Top Techwear Health Goth Sneakers

Health Goth is a fashion trend that combines elements from the Health Goth and Teachwear. Its characteristic features include clean, lean silhouettes, and prominent black, and white tones. These features are offset by color blocking of black and white details. Many pathetic brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok take a health goth approach to creating apparel. In this article, we are going to discuss the top health goth sneakers and what makes them a piece of health goth fashion

What is Heath Goth Fashion

Best Health Goth Sneakers

When diving into the history of health goth fashion, it’s important to understand the roots of goth fashion. Goth emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s as a dark-themed offshoot of punk rock music. The term “goth” is an adjective for describing a feeling or style of the macabre, especially a dark, gloomy, or joyless one. On the other hand the health in “health goth”, comes from health and fitness fashion. With bold white lettering and patterns typically plastered on fitness clothes mixed with a black gothic aesthetic, heath goth is the new streetwear techwear style.

On the other hand, techwear is a fashion based on the use of functional materials, and a look that incorporates MOLLE webbing, hi-tech fabrics, sometimes even neoprene. This fashion was started when people were trying to put an emphasis on substances such as gore-tex in order to build some kind of ethereal experience. Other than its quality materials, goth ninja or techwear fashion is all about a dark and practical esthetic. Black outfits, filled with straps, pockets, buckles, and belts have been a part of techwear since the beginning. When it comes to health goth, many say that it is a subgenre of goth ninja or techwear.

Techwear Shoes

Now that we have established that health goth is a subculture of techwear. Let’s take a look at some shoes marketed towards techwear enthusiasts. With a more futuristic shoe and Sci-fi shoes look, the techwear footwear is a must-have for most goth ninja. The sneakers allow you to have the look you want and feel comfortable with everyday wear. Take a look at some examples below.

TSIODFO RUnning Shoes

Adidas Adapt Running Shoe

Ahico Men Walking Shoes

The first shoes are a very popular techwear style apparel you can buy on amazon. Made with a Polyurethane sole and a comfortable and breathable fabric, they are great for long everyday wear. Designed with a honeycombed sole for some extra bounce in one’s step, these shoes are a great techwear purchase. With a unique look, they have white text details creating a health goth style. With a cleaner design, the next sneakers by Adidas are another popular pick. Made with a textile synthetic sock base and a large rubber sole, they are classical sock shoes. Lastly, as the perfect mix between the two, we have the techwear sock shoe. Made with a sock phylon base and a lot of detail, these are great for adding detail to an all-black goth ninja look.

Black Sneakers With White Detail

Wearing black sneakers with white detail is a great way to keep an outfit all black with some added detail. Popular among many sportswear brands the all black and white detail is a must-have. These sneakers are not only trendy but allow you to play sports in comfort. You might have seen these sneakers around many health goth outfits. Take a look at some examples below.

Puma Enzo Cross Trainer

Skechers D'Lites Sneakers

TSIODFO Mesh Runners

Stating with the black and white sneakers, we first have the Puma Enzo trainers. Marked with Puma’s brand name and logo, these are popular wear for both streetwear and goth ninja. Made out of quality synthetic, they are ideal for everyday use. Next, we have a more chunky shoe style. These sneakers by Skechers Sport, are leather sole shoes. Ideal for the fall, spring, and even winter, they are the ideal health goth shoes. Lastly, there are black and white, mesh shoes. Made with a breathable upper mesh design, they can become a feature piece in anyone’s look.

White Sneakers With Black Detail

On the other hand, if you are looking to lighten up your look, some white sneakers with black details are for you. Giving you a clean fresh look, these white sneakers are a great way to go. Whether you wear them with your normal outfit or with a more gothic/techwear look, these sneakers can be mixed into many different looks. Take a look below at some popular white sneaker examples.

Puma Carina Sneakers

Puma Roma Sneaker

New Balance Fresh Foam v1 Shoes

White sneakers bring a fresh look to any attire. The first sneakers are classic Puma shoes. Made out of synthetic materials, the casual athletic sneaker is ideal for everyday wear. Next with a white shoe with a bit more black detailing. As another Puma shoe, it is a quality product that you can wear for years. Lastly, if you are looking for more of a sportswear sneaker, then the running shoes by New Balance are for you.

Thick Sole Sneakers

Lastly, flowing with the latest trends, thick sole shoes are a popular techwear and streetwear foot style. Made with a chunkier look, these thick sole shoes are both stylish and provide comfort and support. Available in all black, all white, or mixed options you get the right techwear shoes for your closet. Take a look at some examples below.

Kendall + Kylie Lou Sneakers

Fila Strada Disruptor
Puma X-Ray Sneakers