What is Grunge Fashion: Everything You Need To Know

Grunge fashion is a subcategory to a modern streetwear look. Focusing on recreating an everyday look, the ever so casual grunge fashion is becoming a popular way of dressing with comfort. In this article, we are going to go over what the style is, some features, and popular grunge clothing you should look out for.

What is Grunge Fashion?

What is Grunge Fashion

What is Grunge Fashion?

Taking us back to the ’90s and the ’80s, grunge fashion is a style that is closely associated with grunge music and its subculture. Typically characterized by timeless and long-lasting thrift store clothing, the style gives off a laid back casual look that is quite similar to the modern streetwear style. Since we have gone over the grunge fashion definition, let us take a look at the main features of grunge fashion.

Who wears Grunge Fashion?

During the 90s grunge fashion history, pop-culture had a very large influence on the look. The lead singer of the band Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, was a widely popular representative of the style. Often times seen wearing unisex, thriftshop clothing, he took a large role in influencing the grunge style. As the ’90s went by, and grunge fashion took over the underground world, the Designer industry began taking notice. With brands such as Marc Jacobs, Mr. Martens, and even Louis Vuitton, taking interest in the grunge look, the style began spreading into the streetwear subculture. Today, without even knowing it everyone has at least one grunge look in their closet.

What are the Features of Grunge Fashion?

Loose: Buying clothing one size up, might be seen as a mistake for some, but in the grunge fashion world, this is a must. As grunge fashion clothing is all about everyday casual, a loose and comfortable garment is what it is all about.

Plaid: Known as one of the most widespread, recognizable, and ubiquitous designs in the world, its popularity is no different in the grunge world. Originally taking the name, “tartan”, plaid is a pattern used first in different Irish clans. Despite staying away from its Irish roots, today, plaid can be seen as a choice for many rock, hipster, and streetwear garments.

Casual: Knowing how to dress casual is the grunge fashion history that makes it so popular in today’s streetwear market. Picking out a good looking yet vintage grunge clothing mens and womens selection offers, is now easier than ever. With many grunge fashion stores shirting into the online market, anyone can recreate a quality grunge style clothing look.

Long-Lasting: Despite coming from the thrift-shop culture, many might be surprised that grunge style usually refers to durably quality clothes. As the styles that are fashion is biased on everyday casual clothing, having reliable garments that will last you is a large aspect of the style. Therefore, other than its stylish look the new grunge style is all about practicality.

Affordable Grunge Fashion Clothes on Amazon

Learning how to style your clothing in a grunge aesthetic, is now easier than ever. Though going to your local thrift shop may reveal a few great grunge finds, nowadays, shopping online for some popular grunge fashion brands is the new way to get your closet looking great. Let’s take a deeper dive into this style with some grunge must-haves.

Grunge Outerwear

Being one of the simplest yet more important things to add to a look, outerwear, can completely transform a basic outfit into a more elevated feel. When things about grunge fashion, their top clothing are all giving off a comfortable oversized look. From Large hoodies to vintage coats, here are some popular grunge jackets you can pick from.

Minibee Corduroy Shirt Coat
Zaful Casual Unisex Plaid Fleece Jacket Flannel
Yesno WZF Casual Fleece Pullover Hoodie


Starting off with the Minibee coat, we can see a long shirt jacket that is ideal for the fall or spring. Made by a mix of cotton, the outerwear will keep you warm and dry all year round. Available in dark muted colors, the jacket gives off the perfect grungy look. Next, for a more plaid design, we have the cozy Zaful hoodie. Stylish, warm, and comfortable that is the ultimate topcoat to simple jeans and tee look. Available in many different plaid colors you can get the right one for you. Lastly, we have an oversized hoodie. If you are looking for that modern grunge streetwear look then this hoodie is perfect. Easy to style with anything, you can just slide this on and go out.

Grunge Shirts

As another easy garment to shop for, any t-shirt lover will know that there are endless shirts you can pick from Popularizes in the 1950s, a Graphic shirt, is a print bases graphic tee that instantly brings interest and detail in ones look. With a huge success in the streetwear market, grunge fashion is also all about a quality shirt. Below are some examples of just some graphics shits that can help finish off your outfit.

Star Wars Rebel Classic Graphic Shirt
Def Leppard 1980's Heavy Hair Metal Shirt
Red Hot Chili Peppers Diesressed Shirt

No matter the brand, movie, or just name that your tee is representing, a quality graphics shirt with a vintage look is what can make a grunge look. So pick your favorite groups, film, or characters merch is always encouraged. Looking at some of the examples above we can see a faded vintage look on all three shirts. Wearing them tuck in, cropped, or even just as they were put on, a great shirt like the ones above will always look good.

Grunge Pants

If there is one garment that quality is the most important, then pants, take the cake. As an article of clothing that is typically worn the most often, pants need to be long-lasting, well made, comfortable, and practical. Though there are cases where many pick style over comfort, you everyday pants, must-have the feature of a well-made product. On the other hand, when looking at the design of grunge pants, plaid fabric, or distressed jeans are the best seller choices. Helping give off that thrifty look, here are some great pick you might like.

SweatyRoks Casual High Stretchy Pants

Amazon Brand Goodthreads Chino Pants
Resfeber Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

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Grunge Shoes

Going with the popular footwear brands in the streetwear style is the best way to go when picking our grunge sneakers. An old pair of shoes with a used-up look might seem like a bad choice in most fashion styles, but when it comes to grunge fashion, an old sneaker is a way to go. Vintage is another popular pick that many into popular grunge brands like. Below are some top picks you can check out.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Start High Top Sneakers
DR. Martens 1460 Original 8-Eye
DADWEN Platform Lace-up Oxfords Shoes

Get things started with one of the most popular gunge shoes, are the Converse. As the name suggests, Chuck Taylor, a known basketball played at the time, asked Converse to design supportive and flexible footwear. Since then the Converse all star or Chuck Taylor all-star, are a popular pick among streetwear, grunge, and rock enthusiasts. If you are looking for the ultimate grunge shoe then we suggest the classic Converse. Next on our list, but just as iconic are the Doc Martens. Dr. Martens shoes made their way into the grunge fashion scene in the early nineties. Taking the name of one of the leading footwear shoes in the United Kingdom, these boots took on the tends of rock and punk. Today, streetwear and doc martens go hand in hand, as they help create a laidback punk look. Lastly, for more of a vintage pick, we have a Dadwen oxford shoe, comfortable, stylish, and sleek, this is a great pick for any grunge attire.

Grunge Accessories

Even though most of the time, a quality graphics tee is enough to complete the detailing in a grunge look, sometimes an added accessory can help give off a more finished outfit. With a simplistic approach towards accessorizing, a grunge accessory is oftentimes something that we will have in our closet. From a simple beanie hat to a vintage grunge bag, anything that goes with the attire can be an accessory. Let’s take a look at some examples.

AsherKeep- Black Vegan Leather Choker
Sojos Heart Shaped Sunglasses Cat Eye
KBETHOS Comfortable Soft Slouchy Beanie

A choker neckless might not be for everyone, be for those who can pull it off, the grunge choker might just be what gives off an edgy detail to your look. Made out of all leather, this affordable neckless can be worn with almost anything. Additionally, coming with easily adjustable straps the choker is always a comfortable fit. Next, with a more modern chick look, we have the heart-shaped sunglasses. Made with a trending cat-eye design, these vintage sunglasses are among the top pick accessories for grunge fashion. Lastly, as an accessory thing anyone can wear, there is the slouchy grey beanie. Simple, easy, and practical, everyone should own such a hat.