Women’s Fashion Tips for a Perfect Streetwear Look

Streetwear is a unisex style that has overflows the fashion market of our generation. With influence in almost every brand that you can wear on a casual daily basis, streetwear is often seen as the perfect style that mixes comfort with fashion. In our article, we are going to go over women’s streetwear fashion and some tips on how to dress in the urban streetwear style.

History of Streetwear in Women's Fashion

Starting in the late 1970s, as punk rock and hip-hop just began emerging, streetwear is often seen as a fashion trend that was greatly influenced by the punk, surf and skate culture. Even though it is hard to pinpoint the exact origin of the trend, many believe that the surfboard pioneer Shawn Stussy was a large influencer in the streetwear movement. Opening his own custom T-shirt shop that featured a cursive trademark signature, the Stussy brand soon became a popular icon. By the mid-1980s, streetwear had become a well-known style among brands such as Nike, Champion, and Timberlands, and soon high fashion brands such as Gucci and Burberry began to follow the trend. Nowadays, streetwear fashion can be seen everywhere from the red carpets of high fashion to off the market cheap brands. As our modern look on fashion often mixes comfort with fashion it is important to know how to properly style a streetwear look.

Guide Streetwear in Women's Clothing

More often than not, there is more to streetwear than the eye sees. At first, glance dressing comfortably with style might sound like an easy task, but streetwear is all about capturing a sleek look that is in fashion yet convenient. In your typical closet many people have the needed garments to create a streetwear look, but just do not know how to match it. Therefore, here are some quick tips on how to pull together a perfect streetwear attire.

Play With Color

Knowing how to style color with color can be a difficult habit that can take years of perfecting. Colorful clothing falls under various styles that all have different approaches when it comes to adding them to your outfit. Bold colors such as bright yellow, orange, hot pink or even electric blue are typically a focal point of many outfits that are usually paired with muted tones such as beige, gray, black or similar pastel colors. But what many do not know, is that combining bold-colored garments together can create a vibrant outfit. When doing so, it is important to keep in mind the color wheel and what colors complement each other. For example, matching a bright yellow with a vivid violet could create a well-fitted outfit, compared to a yellow and green mix. On the other hand, a more softened color pallet is another approach towards adding that pop of pigment to your attire. When adding a muted color such as baby blue, light green or pink, as a featured garment, keeping it simple is key. Working around the color is a great way to feature it in an outfit. For example, if you want to rock a toned yellow shirt, styling it with some yellow sneakers, accessories or even a yellow bottom, will highlight the color and make it a key aspect of your attire. But remember, sometimes dressing it up with a simple pair of jeans and some clean white sneakers might be just what your outfit needs.

Popping color for womens streetwear

When shopping for color it is also important to know what pigment looks best on you. Most often looking at cues such as your hair color, eye color, and even skin tone, are great indicators as to which colors you should be wearing. For example, blonds or light-colored hairs look best with pastel and cream-colored garments, but bold colors such as reds and blues can also compliment you. Whereas if you have black hair you should avoid really muted tones and go with the bold colors and contrasting garments.

Taking a look at the examples above we can see some colorful streetwear that will go perfectly together. Due to their warm tones and eye catching shades, red, orange and yellow is a great combination that creates a vibrant yet comfortable streetwear attire. If the combination seems daring for you, adding a simple gray/white top or bottom to the garments is another way to keep the color in your outfit.

Loosely Fitted Clothing Can Be Flattering

At a young age when learning how to style your clothing many of us were told to steer clear of loosely fitting clothing and were encouraged to wear fitted clothes that were our size. But as the trending world of streetwear fashion changes, loosely fitted clothing is a great way to style your outfits while maintaining a comfortable look. When wearing “baggy” styled garments they are often ways to add layers and depth to one’s look. For example, combining a long-sleeved to any large t-shirt or even just a baggy jogger that adds interest to one’s outfit with its folds, is a baseline for a dynamic streetwear look.

women's clothing streetwear

When it comes to women’s clothing, often when creating an outfit with loosely fitted garments if not styled correctly you might run in the risk of looking large or unflattering. That is why knowing how to wear such garments and your body shape is key to pulling off such a look. Tucking, rolling or even cuffing your shirts, are ancient styling tips that work in your favor when wearing loose clothing. Furthermore, matching baggy garments with well-fitted clothing creates a balanced and slimmer look. Finally, showing some skin, with crop tops or some rolled up pants is a technique that many uses to slim down and look good in their outfit.

Styling the two garments above is an example of a fantastic way to wear loosely fitted clothing in a flattering yet comfortable fashion. With flattering shapes that elongate the legs, as well as a baggy fit that creates depth, these pants are a perfect example of ideal streetwear. Worn with a not tight crop top, showing some skin allows for a slim look. However, if you are not comfortable with a crop top, adding a tucked long sleeves shirt underneath can give you that fitted yet comfortable look this outfit creates.

Layering is Key

You may have heard before that layers are the secret to a perfect look, But have you ever wondered why that is so? Adding clothing over clothing is a fashion icon that is the secret to a detailed and well-styled look. Making your outfit dynamic the style also works to give off a slimmer image that compliments your body. Feeling comfortable in layers is often a given. Other than its fashionable bonus, layering keeps the body warm, dry and covered in all types of weather.

Layering is the secret to perfect streetwear

Taking a look at the image above we can see an example of a well-layered outfit. Styling a loosely fitted shirt with a long-sleeved undershirt is a great way to give off an interesting look. But always remember to tuck in your shirt, for a more flattering waistline.

The outerwear above are some great examples that will bring in layers to your outfit. The North Face blue puffer vest is styled to let your sleeves show providing you with a denser layered look. Where the windbreaker is made out of a loosely fitted nylon that creates folds and layers on its own. Whether you are looking for an overcoat or just an affordable sweater, remember that layering is not always about stacking on clothing. Keeping your clothing to a minimum with a loose and baggy look can be enough for a perfect layered look.

Matching Outifts

Whether you are looking for cheap streetwear or high priced garments, a matching outfit is a must-have in anyone’s closet. Getting rid of the stress of,” what should I wear”, a matching attire is a perfect look that will leave you looking fashionable with the least amount of effort. When browsing a store matching outfits are everywhere, from high fashion jumpsuits to matching sportswear, you can wear matching attire in any style you like. And if you cannot find a matching top for a new pair of pants, picking out a plain top that is the same color can often do the trick.

Matching outfits in womens streetwear

Here is a little tip that everyone should know, even though matching outfits are a stylish piece that should be worn together if you are over your look, changing things up with a different top or bottom can give you a fresh new look that will get you excited about your new clothes again.

More times than not, streetwear is all about comfort. Therefore matching sports outfits can be a popular trend seen in the urban streetwear style. Taking a look at the examples above we can see two great options for a matching outfit. Whether you prefer a pop of color and well-fitted outfits such as the one on the right or a loser yet stylish black Adidas track attire, both are guaranteed to sit great and are easy to style.

Don't Forget to Accessorise

Adding a touch of accessories to an outfit is something that pulls everything together and elevates a bland attire into a whole look. There are countless ways one can accessories. Starting from the head, buckets hats, caps, sunglasses and jewelry is a great place to begin. Picking one or a few of these additions you can either highlight them as a centerpiece of your outfit or even downplay them as a detail to your look. Going down, sling bags, pins, straps, and even more jewelry is where it is all at. Picking out the right bag is a key step when accessorizing properly. Making sure the bag color matches or just goes with your outfit is important since a bag is usually one of the first things people spot in one’s outfit.

Lean how to Accessories streetwear

Accessories can always add a great touch of detail to one’s outfit, but it is important to remember to not overdo it. Having too many accessories on is a big “No” in the fashion industry. Giving off a clashing and unmatching look, too many accessories can ruin one’s outfit. Keeping it simple with one or two additions to your outfit, is usually more than enough of detailg

Taking a look at the matching accessories above you can get a hint as to how you can add different aspects to an outfit. Following a funky yellow theme, a plain bucket hat with sassy cat-eye patterned sunglasses is the perfect combination that can bring a simple monotoned outfit to a whole new level. If yellow is not your color, there are countless available accessories that you can mix and match with your clothing.

A Perfect Pair of Shoes

If you are just hearing about streetwear, it is likely that the trends footwear has also caught your attention. Streetwear is commonly all about a perfect pair of footwear to go with your outfit. With new sneakers coming out on the market on a daily basis, streetwear sneakerheads usually have large collections of well kept clean pairs of kicks to match with all of their clothing. The reason why sneakers are so popular in the streetwear industry is due to Nike’s increasing influence on streetwear and the skating culture during the 1980s. Since then countless shoe shops have opened, where you can buy that ideal pair of sneakers for your outfit. On the other hand, urban streetwear does not only have to be about sneakers, do not be afraid to shake things up with a stylish pair of high heels or platform shoes, as long as they pull together your outfit.

Perfect pair of streetwear shoes

While stylish, a great pair of shoes should also be extremely comfortable. Being able to walk around in one pair of shoes all day without feeling any foot pain, is often an indicator that you are wearing comfortable shoes. With so many shoes on the market, it might be difficult to find what type of shoe is best for you, take a look at our take on how to buy the perfect pair of sneakers.

Taking a look at the shoes above we can see some of the latest Puma sneakers on the market. As a popular brand that is often associated with the urban streetwear culture, it is standard to see their sneakers out and about daily. Putting comfort and design at a premium level, the sneakers by Puma are ones everyone should have in their closet. So whether you are looking for a clean black look to go with everything such as the black kicks on the left. Or more of a color-popping sneaker to take the role of a centerpiece in your attire, we suggest you check out Puma’s collection.