Women’s Baggy Pants For A Comfortable Look

Getting a new pair of baggy pants and styling it with everything is a fashion statement that many of us have gone through. Known as the ideal streetwear pant, a loosely fitted bottom wear can range in many different styles, materials, and designs. Worn for booth comfort and style, in this article we are going to go over the different types of streetwear baggy pants and list some of our favorite picks.

Types of Streetwear Baggy Pants

Baggy Everyday Pants

Everyday baggy pants refer to a casual garment that can be styled with almost anything yet still take comfort in mind. Typically made out of thin Polyester material, these types of women pants are perfect summer or fall addition to one’s closet. Often stylized with a tapered elastic bottom and a drawstring top, they are made for an ultimate comfort fit.

Ruewey High Waist Hip Hop Pants

Romwe Cargo Sweatpants

LINGMIN Casual Khaki Cargo Pants

Taking a look at some of our favorite daily loose pants, we first have the Rueway high waisted hip hop pants. Available in over 20 different colors, you can take your pick from many colorful styles too different patterned pants. Made as high waisted joggers, these harem pants are the ideal look with a tucked-in top or a crop top. Next, we have the Romwe outdoor cargo sweatpants. Also available in a large choice of colors, these flowy pants are rather similar to the previous style. With an elastic top and bottom, you get that baggy look without having any unflattering designs. Lastly, there are the baggy khaki joggers girls can style with almost anything. Available in four different neutral colors, these womens pants are all about a quality garment. So if you are looking for simple baggy pants that you can wear with just about any top, then we suggest you take a look at these Lingmin pants.

Baggy Jeans

Being brought back into the fashion world of 2020, baggy jeans have become a go-to garment in many women’s closets. As great dress pants for women, these casual yet well-suited pants are best worn with a full tuck, front tuck, or just a shirt top. Creating both comfort and style with a leathered look, here are some of our top picks.

Yesno Loose Cropped Denim Pants

Sidefeel Pull-on Distressed Jeans

Yeokuo Casual Loose Baggy Jeans

First, on our list, we have a rather uniquely trendy jeans design, the has a rather wide bottom and the top style. Giving more of a casual style, these pants take on the definition of comfortable denim loose pants. Next, we have more of a tapered jogger pants women can wear. With a tiger fit, yet they still have that baggy esthetic, these are the perfect everyday jean. If you like the baggy look but want a more slimming feel, then we suggest you take a look at these distressed jeans. Finally, the Yeokuo baggy pants are the typical loose jeans you might imagine. Stylish, well made, and just look great, everyone should have a pair of these womens pants.

Baggy Harem Pants

When many people think if baggy pants, harem styled or Yoga bottoms are what usually come to mind. Known as a “trouser with a distinctively wide and low crotch until the knees,” these flowing pants are many go-to when they are seeking a comfortable and non-restraining outfit. Let’s take a look at some great Harem pants for women.

Chiangmai Thai Shop Yoga Harem Pants


Thaluta Harem Loose Yoga Pants

AvaCostume High Slit Harem Pants

Yoga Harem pants are black pants women often worn at home or when recreating a casual streetwear look. So if you are looking for an exaggerated harem baggy cut like the Chiangmai brand, an accessorized Yoga pant like the Thaluta one, or a side slit hippie harem pants available by AvaCostume, then we suggest you take a look at these. Each with a unique stylized design, you will not go wrong with wearing these cool pants.

Baggy Workout Pants

Lastly, we have the modern-day baggy pants. As one of the most popular choices among women, when it comes to a loosely fitted jogger, the work out pants are a garment that almost everyone already owns. Worn on a daily basis, these comfortable joggers are usually elastic, long-lasting, and can great cheap work pants. Below are some picks you can add to your closet.

Joob Joob Bohemian Loose Yoga Pants

Mocoly Cargo Hiking Pants

Baleaf Cotton Yoga Sweatpants

Without going much into detail about each Yogo/Hiking sports pants, these picks are loosely fitted workout wear that one can wear on a daily basis. Design for ultimate comfort, they are made out of quality materials and cuts. So if you are looking for a cropped workout pant like the Mocoly, an ultimate comfort yoga sweatpant like the Baleaf garment, or just a loose yoga pant like the Joob Joob brand offers, these are great choices.