What is Punk Style: A Modern Streetwear Alternative

Punk fashion is a grunge alternative to the streetwear look. Punk uses a torn style, vintage, and “trashy” clothes, to create a design of its own. Punk fashion was most popular in the 1970s and ’80s but has made its way back as an alternative streetwear fashion. Often seen as a more alternative grunge fashion, punk uses its own accessories and clothing to create a unique look. In this article, we will go over the style and show you how to wear it.

What is Punk Fashion Style

What is Punk Fashion

Originating in the 70s, punk was started by a group of British “art” school students rebelling against the stuffy and conservative dress codes of the time. They started wearing torn clothing in order to stand out from the crowd. Their hair was often spiked, colored in unusual colors, or shaved. The crazy hairstyles were normally accompanied by many different colored hair-dye and facial piercings. Some also believe that Punk Fashion was started when a man named Malcolm Mclaren with his group known as Sex Pistols dressed in punk style for their photographs before they released their first album. Today, many punk fashion designs are still made popular by the Sex Pistols using their own style of distortion. Punk fashion is generally worn by men and women. The basic punk style has a vintage look that uses band t-shirts, ripped pants, and many different colors to set it apart from other streetwear. Of course, there are many other pieces of clothing today that add to the punk style but these are just some of the basics that people use when wearing this look.

Best Affordable Punk Fashion Clothes

When looking to find affordable punk clothes, one should look to thrift stores and local punk clothing shops. On the other hand, shopping online is also a good option since there are many websites and stores offering punk clothing sales. A good idea for those who are looking for punk clothing online but don’t want to spend much money is to check out the Amazon Marketplace. With a bit of patience and research skills, anyone can find many items that can make a great punk closet, on Amazon.

Punk OUterwear

LY Varey Motorcycle Jacket

Wulful Collar Leather Jacket

SX Women Punk Faux Leather

When it comes to punk outerwear the punk jacket is one of the most common punk fashion styles seen today. The punk jacket is unique to punk fashion and includes designs that are different than your typical streetwear. A punk jacket is a unisex design that can be worn by both genders and allows the wearer to have an individual style. Take a look above at some examples of the different types of punk jackets that are currently popular.

Punk Shirts

Misfits Halloween Shirt

Sweatyrocks Distressed Crop Top

Star Wars Boba Fett Shirt

Just like in streetwear, punk fashion is all about a great graphics t-shirt. When shopping for punk shirts picking out band merch, vintage shirts, or newer designs are always a good choice. However, there are several different design types of t-shirts out there today and it’s important to distinguish the subtle differences between them. Above are some examples of punk genre-specific shirts.

Punk Pants

Aoweer Cargo Pants

Hengao Chino Pants

Soly Hux Denim Pants

With many different alternatives, the fashion of punk pants is just about anything streetwear From sporting a leather jacket to an alternative look, the punk style is very flexible. This is what makes it one of the most popular streetwear styles today. With many different pants styles to choose from, this style of clothing allows people to express themselves in their own unique way. Giving the punk subculture the opportunity to be worn by many different people. Above are just some examples of punk pants one can wear.

Punk Shoes

Dr. Martens Virginia Boots

Converse All Star High Sneaker

LuxMax Gothic Punk Shoes

Punk shoes are another recognizable and distinctive aspects of punk fashion. By wearing this footwear on top of their fashion statement, punks are essentially saying a message to the world that they are not standing by the status quo. The High Top, or low top, is a now-iconic type of sneaker that has been worn by punks for years. Furthermore, combat boots are another mainstay of punk fashion, with their distinct buckled strap and a thick sole. These shoes are particularly popular amongst punk rockers because they are designed to withstand the harsh elements of skateboarding or other extreme sports. Take a look above at some popular punk shoe examples.

Punk Accessories

Hicarer Punk Studded Bracelets

Jisen Leather GLoves

HMS Leather Choker Necklace

As a piece in a look that should never be missed, a punk accessory is a must-have for any fashion-forward individual. Having an item of clothing that makes a statement is what punk fashion is all about. It’s a way to separate oneself from the crowd whether you’re just casually dressing up or going out to a show and does justice to the punk community. Most people who dress in this style make outrageous statements with their accessories like having spikes on them, studs, patches, and even plain t’s and ripped jeans are considered punk accessories. Above are some examples of punk accessories that you can use to help bring out your inner punk