Why You Should Be Taking Cold Showers

Many people have a love-hate relationship with cold showers, but despite their freezing nature, they have shown to be an extremely beneficial routine that greatly outweighs its cons. Starting off slow with a 30-second cold blast after your daily shower is the ideal way to get into cold showers. From shedding off a hew pounds to increasing your overall mental and physical health, let’s take a look at some reasons why you should turn off the hot water tap in your next shower.

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Stimulates Alertness

Cold Showers are known to be a great morning routine that will get you feeling wide awake in no time. Even though it might sound crazy to some, stepping in a cold stream of water stimulates alertness some of us might need a little more of in the mornings. Encouraging us to take deeper breathers, the cold shower also increases our oxygen intake to our brains, helping us get into a more concentrated state.

Reboots The Immune System

Being one of the most beneficial reasons why many recommend cold showers, a boost to your immune system is always ideal. Promoting the increase of your circulation, the cold water causes the blood in your deeper tissue to circulating faster in order to maintain the ideal body temperature. Furthermore, it is known that cold water increases the number of white blood cells your body produces, therefore giving you that protective boost. 

Weight Loss

Easy to do in theory, a cold shower can be a great factor in weight loss. Research has shown that exposure to cold conditions, helps increase one’s metabolic rate and stimulate the generation of “brown fat”. Known as fat cells that generate heat by burning fat, many have used cold showers as a tool in burning off a few calories.

Reduces Stress

Even though it is known that warm water helps relax the muscles you might be surprised to hear that a cold shower can do the same for you when it comes to stress. Routinely taking cold showers is a practice that one must have the willpower to set. Once you find yourself regularly taking cold showers, it is known to have a “hardening effect” on your nervous system. Training you for being able to have levels of stress on the body, such as cold water, is a great way to train your mind to deal with the distress in your daily life.

Benefits Skin and Hair

No matter how careless some might appear everyone can appreciate smooth skin and soft silky hair. As cold water is scientifically known for tightening your skin and constricting the blood flow. Just rinsing your face with some cold water in the morning could be the skincare routine your body needs for a fresher look. Also, unlike warm water, a cold shower will not dry out the sebum layer, which naturally protects the skin and hair, resulting in long-lasting benefits. Finally, a cold rinse can go a long way when it comes to hair treatments. Keeping your hair strong and healthier the cold water helps seal your split ends and give you that shine.

Best Shower Filters of 2020

Having a quality shower filter can be one of the best purchases that will change the way you take a cold shower. Providing a highly detailed water filtration that protects your skin and hair, a shower filter cleans your water from any unwanted chemicals, metals, fluoride, and chlorine. Skincare and hair treatment is a process that starts from the water you shower with. Having a contaminated water system could lead to itchy skin, dandruff, eczema, dry hair, and more. Therefore, here are some of the best affordable shower filters that will immediately rejuvenate you.

Taking the place as one of the most popular amazon shower filters, this product is a great purchase. Advertised as an easy to install tool, you can snap this filter on any type of shower you own. Packed full with premium filter media as well as beneficial vitamins and minerals the show will help restore healthy skin and hair in no time. Other than your typical filtration this shower accessory also helps neutralize odors and balance out the PH levels of your water.

AquaBliss Revitalizing Shower Filter

AquaHome Group Luxury Filtered Shower Head

Another great amazon pick, the AuquaHome Group product is a top-rater showerhead that contains alkaline ceramic balls, captivated carbon, calcium sulfite, and other filtering materials. Built with the best 15 stage filtering system you can expect a quality purification with this product. Coming with a replaceable cartridge of vitamin C+E, your skin will be glowing and smoother than ever after taking a shower. Furthermore, delivered with a rain shower head that has five different caps, one gets the full package when ordering this shower filter.

Finally on our list of the best shower head filters of 2020, is the PureAction filtered shower head. Made for those looking to replace their shower head with a whole filtration system this is an affordable product that will get the job done. Eventhough this showerhead does not have the layered filtration system of the previous products, this alternative is still an upgraded version of a basic shower head. Available with 3 differed showering options, as well as a purification system, this is a great pick for those just getting into better skincare.

PureAction Luxury Filtered Shower Head