What To Look For When Buying a Techwear Outfit

Putting together a fashionable outfit that is comfort and purpose-driven rather than appearance can be a tough task when you do not know what makes up a quality article of clothing. Buying for techwear fashion, suggests a closet that is full of practical yet modern clothing that will give you a sleek look with the utmost freedom of movement. In this article, we will take a look at what qualities construct the perfect clothing and what to look for when buying such accessories. 

Before getting into what each aspect of an outfit should entail, let’s take a look at some features one should look for when buying from long-lasting techwear brands.

Qualities of Well Made Techwear Clothing

What is clothing made of | Cloth

Water Resistance

Having a water repellent fabric is a must when it comes to techwear. With the ever-evolving textile industry, water repellent technologies have grown to create fabrics that have “hydrophobicity.” Taking the meaning of “fear of water” these textiles have lower surface energy thus allow water to lay on the exterior without absorbing it. Since the invention of raincoats, star repellent products such as Gore-Tex fabric are a commonly seen material used in techwear pants, jackets and more.

Extreme Weather Protection

An outfit that can withstand routine exposure to extreme weather is a highlighted feature of most long-lasting quality items. Other than the expected rainproof and water repellent traits of a weatherproof outfit, windproofing is a key factor to look out for. Paying attention to the amount of air that can pass through the fabric is usually called CFM rating. The lower the rating the more wind-resistance the fabric is, so if an outfit has a 0 percent CFM then it is fully windproof. Typically, more hardshell garments have higher wind-resistant abilities.

Breathable Fabric

Other than protecting the body from outer weather conditions, a well-produced garment should also have breathability features that aid with humidity, overheating and temperature. Typically breathable fabrics allow for air to flow through them keeping the wearer cool and helps sweat evaporate faster. Materials such as cotton, polyester, nylon, and rayon are just some examples of breathable fabric that is suitable for any techwear clothing.

Durability and Upkeep

Everyone wants their favorite clothes to last a lifetime, but a long-lasting item typically is a result of quality fabric and upkeep. When purchasing clothes, making sure that they are well made and out of conditioned materials. Checking the labels, feeling the fabric and lightly stretching it is a great way to test out the article of clothing. Another important part when it comes to having a lasting closet is to treat it well. Proper cleaning and storage methods can go a long way in keeping your new clothes looking fresh.

Now that we have a better understanding of what makes up a quality garment, here is a deeper look at what you should consider when buying each aspect of an outfit along with some examples.

Features of a Techwear Outfit


A well-constructed jacket can be a great centerpiece for techwear attire. Commonly popular for in the techwear style, hard shell and soft shell jackets are more often than not a high quality long-lasting piece that can be matched with every outfit. When picking out a jacket weatherproof, waterproof and durable materials are preferred. Materials such as Gore-Tex are popular picks for many top brand jackets. Let’s take a look at some thought out techwear jacket choices that will make great additions.

The North Face Arrowwood Triclimate Jacket​

The North Face Clement Triclimate Jacket


The North Face Arrowood Triclimate Jacket


As a part of North Faces Triclimate jackets, these quality integrated outerwear are high-class picks. Featuring “zip-in” integrations that allow you to gear up or strip down depending on the weather. Built to last, the products come with all the straps, pockets, and hidden compartments you will need. Additionally, known for their impeccable attention to withstand extreme weather the North Face brand guarantees a “stay dry” attitude with these jackets. With a lifetime warranty for each product, the popular jacket brand is a priority pick for many techwear supporters.

Arc’Teryx Atom AR Hoody


Another example of a brand that creates high-performance outerwear is the Arc’Teryx brand. Popular for their versatile equipment that gives wearers the needed outer layers for any weather, the brand is a great pick for a long-lasting quality jacket. The Atom HR Hoody by Arc’Teryx is just one of many great examples that packs insulated layers for weather protection.


Similar to a great weather-resistant jacket, an outerwear layer plays the role is trapping in heat and warming the wearer with breathability in mind. Wearing an extra outer layer beneath a jacket or instead of one can be a great way to keep warm. Typically outerwear can be in the form of a Gore-Tex vest, a wool cardigan, or even a cotton hoodie. So let’s take a look at some quality layers that one can add to their attire.


The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Vest


Another North Face product, this sleek looking black vest is one of the warmest vests money can buy. Talking on a “puffy” appearance the vest is packed with goose feathers and a strong nylon face fabric on the outside. Available in many different colors this extra layer of warmth can always come in handy.


Carhartt Rain Defender Sweatshirt


On the easier side of shopping, picking out a great hoodie is simpler than some might think. Purchasing any thick cotton hooded sweater such as this one by Carhartt is a great way to ensure that the fabric is breathable yet warm. Another material to look out for is polyester. This fabric is typically mixed with cotton and creates breathable garments.

Gurunvani Contrast PullOver Hoodie


Fabric of The Universe Techwear Graphic Hoodie


Despite being one of the most functional types of garments, sometimes an all black hoodie is not enough to give you that complete look. With more of a goth ninja style, let’s take a look at some more intriguing hoodies that follow a futuristic fashion trend. Starting with the Gurunvani hoodie, we can see a contrast styled garment that layers between black and dark green. Made out of quality materials and a cool streetwear dark design the Gurunvani collection consists of many awesome hoodies that can make any look. Next, there is the Fabric of the Universe merch. Made by a popular techwear online brand, this hoodie is all about a futuristic style. Designed as a black and white health goth style, this a easy to style hoodie that can be worn with any everyday look.


A great pair of pants can go a long way in allowing free movement while keeping the wearer comfortable. When buying a pair of pants, elasticity is extremely important. Having a stretch fabric will give customers a pant that “moves with you”. Sewn with many storage compartments is another aspect that can make or break the quality of a pair of pants. Finally, some brands may even take it one step ahead, and add a water or dirt repellant finish to create a perfect pair of pants.

Nike Sportswear Fleece Joggers


With a tapered fit that is made to move, these multi-pocket pants are a popular pick for techwear pants. Falling under the category of techwear joggers, this Nike product is packed with multiple pockets, breathable materials, and lightweight fabric. Perfect for everyday use, these are the pants that will last you a while.

Similar to popular techwear cargo pants, the Foehn Braise Pant is a well-fitted article of clothing that is designed for functionality in all environments. Made by a popular rock climbing gear brand, the pants combine style with quality features such as stretch fabric, zippered angles, stretchy waist, and cuff band and even a water and dirt resistant finish. Engineered for extreme comfort and style, these pants should define the techwear style.


Even Though Picking out a shit might sound simple enough, when searching for a product that has the best features and endurance then these are some factors one should look into. Firstly, picking a shirt made out of breathable fabrics such as cotton, wool polyester and more is significant. Then looking into features such as sweat resistant, waterproof or even odor-resistant will elevate the quality of any t-shirt. Below is an example of a well-crafted shirt that will last.

Smartwool Sleeve Shirt


This merino shirt by Smartwool is a quality design hiking shirt that is suitable for all seasons. Made out of 87 %merino wool and 13% nylon, this non-synthetic shirt is a lightweight garment that everyone should have. With an odor and sweat-resistant qualities the fabric of the shit aids in breathability and airflow.

Techwear U. Outfits: Hidden Code


Techwear U. Outfits: Future Society


Techwear U. Outfits: Dystopian Future


On the other hand, if a simple balck shirt isn’t not enough to create an interesting outfit, we suggest you take a look at some quality graphics tee’s that can be a feature piece in one’s look. The shirts by Techwear U. Outfit takes on a futuristic dystopian design that is seen throughout all of their products. Furthermore, inspired by Japanese fashion, the shirt designs are typically lines with some form of Japanese text and interesting symbols. If you like the black and while style using these well made shirts can make a perfect highlight piece in your next look.


Finally, when picking out a great pair of shoes, comfort should be the highlight of the product. Techwear shoes typically take the form of sneakers or dark sleek footwear. Just like a techwear jacket, a well-constructed shoe should also be wrapped with Gore-Tex material. Providing that searched for durability, water, and dirt resistant, you can expect your shoes to last a while. Furthermore, inspecting the shoe stitches is a great way to check the overall standard quality of a shoe. If they look seamless, straight and balanced, as opposed to crooked or interrupted, then the shoe is well made. 

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2


Rumored to have drop on January 25th, 2020 at the Adidas store, these awesome new pair of kicks ticks every mark of a high-quality techwear shoe. With a unique sole, the shoes take on a new level of comfort. Ergonomically designed for satisfying movement these Adidas shoes are the fashion statement everyone should own.

Nike Tessen Sneaker


Nike Free RN CMTR Shoes


Puma Axelion Breathe


For more of a futurist take on techwear sneakers here are some more best seller picks that you will not regret looking into. With other thousands of quality shoes on the market Nike is a brand should always be considered. Starting with their Tessen sneaker, we can see a all-black design. Made with a textile and leather top with a rubber sole, these are the shoes that you will want to wear all day. Due to their dark-aesthetic appearance they are also easy to match with anything. Next we have the Nike Free RN CMTR. Though they do not fall under the black techwear fashion, these shoes can be the perfect fit for a daily look. Created with a comfortable synthetic upper and a man made outsole, they are the best slip on sneakers for a quick run to the store. Lastly, Made by the activewear brand Puma, we have the Axelion Breathe shoe. Thick, supportive and comfortable is what this shoe is all about. If you are looking for more of a winter sneaker then you can wear on a chilly evening then we suggest you look into this shoe. At the end of the day, one should have at least a few pairs of quality shoes that make up a unique and comfortable closet.