What is Lolita Fashion: A Popular Japanese Look

Known as a fashion culture “found almost exclusively in Japan”, The Lolita trend style is all about kawaii fashion and dressing up like a doll. Originally, called Doll Fashion the style is often associated with the Japanese cute culture. In this article, we are going to go over what the style is all about and some popular Lolita clothing examples that you can check out.

What is Lolita Fashion

What is Lolita Fashion
What is Lolita Fashion

Though there might be countless reasons behind why many follow the Lolita trend, Beauty plays a large role when it comes to the style. Focusing on emphasizing a “cute” look, the trend highlights “roundness, softness, and clumsiness” as part of the kawaii theme. Ribbons, delicate details, light pastel colors, and girly clothing is commonly seen in a Lolita look.

Branching out into different Lolita styles, you can see anything from Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita, Gothic Lolita, too even Pirate Lolita. Featuring many different themes the fashion style can oftentimes be seen as a costume rather than a way of dressing. But this extraordinary fashion is usually seen with high-quality clothing that emphasizes a sweet, innocent, and cute look. In Japan there are many nice stores where you can find such clothing, a popular example is The Baby the Stars Shine Bright Store. If you are interested in the Lolita look, we are going to go over some affordable yet well-made alternatives that you can find online to complete a perfect stylized Lolita look.

Top Lolita Clothing On Amazon

Nowadays when shopping online you can find almost any niche fashion clothing, and Loita fashion is no different. With the chance to return an item if it does not fit, taking the leap and ordering a cute Lolita dress online might be just what your wardrobe needs. Let us go over some of the best-sellers picks of the Japanese fashion subcultures, and affordable alternatives.

Lolita Dresses

A dress is seen as the perfect Lolita attire. As a garment that can give off cute and feminin features, Lolita fashion dresses might be the most important thing in one’s closet. Usually, lined with historic details such as layer ruffles, and lacing, the dresses take on a classical appearance that help recreate that innocent feature. Below are some examples of quality yet cheap Lolita dresses, that one can try out.

Smiling Angle Girls White Sweet Lolita Dress

Packitchute Japanese Lolita FLower Dress

ILUGU Vintage Gothic Dress Medeival

Starting with our favorite first, we have the Smiling Angle product. Take on a pastel light innocent look, this dress is perfect for creating that sweet and cute style. Made out of a quality Chiffon, the hand-made dress has two different designs, a Vintage victorian or a black Gothic Casual. Next, there is the light pink Princess dress, made by Packitcute. Created out of a mix of Mech, Voile and Lace, the dress takes on a lightweight summery look. If you are looking for more of a modern flowy look we suggest this garment. Next, with a more classical vintage Goth dress, we can see the medical dress by Ilugu. As a 100% Polyester garment, this dress is bother stretchable, comfortable and breathable. Available in many different colors this classical look can be recreated by anyone.

Lolita Shirts

If one decided not to go the dress route in the kawaii fashion look, pairing a cute shirt with some adorable pants or skirt can be a great option if done correctly. Starting off with the top, a Lolita shirt is all about elegance. Typically in the form of a blouse that has been paired with ribbons or bowed detail, the garments help recreate that cute classical look. Let’s take a look at some great examples.

Victorian Blouse Gothic Lolita Vintage Ruffle

ETOSELL Lady Bowknot Baby Peter Pan SHirt

Vintage COllared Button Down SHirt

Getting things going with the Victorian Blouse shirt, this blouse is perfect for someone looking to recreate a Gothic Lolita look. Taking in many classical details the blouse is lined with lotus ruffles, retro lace and lots of detail. Furthermore, with a tapered waist, the blouse has a flattering feature that fits perfectly on one’s body every time. Looking at the next shirt, we can see a more clean approach to a Lolita look. As an adorable buttoned down top is a clean blouse that can be the perfect addition to some crazy detailed pants. Lastly, with another featured design, we have a more elegant Lolita button down shirt. Created with a lace neck front, cuffed hands, and a classic hit, this has to be one of our favorite picks.

Lolita Pants

Bottom wear in Lolita fashion is also about giving off a cute classical look. Ideally created from more of a summery look, the short bottoms are seen with lace detail. Aimed at helping recreate a flow of a dress, the fabric of the Lolita pants and skirts are typically loose, layered and folded. Here are some popular summer Lolita pants you one can pair with a quality blouse.

Vjeweblu Kawaii Lolita Lace Suspender Pants

CRB Fashion Lolita Maid Ruffle Shorts

Futurion Sweet Cat Paw Mini Skirt

Starting off with the shirt first, there is the Futurino Sweet Cat skirt. Made with a suspender, this adorable shirt paired with a well made blouse can make the perfect Lolita look. Created with a cotton blend the skirt is a summary addition to one’s closet. Furthermore, available in many different colors, you can pick the perfect kawaii skirt for you. Next, we have the CRB maid shorts. With a 100 % cotton blend, these comfy bloomers are a quality purchase that you will always find yourself wearing. Usually worn under skirts or just by themselves, pairing these shorts will not be difficult. Lastly, with another suspender datil we have the Vjewblu pants. Created in both black and pink these pants can help one create the perfect detailed style.

Lolita Shoes

Kawaii, tiny and adorable is what a great pair of Lilita shoes are all about. Not very different to the rest of the outfit, such shoes are usually packed with cute pink and light colors, details and even ribbons. Being the finishing touch to an attire, the perfect shoe is just as important as the rest of the outfit. So let’s take a look at some ideal kawaii shoes that can go with a Lolita look.

HILIB Women's Cute Lolita Boots

Susanny Women Chic Sweet Round Toe Pumps

Japanese Style Sweet Bow Platform Shoes

Though it might look like these shoes will not fit anyone, they come in almost any size. Starting off with the pink pump boots, we can see a very detailed footwear. Lined with ribbons, lace and more, these are the dream Lolita shoes. Made with a thick rubber base, you can wear them anywhere. Next, we have a low heel pink round toe pumps. Classic leather made heels, with an elegant look, these are the shoes that every Lolita fan should have. Made as the perfect and comfortable kawaii shoe, they can match with almost anything. Lastly, if you are looking for a more eye-catching look, the laced up princess Lolita shoes might just do the trick. Made with a high platform you will definitely stand out when wearing them.

Lolita Accessories

Even though many Lolita attires can be accessorized in themselves, adding a small addition to one’s look often is needed to complete the style. Anything from elegant umbrellas, tiny handbags, to historic fans, a Lolita accessory must not be a staring out prop, but rather something that goes well with the attire. Below are just some examples that some can consider for their style.

Oridoor Chustch Hat

Babeyond Lace Umbrella

MHDGG Pink Pearl Headband

Despite bonnet hats being a popular style in the Lolita fashion, a well made church hat is another popular pick that can add to an attire. Made out of 100 % Wool Felt, this pink flower hat can be the perfect additional all season round. With an elegant touch and a practical use this makes that perfect touch of detail. But keep in mind that many customers note that the pink hat takes on more of a pale burgundy color. Next, we have an adorable accrosy umbrella. Made out of quality lace fabric, this vintage parasol is a handmade product that is known for its elegant appeal. If you are looking for a showpiece in your look we suggest this umbrella. Lastly, the MHDGG headband is more of a toned down accessory that works to add subtle detail to one’s look. With a stretchable base, and a well made durable top, the headband is a cheap accessory that will last you a long time.

Casual Lolita Fashion

Lolita everyday fashion

When dressing casually, the Lolita style might seem like too much for an everyday look. But despite loving the style, many Lolita fashion fans, incorporate the trends theme into their everyday clothes without it being too much. Now that we have some over what clothes can make up the perfect Lolita look, here are some more toned down clothes that a Lolita fashionista can try on for their casual attire.

Everyday Lolita Clothing On Amazon

Casual Lolita Dresses

With a touch of elegance, the casual Lolita dress still has that cuteness but it is paired with a fashionable design that makes these dresses ideal for everyday wear. Typically, only hitting on the classical look, as casual dress takes on a more modern approach in today’s fashion. Let’s take a look at some best seller examples.

Wellwits Keyhole Mesh Bell Sleeve Cocktail Dress

Ecowish Elegant Ruffle Dress

Woosea Cocktail Dress

Casual Lolita Shirts

Mixed with a more casual look, these shirts still have that adorable element many Lolita enthusiasts search for, but those garments that are easier to pair with a casual closet. Though many do not follow the blouse trend, as was seen above, these shirts still have ruffle and lace detail that the fashion takes on. Let’s take a look at some popular picks.

Sheln Long Sleeve Tee

Romwe Elegant Lace Blouse

Romwe Elegant Peal Top

Casual Lolita Pants

Similar to the shirts, the casual Lolita pants take on a more modern altered approach. Even though they still have a baggy style, they are much for tapered to the leg. Making them a comfortable fit for any look, here are some of the best cute pants we could find.

Ruewey Hip-hop Jogger Pants

Marycrafts Work Pants

SweatyRocks Work Pants

Casual Lolita Shoes

With more of a practical use, boots and sneakers have made their way into our list for popular everyday Lolita clothing. Still taking on a light ink color, everyday shoes should always put comfort before style. Here are some comfortable yet fashionable options.

Mishansha Winter Boots

New Balance Faulcore Nergize V1

Petit Cadeau Lavinia Pink Heels