Trendy plus size swimwear for this summer

Every season, the rush for the latest trends in fashion is at full height. But one set of garments remains unchanged in an industry that can be so volatile: Plus size swimsuits. With a lack of options, those who wear larger sizes often have to resort to going to the beach with old and out-of-style swimsuits. One might even ask why are there so few options for plus-size clothing out there? That’s why this summer, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands. We’ve tracked the most popular swimsuits of this season and compiled them here for you.

This summer is the perfect time to find the best plus-size swimsuits! There are so many new trends to keep pace with, but thankfully the options are endless. Other than keeping up with fashion, we will discuss the best plus-sized swimsuit styles for all body types. There are a lot of plus-size swimsuit options to choose from this summer, and the swimwear industry is working very hard to offer styles that are not only flattering on a variety of body types but also comfortable for everyone. Continue reading, to find a swimsuit that is right for you!

What Is The Best Swimwear For Your Body Type?

Best Plus Size Swimwear
The first thing to consider when looking for a great swimsuit for plus-sized women is your body type. Finding a swimsuit that fits your body can be difficult. There are a variety of suits that might work for different body types. People with apple and pear-shaped bodies should avoid bathing suits with horizontal stripes because they highlight the stomach area and emphasize its width. Inverted triangle-shaped people should wear clothing that will make their waist appear slimmer and avoid any garments that draw attention to the upper part of their bodies. Finally, Hourglass-shaped women are lucky because most swimwear looks good on them. Plus size swimsuits are hard to find in stores and not always the best quality. Luckily, Amazon has you covered with an abundance of options to choose from. They have a very huge selection of suits that look good. and are in style, as well as a large option of coverups and accessories.

One-Piece Swimming Suits

Once-piece swimming suits among the most sold beachwear type and offer an unmatched and sensual look. Resembling a more classical take on women’s swimwear this type of bathing suit has changed in recent years and now offers endless variety. With so many different shapes, cuts, colors, fabrics, and patterns to choose from, all shapes and sizes will be sure to find something that fits their style. Taking a look below you can see a first-hand review of three popular one-piece bathing suits that can be a summer fashion staple, as well as some reasons why they are so great.
Daci Backless Bathing Suit

Temp Monokini Swimwear

Daci Cutout Monokini

The first swimwear is a green one-piece. This bathing suit has a slim fit and is made of lightweight fabric. It’s perfect for the summer months as it also doubles as activewear. Designed with a deep V-neck as well as a backless cut this plus-size swimwear will make you feel confident. The next one-piece swimsuit is wine-red swimwear. The best part about this suit is that it also has a built-in bra, making it one of the most comfortable options to wear on its own. Designed with a see-through mesh style for a more elegant look. Lastly, we have a suit that is a bit more playful than the one before it, yet it still remains tasteful. Being part of a swimsuit brand Daci for plus-size women, it comes in many different colors and patterns.

Bikini Swimming Suits

Two-piece bathing suits or a bikini are a common choice for many women who want to look and feel their best on the beach or by the pool. They’re comfortable, easy to put on, and some even add a little extra coverage where you need it most. But not all two-piece swimsuits are trending this summer so we’ve found some of our favorite options for you to try!


SouqFone Two Peice

Kisscynest Bating Suit

As one of the most popularly worn suits in the world, two-piece bathing suits remain in high demand every summer. If you prefer bold colors, then a bright yellow bikini might be your best choice. Made with a high waist bottom and a crop top, this swimsuit is comfortable wear that creates a full-coverage design. But if that amount of coverage is not enough then take a look at the next suit, which shows even less skin. The suit is made with a high-waisted pattern bottom which creates a unique design that is bold, and a long ruffled top. The combination of colors and layers creates bright and comfortable plus-size clothing, making this two-piece both a fashion statement and practical choice. Lastly, for more of a sexy plus-size swimming suit, there is the black design by Kisscynest. Stylized with a lace strap, V-neck top, and triangular cut bottom, this swimsuit is a trending choice that will highlight the feminine curves of the body.

Black Swimming Suits

Being a go-to color for many women black swimwear is a must-have for this summer and is especially perfect for those who are plus size. Black bathing suits have always been popular because they always look crisp and clean, as there is no need to worry about the suit fading in the sun or becoming yellowed with age. Furthermore black is a slimming color, so you can always feel confident in a swimsuit that compliments your curves. Take a look at some examples of black bathing suits from Amazon’s plus-size swimwear collection below.

Aqua Eve Bating Suit

Yonique Tankiki Top

Daci Tummy Control Suit

Taking a simple black swimwear and converting it into a modern design with mesh detailing is the secret to the first suit by Aqua Eve. This all-black woman swimming suit is a perfect way to make that statement. A high neckline, modern design, and mesh components really create an elegant look. The next suit is all about creating your own feminine sexy style with this Younique swimwear. This one-piece is ideal for someone who wants to take a simple design but incorporate a more modern twist to it. Made with a flattering dropped waist skirt for more tummy control, this two-piece swimwear will create a nice sexy look while still feeling comfortable. Lastly, The one-piece swimsuit by Daci is ideal for contemporary women who want black swimwear that is also sexy. It features a simple design with a detailed and eye-catching neckline.

Colorful Swimming Suits

Adding a touch of color to your summer look, with a colorful swimming suit, can change a day at the pool into an exciting, fun-filled time. Going with a colorful suit that compliments your skin tone and gives you confidence is a great choice. There is something very powerful about the way that color makes one feel. It’s something that can’t be ignored when you’re trying to choose a bathing suit. Including this fashion season, color bathing suits are one of the most wanted sets of plus-size bathing suits. See some of the most popular bathing suits for the summer below

Tutorutor Floral Bikini

Mulisky Beach Bikini

Cupshe lace Bikini

Made with a high waisted bottom and a longer top the first swimming suit is a bright blue tankini ideal for those looking for a bit more tummy control in their plus-size suits. Made with a floral pattern and a simple colorful bottom, this suit is the perfect mix between traditional and trendy. For those who look great in red, the next one-piece swimwear is a perfect pick with its bright red-lined cutout design. Available in other colors such as yellow, white, and black, you can never go wrong with this beach bikini. At last, those who are looking for a more provocative swimsuit with bold bright colors can try this one-piece yellow swimsuit that is both daring and fashionable. Plastered with a floral pattern this suit is bound to make you stand out. Additionally, made with an adjustable cutout lace, makes for a perfect fit.