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In the world of fashion chunky usually refers to a rather bold, and eye soring garment. Even though the chunky sneakers are a bold addition to one look, they have become a complimentary add-on to one’s streetwear style. In this article we are going to go over the best chunky shoes you can find, and what makes them so great.

Best chunky sneakers you can buy

Best Amazon Chunky Shoes

Though the history of chunky sneakers dated back to the 90’s fashion industry it has become a booming retro addition to a modern streetwear look. Today, shopping online for chunky shoes is easier than ever. Take a look at just some bestseller vintage trainers we have picked out for your next casual look.

Fila Chunky Sneakers

Originally created for the Italian Alps, the Fila brand has a long history behind its outdoor and sportswear products. Transitioning from extreme weather to tennis shoes and finally into the world of streetwear, Fila is a brand that has always been about quality. When creating for the world of fashion, Fila’s platformer shoes have become a rising trend on the market. Known as one of the original thick sole sneaker creators, Let us take a look at just some footwear they have to offer.

Fila Strada Disruptor: White

Fila Strada Disruptor: Wheat

Fila Strada Disruptor: Black

Filas disruptors line was a sneaker originally released in 1996. Creating vintage chunky sneakers ever since then they been a go-to buy for anyone looking for bulked-up sneakers. With a retro shoe, appeal let’s dive into what the first Disruptor line has to offer. Made out of 100 % Leather and synthetic, the shoes have a textile interlining and a high-quality leather upper. Furthermore, lined with a thick synthetic sole helps create that chunky sneakers fila style. Stylized with a low cup and a rather narrow fit, it is suggested that you should buy one size larger for more suitable everyday wear. Available in over 30 different colors and designs, you can pick out the perfect fila streetwear shoe for your attire.

Fila Strada Disruptor II Multi Sneaker

Fila Ray Tracer Festival Sneakers

Fila Disruptor II Wedge Sneakers


Since 1996, Fila has been working on developing their footwear with thick soles. Following the disruptor line, Fila came out with a second edition chunky sneakers. Starting with the Strada style shoe, we can see a Fila mark footwear. Plastered with the brand’s name and logo this shoe is truly a streetwear masterpiece. Made out of faux leather, a padded collar, and a thick rubber sole, the shoe takes on similar manufacture as the original disruptor. Ideally worn during the summer, fall or spring, the shoe added the right amount of detail to a simple look. On the other hand, if you are looking for a pop for color, then the Fila Ray Tracer shoe is for you. Created as a festival edition, this shoe comes with freesia, black, and aster blue colors. Furthermore giving off a vintage look, the shoe is both retro and modern. Finally, for those who enjoy an extra platform shoe, the Fila Disruptors 2 wage sneaker is the one for you. Coming in double the height and chunk these are the ultimate chunky sneakers you can get.

Reebok Chunky Sneakers

Similar to Fila, Reebok has been a long-lasting brand. Established in England, the brand has been creating athletic footwear for many years. Nowadays, Reebok is a go-to name in the activewear industry as well as casual streetwear. Below we are going to go over some of the most popular tick sole Reebok shoes on the market.

Reebok Aztrek Double Mix Pops Sneakers
Reebok Classic Legacy Sneaker
Reebok Classic Leather Legacy 83

If color is what you are after in your streetwear look, then reebok has your back. Having a large line of chunky colorful sneakers, let’s start with the Aztrek trainers. Brings us back in tie these 90’s inspired shoes are a playful funky addition to any look. With a retro vibe, the shoes also are high-quality footwear. Made out of a textile and synthetic nubuck upper and a high abrasion rubber outsole, you will find yourself always wearing them. Next, with a teal overlay, we have the classical legacy sneaker. These platform trainers 90s style, come in various different designs and colors. Ideal for everyday wear, they can elevate a simple look, or compliment a crazy one. Lastly, for a more neon shoe style, we have the Legacy 83. Vintage yet futuristic-looking this the shoe form some looking for a feature piece in their outfit.

NCNDB Chunky Sneakers

Diving into the world of online shopping you might find that some online brand stores can have just what you are looking for, but are they reliable. The NCNDB brand is an Amazon exclusive store page, that offers affordable streetwear shoes at a good quality. Focusing on creating more streetwear and techwear shoes, the brand is a great alternative for anyone just getting into the sneaker collecting. Here are some of our favorite cheap chunky sneakers on the market.

NCNDB Super Clunky Sport Sneakers
NCNDB Casual Mesh Sneakers
NCNDB Mesh Wave Hollow Sneakers

As the summer comes around you might be surprised with just how much yellow can be seen in a streetwear look. Giving you the ideal pop of color, yellow and white sneakers are the best combination for a flowy summer casual look. With a white base and yellow highlights the NCNDB super clunky sport sneakers, are a highlight piece themselves. Made with a tick and padded leather top the shoe provides the support needed for any long wear time. Additionally, the tick sole has anti-scratch and abrasion features. Cute, pink yet retro is what our next sneaker is all about.  The pink casual sneakers are among our favorite chunky trainers women’s designs. Coming in at an affordable price, you get a stylish vintage shoe with a thick sole and upper. Made with a lower cut top, they are preferably worn during the summer. Lastly, taking a different pace, if techwear chunky sneakers is what you are after then these are for you. Created with the ever-popular mesh wave hollow outsole, the blade shoes are everything you could ask for.

Other Popular Chunky Sneakers

Since there are countless shoes on today’s market, we had to include some more honorable mentions for the best chunky sneakers outfit looks. All available on the Amazon market place, take a look at the bestseller thick-sole shoes.

Kendall + Kylie Lou Sneakers
Adidas Originals Falcon Trail Shoe
Steve Maden Myles Sneaker

Launched by the celebrate icons, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the shoes have become a booming sensation in the eyes of fans, but are they a good product for a casual streetwear look. You might be surprised to hear that, these sneakers have a quality to them that any popular activewear brand has. Created with a typical synthetic white sole, and a thick textile upper, the shoes are comfortable for daily wear. Additionally, the wedge heel platform is higher than your average chunky shoes. Now that we have gone over chunky sneakers trend brands, we cannot end the list without mentioning Adidas. Similar to the best chunky Nike trainers, this footwear is one you must not miss. As a 100% leather product, the shoes are the best you can get on the market. Furthermore made with a health goth shoe style, the black and white sneaker goes with just about anything. Last on our list, there are the Steve Maden chunky sneakers. This New York-based brand is created by the fashion designer Maden. If you are into streetwear then you must have at least one Steve Madden shoe in your closet. Quality, style, and branding are just some perks you will pay for when buying such sneakers.