you warm in any extreme weather. Lastly, if you are more for the wrap-around style, this knitted neckwear scarf is for you. Made with 100% Acrylic it is a 71” (180sm) length and 12.5”(32cm) width product. Available in many different colors you can pick the ideal streetwear accessory for your closet.

Beanie Hats

A winter streetwear closet is never complete without at least one beanie hat. Keeping your head warm and protected, a beanie hat has a long history in the streetwear community. Originated as a practical necessity, the hat transitioned into the world of fashion, when college students began picking up the trend. Let us take a look at some bein hat picks for your streetwear look.

Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat A18
Vgogfly Slouchy Beanie Hat
Furtalk Knit Beanie Hat

The Carhartt store is a well-known outdoor brand that creates work clothes. Known for using quality materials that are durable and extremely comfortable, the Carhartt beanies are no exception. Also seen as the fisherman beanies, this is made out of 100% Acrylic stretchable rib-knit fabric. Available in over 30 different colors, it is no wounded that this Carhartt product is a best-seller on Amazon. Taking on more of a sagging look, we next have a skully stocking hat. Created with a mix of acrylic and wool, this hat will keep you warm and looking great. Usually worn with a more casual streetwear look, we suggest this hat to anyone who prefers an oversized style. Lastly coming in at an affordable price, we have a cheap beanie hat by an amazon brand. Made in many different colors the 100% Acrylic hat is a soft and unisex addition to any winter look.

High Print Socks

Though many styles overlook the importance of socks many deep into the streetwear culture consider socks an important accessory to one’s look. Often overlooked the right sock can complete a look, whereas a wrong colored sock will stand out in any attire. Let’s take a look at some tending sock accessory picks for the winter.

Champion LIFE Print Crew Socks
Rambutan Seamless Dress Socks Red
Easy Leap Colorful Hosiery Crew Socks

Made by the popular sportswear brand Champion, the first sock is a staple piece that adds a funky style to one’s outfit. Designed with a campion logo print all over the product, the polyester, and cotton sock looks best with any all-black clothes. Next, for a pop of color in one’s look, a red sock can be a perfect add-on that details attire. Made with bamboo these silky socks are a good example of a red accessory. Finally, going all out with the colorful crew socks is not for everyone. But if you can pull it off these funky streetwear socks are for you.

Neck Gaiter

Great as an alternative to a fashionable techwear face mask, the neck gaiter is a neck wrap that typically covers your mouth and nose. Keeping your face warm the garment is seen as practical addition to one’s attire that also adds a dark aesthetic to one’s look. Here are some bestseller neck gaiters to check out.

Into The AM Neck Gaither Face Cover
Doerix Neck Gaiter Face Mask
Original Turtle Fur Fleece

With a subtle black paint platter, the first gaiter mask is a 100% polyester material. Available in over 40 different colors and designs, this product has become the best selling gaiter on amazon. Next, for a cleaner designer, have a stretchable all black face mask gaiter. Bother practical and clean, this mask is the perfect accessory that will match any winter look. Lastly, is warmth is what you are after, the 100% acrylic gaiter by Turtle Fur store is the one for you. Designed as practical, soft, and durable you will not go wrong with this product.


Last on our list, but definitely, an important accessory addition is gloves. As an alternative to your typical glove, mittens are a traditional knitted hand warmer that is everyone should own. With many different styles and designs on the market finding the perfect winter mitten for your attire is now easier than ever. Take a look at just some streetwear examples.

Volcom Handplant Snow Mitt
RefrigiWear Fleece Lined Mitten Gloves
Tatou Convertable Mitten Gloves

Made for the women’s selection in amazon, the first amazon mittens are leopard print gloves. Ideal for cold winter snow weather, these cuff gloves are ergonomically designed for comfort and warmth. Next, on our list, there are leather insulated gloves. With extreme protective wear and tear material, they have fiberfill insulation. Lastly, there are simply knitted convertible gloves. Great for any casual wear, this is an accessory for any fall, winter, or springtime.