Trending Transparent Shoes For This Summer

Matching your shoes to your outfit is a vital step in creating a great finished look. Coming back into style, one can now never worry about matching colorful shoes to a clashing top, as the clear shoes are here to stay. In this article we are going to go over the history of transparent shoes, and different styles of clear top shoes you can wear this summer.

Why Wear Transparent Shoes

Coming back to trend from 2010 Milan Fashion show, where brands such as Prada and Fendi brought a spotlight on the clear shoes. The Transparent heels, pumps and more, are a new and upcoming trend in the grunge fashion and streetwear look. As the ideal shoe for a summery look, the clear shoe either has clear details and straps, or a whole transparent aesthetic. Made out of different materials such as polycarbonate, PVC, acrylic resin, rubber and more, one can say comfort is not a key aspect that the shoes strive to achieve. Now that we have gone over their history in fashion, let’s take a look at the different types of transparent shoes you can match with your warm weather attire.

Transparent Boots

Though these might be more of a spring or fall shoe, the transparent boots are ones we cannot miss out on. Seen in brands such as Prada shoes, the clear high boots are a staple in the modern fashion world. Worn with a skin colored sock or even stylized with a long sock to give off a more colorful look, you have many shoes in one. Below are just some long clear boots to get you started.

Colleer Rain Ankle Clear Martin Boots

Cape Robin Ella-1 Dress Boots

Olchee Clear Lace Ankle Boots

Staring off we have some Martin Boots. Taking the style of the popular Dr. Martens, this knock off brand is a great cheap alternative with a cool clear twist. Worn with colorful socks for some extra fun, these boots are a great addition to any streetwear closet. Next, the dress boots by Cape Robin are one of our favorites. With a long elegant look, these boots are a comfortable plastic shoe that will turn heads. Lastly, with a more colorful look there is the orange sole ankle boots. Similar to a heeled army boot, these clear boots are a comfortable wear for a fall or spring look.

Transparent Sneakers

Since sneakers are the world of streetwear, clear pumps are a go-to for many this upcoming season. With many different brands trying out the transparent sneaker look you can find yourself a pair of clear shoes Nike, Fila, and many more. Take a look at some best seller clear shoes picked out below.

Klasified Transparent Sneaker Shoe

Aiminila Oxford Brogue SHoes

Fila Disruptor II Sneakers

Just like the Doc Martens the first shoes on this list is a knock off style sneaker. Taking the style of the popular converse shoes, these sneakers are a great alternative that one can wear with any colored socks. Stylised with a white tip and lace, you have a classical converse look with a touch of style. Next, for the vintage lovers, the oxford brogue shoes are a perfect wear anyday. Looking great with a suit, dress, and even casual wear, these fancy clear shoes are what it’s all about. Lastly, taking in the bulky modern sneaker style, there is the Fila transparent shoes. Similar to a Nike shoes style, these sneakers are a cute and colorful addition to anyone’s closet.

Transparent Long Heels

As an alternative to skin colored or pale heels, the long clear strapped heels are a great way to add an elegant touch to one’s attire. If you are into long and high heels that go under every dress then transparent might be the way to go. The clear heel is a shoe that goes with practically any evening dress and even casual wear. Below are some bestseller picks you can get started with.

Cape Robbin Benny Perspex Boot

Shoe Land SL-Cllaary Perspex Heel

Mackin J 405-1 Clear Wedge Sandals

Looking for shoes with clear heel, here are some of the amazon best seller selections. When looking at a shoes shop online, picking out a popular item is usually a good sign for a great product. These Cape Robbin shoes are no exception. With a clean look and a closed but clear foot, they make for a great heel under a classical pair of jeans. Next, if a strappy clear heel is more your style, the shoe and Perspex heels are for you. With a clear top strap, heel and front strap, these shoes are practically invisible. Lastly, the Mackin J wedge sandals are a cute alternative to a high heel typically worn in a beachy look.

Transparent Short Heels

On the other hand, taking the fashion world by storm the past few years, are the short heels. Being back in style the comfortable short heel clear shoes have the best of both worlds. With a touch of elegance, yet still extremely comfortable, the short heels can be worn for almost every event. Mixed in with a transparent touch, makes these shoes a must have this season. Take a look at some examples below.

Cape Robbin Lucite Open Toe

Shoe Land Stiletto Heels

Cape Robbin Madris Size

Similar to a wedge shoe, the first clear footwear on our list is a low open toe wedge. With a touch of color on the sole, these heels are a comfortable and fun wear for a hot summer’s day. Made with quality materials, they are a top pick for many. Next, if hot pink is your go too, these eye-catching shoes, by Shoe land, are a great pick. Made with a Stiletto heel, they are a comfortable wear. Lastly, if you need even more color in your life, these rainbow heels with a clear heel and strap and a stellar choice. Adding a pop of color to any simple look they can be a great choice for a streetwear closet.

Transparent Slides

As one of the easiest shoes to just slip on and go, slides have been booming not only as beachwear. Worn on the casual, clear sandals or clear flats are a great summer choice that you can wear with just about any everyday clothing. Stylized in different tones, you can add a pop of color to a somewhat transparent shoe. Below are some of our favorite clear sandals.

Nautica Beach Sandal

Calvin Klein Elva Sandal

Roxoni Flip Flop Slide

Made with a unisex style in mind and transparent sandal is a great one. Starting off with the modern fashionable pastel colors, we have a light purple beach sandal. Muted in tones they still stand out when worn properly. With a pop of orange our next sandal is by Calvin Klein. Made out of a quality material these are a must have in every streetwear wardrobe. Being a bright toned makes these a great addition to a dark or a light outfit. Though they might clash with some colors, when styled properly they can look great. Lastly, if you’re looking for a slide to just blend, then the fully transparent shoes by Roxoni are for you.