Top Techwear Casual Running Shoes

Running shoes have becomes a widely searched footwear that everyone has in their closet. Focusing on comfort and practicality other than a black aesthetic techwear shoes and running shoes have a lot in common. Today, we are going to go over the main feature of these black running shoes and go over some amazon techwear running sneakers.

Features of Techwear Running Shoes

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In today’s casual fashion market there is more to a running shoe than just keeping you fit. Converted into the most commonly worn everyday shoe, activewear sneakers are comfortable footwear that goes with practically anything. Ideal for anyone on their feet all day, that is still looking to keep in style, a techwear sneaker is an everyday futuristic shoe perfect for that. Here are a few features that make up casual techwear shoes.


Dark Aesthetic: If you are familiar with the techwear style, then you know that just about everything takes on a black techwear aesthetic. Sticking to dark tones helps create the goth ninja look, as well as keep a consistent attire that matches well. Just like any other garnet in a gothic ninja look, the shoes are no different. With every large brand producing at least one pair of black sneakers, it is now easier than ever to find techwear shoes on the market.


Thick Sole: Going into style in recent years, a thick bottom layer of the shoe is a modern design that gives off a futuristic look. Other than that, the thick sole provided a secure layer that grips the foot and allows for comfortable all-day wear.

Extra Detailing: Techwear is often time all about the extra layer of detail. Whether it is with straps, strings, laces, or text, beachwear shoes can become a highlight piece in one’s attire with just a bit of detail.

Best Casual Techwear Shoes

White Sole Sneakers

Having a clean pair of white sole sneakers has become a popular article of clothing in many streetwear and casual styles. Tough before white soles were seen as a cheaper alternative to dyed ones, as they were easier to produce, now they have become a mass-produced detail in many footwear. Giving off a rather classical look a black mesh top with a white sneaker is a combination that has always looked great. Keeping in style with the trending streetwear and techwear shoes, let’s take a look at some best sell white sole shoe picks.

Under Armour Baby Speedform Amp 3
Adidas Ultraboost 20 Running
Nike Jordan Air Zoom 85 Runner

Getting things started, we first have an Under Armour footwear product. As a popular active clothes brand, their shoes are of top-line quality, ideal for casual wear. With a curve sole, the shoes come with a Speedform mold that allows for a more precise fit. Also coming with a lightweight upper, this sneaker is a great shoe that you will want to keep on all day. Next with another well-known brand in mind, we have the Adidas techwear running shoe. Made out of 100% leather this sneaker will last you almost a lifetime. Known for its sock-like fit and snug look, it is another bestseller option to consider. Finally, when going over popular footwear brands, we cannot end the list without mentioning Nike. With these Nike Jordan teacher shoes, lightweight is key. With a think ultralight durable sole and a slim upper, the shoes look great and feel great.

Slip on Shoes

Snockers, sock shoes, or just slip-on shoes are easy to wear techwear shoe style that has gained popularity. Giving off a “hyper-sleek silhouette”, the sock shoes are quick to put on, comfortable, and look great. Even though they do not offer much support for running if casual dystopian futuristic shoes are what you are after then these shoes are for you. Below are just some slip-on shoes that you might like.

Qansi Sneakers Slip-on Shoes
SkDoiul Athletic RUnning Shoes
Adidas Questar Rise Running Shoes

Simple to put on yet has a stylish dystopian look, the first slip-on sneaker is a Qansi brand men’s shoe. Made with a rubber sole and a breathable upper knit mesh, the shoe is ultra-light footwear that is ideal for any everyday use. Coming at an affordable price, if you are new to slip-on sneakers we suggest you take a look at this unisex sock shoe. Next, with more of a designer techwear wear shoe aesthetic, there is the jogger slip-on shoe. Similar fabrics as the previous sneaker, this shoe takes it one step further as it comes the multiple different colors for the ideal personalized pick. Lastly, if you are looking for quality and style then the Adidas slip-on shoes will never disappoint. Made out of quality textile and synthetics, the shoe looks like a normal sneaker but has a slip-on design.

Blade Style shoes

If you are a sneaker fanatic then you have probably heard about the term, blade sole sneakers. Initially released by Adidas, the blade sole patter is a patterned sole, that “reacts to its environment, compressing for an effective push-off effect”. Giving off a more aerodynamic sneaker and a more comfortable stride, these sneakers do not only feel great but have a Sci-Fi cyberpunk look to them. Here are some well-known amazon blade shoes.

Chopben Running Blade SHoes
JSLEAP Blade Types Sneakers
DUORO Blade Athletic Shoe

Going into some recommended blade sole running shoes, we first have the Chopben sneaker. Stylized with a red under sole, and white font on the tongue and back on the sneaker, this shoe is a great techwear apparel. Created with a stride in mind, the blade design, along with a rubber sole and mesh upper, the shoe is a lightweight bouncing step that provides support for frequent wear. Additionally, available in over 9 different colors, you can get the back choice for your look. Next, with a little more health goth shoes in mind, these black and white sneakers are a best seller amazon pick. Being affordable techwear shoes, they still have a quality for ideal everyday footwear. Insulated with a honeycomb blade design the shoe adds an extra sprint to one’s step. Also, just like the last design, it comes in many different colors. Lastly, we have a Duoro product. Even though the Blade design is not as bold as the other sneakers, these techwear tennis shoes, are 90% cotton and10 % rayon, making them footwear that focuses on comfort.  With a sleek design as well, this is a quality yet cheap techwear shoe.

High Top Sneakers

If you are looking for a bit more support in your daily stride, the Hight top sneakers are just for you. With more of a sleek dressed up touch, the high top sneaker is shoes that typically reach above the ankles. Providing a more supportive and isolated product, these are the ideal shoes for a cold fall or winter. Let us take a look at some known examples of high top techwear shoes.

Xidiso Fshion Running Sneakers
Under Armour Highlight 2.0 Volleyball
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Starting with the high top running shoes by Xidisos, we can see a quality techwear inspired footwear. Stylized with black and white font along the back of the shoe, the sneaker can be a feature in an all-black look. Made with an anti-slip sole and a synthetic sock mesh base, the shoe might not be great for extreme weather but is perfect for any casual wear. Next, we have a high-top Under Armour Volleyball Shoe. With a long shaft, the extends over the ankle this shoe takes high top sneakers to a whole new level. Created with a fully knit upper, and a synthetic rubber sole, the sneaker both durable and can withstand wear. Designed with easy to use laces, a white sole and the logos, it is a great goth ninja shoe addition. Lastly, For those searching for an all black high top sneaker. This blade sole shoe with a high mesh is the best combination. Sleek with a dark aesthetic this shoe takes the cake for the ultimate winter techwear shoe.