Uprising Japanese Streetwear Brands of 2021

Streetwear is a universal dress code style followed by many. With an ever-growing demand, the original New York street clothing design became a global trend from the 1990s. Expanding it’s fashion-forward ideas to Asia, the Japanese fashion market is now flooded with high-quality streetwear brands. Let’s take a look at an outline of some of the most popular and rising brands of the Japanese streetwear style.

Streetstyle BAPE | Streetstyle Fashion

A Bathing Ape (BAPE)

Starting the list is one of the most well known Japanese streetwear brands called “BAPE” (A Bathing Ape). Even Though the brand now belongs to a Hong Kong fashion company, the brand originated in Tokyo, Japan. As the label began to develop the founder, Nigo, also opened secondary lines called AAPE (by a Bathing Ape) and BAPY ( Busy Working Lady). Striving to create unique streetwear apparel the BAPE company now has shops that can be spotted in fashion centers of the world such as New York, Paris, Moscow, Hong Kong and many more.

Taking the spot of one of the most iconic garments in modern streetwear is the BAPE Shark hoodie. First released in 2004, the unique design grew into a timeless style that is turning heads. Since then the shark concepts can be seen stamped over many of BAPE’s products and is a must in any current street wearers closet.

Cav Empt

Launched by fashion icon Sk8thing, who is the lead designer of BAPE, the Cav Empt brand offers high-end clothing that blends between London flavored streetwear and retro-futuristic graphics. Emerging in the clothing scene in 2012, the somewhat new brand name stands for “Let the buyer beware.” With a pop of color in almost all of their clothes, the brand is a popular choice for those who are looking for centerpiece streetwear garments with a focus on design.

Taking a look at some of Cav Empts most recent collection we can see the typical array of color and style. From neon green hoodies to casual heavyweight cotton pleat pants, the brand sets itself apart from with well designed high-end clothing that is produced with quality.


Kapital is a company based in Kojima, the denim capital of Japan. With that in mind, it will be no surprise to anyone that the brand has grown into one of the most recognizable denim based labels in the streetwear industry. Bringing in the 1980s, the family-owned brand started off as a vintage store. Today, Kapital’s denim aspirations have taken the streets and is a go-to brand for many looking for casual trending denim attire.

Taking a look at Kaptical’s 2020 spring and summer collection, the label has both men and women streetwear outfits. Focusing on the folds and movement of the fabrics, the clothes bring forward a flowy streetwear look. With denim in almost every lookbook inspiration, it is expecting for the clothing to stand up to the quality and standards of a Kapital garment.


Jumping between the punk, streetwear and urban clothing, the Japanese designer Jun Takahashi creates artful collections with the concept, “We make noise, not clothes.” Blending different aesthetics of the streetwear culture, the Undercover brand has become one of the highest-profile brands today. Additionally, known for their collaborations with valued brands such as Nike, Valentino, Doc Martens and more, the clothing line is a streetwear attire that many add to their 2020 outfits

In the 2020 ss, seasonal collection Undercover brings to the market a Pop of color in the women’s line and contrasting dark tones in the men’s clothing. Presenting a splash of class and sophistication in a street style wardrobe, these outfits are one of a kind attire.