Wide-Legged Jeans For Trendy Denim Look

Wider jeans are back! Wide-legged jeans have been popular for decades, but they’re making a come-back and looking better than ever. It’s not just the loose-fitting silhouette that’s making them so appealing either – after being off the radar for many years, denim fashion is always changing. But this trend is a classic and it’s not going anywhere soon. In this article, I’ll show you how to create the look of wide-legged jeans and some of the best seller options available.

Popularity of Wide Leg Jeans For Women

Best Wide Leg Jeans

So what exactly are wider jeans? They’re the next step in the evolution of skinnier jeans called skinny. For many years skinny jeans were a relatively plain, but fashionable denim cut that was part of every woman’s wardrobe — especially those who work outside and need to wear work-appropriate clothing. Then came the wide leg look, first popularized by celebrities like Jessica Simpson, John Mayer, and Rachel Zoe –and then more widely in 2009 when the idea became mainstream. Today, jeans have turned into an extra-wide and baggy style, popularized by the grunge, normcore, and streetwear fashion styles.

Before diving into some popular jeans on Amazon, let’s go over where the wide-lege jeans were first seen. Invented in the 1880s, the wide-leg cut has been an icon of fashion for the last 125 years and they were first popularized in the 1950s when jeans were made of hardwearing denim material. This helped jeans transition from being workwear to becoming an item that people wore every day — even while going out on dates. The wide-leg was also popularized in the 1960s by singers who wore them onstage and young people who wore them to keep a rebellious look.

Long Wide leg Jeans

When it comes to long wide jeans, there are tons of options for different styles. The most common ones are straight baggy jeans Many designers and brands make wide-leg jeans, so their many options to chose from. And with the versatility of denim, you can make any of those styles even more unique by choosing the color and wash of your jeans. Whether you’re going for a classic look or want to make a statement, this trend is for everyone — it’s as fashionable as it is comfortable. It’s also easy to incorporate other aspects of fashion into your wide-legged jeans, like accessories and shoes. For example, if you’re going for a gothic look, add in some dark accessories like gothic jewelry and boots with heels. Most styles have some kind of loose-fitting, from bell-bottom jeans to pick from, so take a look at some of the most popular Amazon choices below.

Soly Hux Denim Pants
Levi's High jeans
Scofeel Denim Jeans

The first jeans on our list are casual denim high-waisted pants by Soly Hux. These women high waisted jeans are made with a mix of cotton and spandex, which give every lady more comfortable. These jeans are perfect for daily use and casual streetwear. Next, we have a light Indigo pair of jeans by the popular Levi’s brand. Made of 100% cotton they easy to wear jeans that are extremely comfortable. Denim pants by Levi’s are versatile enough to wear during any season and on different occasions. Lastly, for those looking for a darker pair of wide-leg jeans, we have the Scofeel pants. Designed with a simple straight cut and hem that’s also sewn with numerous layers. These jeans are a great fit that can be paired with just about any top and shoe combo.

Cropped Wide Jeans

Similar to the crop top, cropped jeans were a great piece of fashion that was introduced into the mainstream last year. Continuing that trend, this year-wide-leg cropped jeans are a staple summer piece everyone should have. Showing some skin around your ankles is a fashion hack, that creates a flowing look many search for. Cropped jeans are like the versatile crop top, so you can wear them out on the date or for everyday wear. You can get these wide-leg jeans in various colors and styles! Take a look at some examples below.

Gloria Vanderbilt Croped

Levi's Straight Jeans

Levi's Mile Hight Jeans

Diving into the cropped jeans examples, the first jeans are by Gloria Vanderbilt. Made with a wide crop design, they are also made with a straight-cut style. Next up, are the skinny to wide straight Levi’s Jeans. With another straight-cut design, these jeans feature a 32-inch rise and sit on the waist. They are made with a sight light wash effect on the knees, hips, and seat. Lastly, with another Levi’s jeans, there are the button pants. Made with a more vintage look, these jeans are thicker and are made of 100% cotton.

Stylized Jeans

When talking about stylized jeans, more eye-catching pieces come to mind. Made with a stylistic touch, these wide-leg jeans come in an assortment of designs and cuts. From a skinny to wide transition, a distressed jeans look, or just a graphic jeans style, there are many different stylized jeans to pick from. Often worn as a feature piece in a look, below are some examples to get you started.

Sidefeel Flare Jeans
SweatyRocks Ripped Jeans
Soly Hux Heart Jeans

The first stylized jeans are a skinny top and an extremely wide bottom look. Giving off a rather retro design, these jeans are a sight and a favorite of many. Next, we have distressed jeans with worn spots and tears throughout the denim material. The holes and rips in these distressed jeans look to give them their unique touch. Lastly, these wide-leg jeans are made with a painted heart design that makes them a great feature piece in any look.